PeteZab PRO 5:15pm, 15 April 2012
One of the bonuses of exhibiting at Patchings is that they will sell the prints displayed on the wall so there are a couple of things we need to know from those exhibiting.

1) Do you want to sell the actual pictures you have on display? If you don't want to sell we need to know this so the images can be marked appropriately.

2) What price do you want to sell them at? Patchings will take a commission of 20% on any pictures sold; my suggestion would be a price of £40 each.

Let me know what you think, especially on the pricing.
Melodysparks (Chris Preedy) PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Melodysparks (Chris Preedy) (admin) 6 years ago
No problem with both of mine going up for sale and £40 - £45 seems like a reasonable price to me
Yeah I'm happy too, the £45 mark sounds right to me too.
The Urban Scot PRO 6 years ago
Would model releases be required for selling of shots involving people or not? Any ideas?
I would suggest getting them just in case
Tracey Whitefoot 6 years ago
Im happy with that Pete, and around £45 sounds good to me.
alanrharris53 PRO 6 years ago
I'm OK with selling, I prefer shoe shop pricing - £39.99? :-)
Stephen Beckworth 6 years ago
I'm happy with that too.
Captain Nikon 6 years ago
Sounds good Pete, although I don't expect an avalanche of requests :))
The Urban Scot PRO 6 years ago
I"m happy to offer for sale although I'm not sure street portraits sell that well - I can always use them afterwards for the office wall however!
alanrharris53 PRO 6 years ago
If previous exhibitions are anything to go by nothing sells well ;-0 However hopefully the audience at Patchins will be more discerning (and wealthy!)
I thik there will be a different clientel at Patchings
Selling anything is a bonus I guess and certainly not the main motivation for most I guess....... Purely the opportunity to exhibit at a professional venue.

We do need to ensure we have some image catologues available certainly on the 5th may but throughout as well. I am also working on creating a eBook for the exhibition, to include the info people are mailing to Karen, any info about the images and information about the group. I plan to make this secured but downloadable maybe utilising qr codes around Patchings for people to scan with their phones etc and we can also have a link to this on the group and on Patchings.
PeteZab PRO 6 years ago
I've received a message from Carey (Clodders) confirming she wants to sell her work.
rutty 6 years ago
Happy to sell too. £40-£45 seems fair to me
Happy to sell too - £50 will do me fine
milo42 PRO 6 years ago
I would be delighted to sell any of my prints on display your guide price of £40 is fine.
As Chas at Pathcings needed to know a group price yesterday I have gone with the most common and average fo £45 per image, people can also offer other sizes / media types (canvas etc) should they choose......... if we provide contact details for everyone anyone wanting to buy a size or media or additonal copies can contact photographers directly.
emilyhjc 6 years ago
Happy to sell. £40 sounds good to me.
PeteZab PRO 6 years ago
Had a message from Jacqui who has also declined the option to sell.
DaveKav PRO 6 years ago
I am happy with £40
Clodders 6 years ago
Im happy with whatever price is decided, 40.00 sounds good to me.Sorry for my delay but been away for 5 weeks, Just had great 20 hour flight home so am tired but will try to catch up with it all today and tom.x
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