PK + Koduri [deleted] 1:53pm, 28 July 2010
I am hoping that a team of independent experts can once for all establish that these negatives were indeed the creation of Ansel Adams. There are too many questions that still need to be answered. This incident also brings up a lot of interesting questions. Ansel Adams was know to have kept meticulous notes about print making corresponding to each negative. He is known for his iconic prints and his dark room mastery. How valuable are these negatives (if authentic) without his notes? Can we call them genuine reproductions without anything to compare the prints to? And finally who owns the copyrights to these negatives? What do you think? Are these negatives really worth $200 Million?

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@EDXinthePDX 7 years ago
The value all depends on the buyer. I do not think they are that valuable but I am not a buyer.
Steve Rhodes PRO 7 years ago
People were skeptical that photos were by Adams when they were announced.

It seems they were taken by a photographer named Earl Brooks

And one of the experts they paid now says they weren't by Adams
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