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  • where in the world are you

    it would be nice to learn and find out where everyone is from, i am from a plac...

    paul wardropper photography4 days ago315 replies

  • what do you shoot with

    what do other members shoot with i will start the thread by saying i shoot with ...

    paul wardropper photography5 days ago256 replies

  • Magazine pictures

    Just in case this hasn't been asked as a topic or part of a topic, can anyone sa...

    Poulidor405 months ago4 replies

  • Planning a Roman Holiday

    I have about a month to plan a week long trip to Rome. Will be hitting the usua...

    JyBravo5 months ago6 replies

  • Imac or Windows pc

    The hard drive on my aging windows XP PC has finally given up, and as there's so...

    lensman25 months ago6 replies

  • Nikon D610

    Does anyone have the D610 ? Just looking to upgrade to this camera and wondered...

    Emma Boyle6 months ago8 replies

  • camera cleaning

    What do you use to clean your camera with. And how often do you clean your kit

    jeffersvf10 months ago2 replies

  • D3200 vs D7100

    I am using a d3200 for about a year now, and I really like it. My friend bought ...

    wa2pay10 months ago26 replies

  • memory card speed

    help please,i shoot a lot of long exposures sometimes 2 mins or more in raw and...

    ballyboy260410 months ago4 replies

  • Nikon DSLR Video

    N-Photo may have already had an issue on video but I was just wondering what fol...

    T. Hayes12 months ago1 replies

  • Sigma 18-50 f2.8 help needed

    Hi I am looking at buying the sigma 18-50mm f2.8 lens but not sure if I should ...

    jeffersvf12 months ago2 replies

  • D3100 not a real Camera

    I shoot with a D3100 and was told if I want to do real Photography I need to get...

    Mark.Machon.Wareing12 months ago27 replies

  • R1C1 Close Up Speedlights

    Not sure if this is the right place to post or not, but would love to see a feat...

    Lynn Fisher13 months ago1 replies

  • Sorry for the errors I'm driving

    Sorry about the grammatical errors I'm driving

    justinsviews13 months ago0 replies

  • New to this group

    That's for the invite. Fantasist photos great art

    justinsviews13 months ago0 replies

  • New to this group

    I am currently and the daily art I see on here is truly amazing and inspiring

    justinsviews13 months ago0 replies

  • Whats your dream photography destination

    For me its a tricky toss up between Canada (the rockys) or Iceland for the scene...

    Nick.Richards13 months ago62 replies

  • affordable DX wide angle lens for landscape

    Simple question: What would you recommend to entry level photo-passionate (sorry...

    Mariusz 'Mario TLR' Talarek14 months ago18 replies

  • most extreme places to take your camera

    Hi there,luv the magazine, highly informative articles! just an open question, ...

    World through the Lens16 months ago2 replies

  • ACR for D200

    I have been searching for the right ACR for my version of PS (Ver 7.0.1) with no...

    Snow scoobie5516 months ago2 replies

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