Rival Groups

Paula Wirth 5:19am, 7 July 2006
Let's list rival groups.

Cats and Sunsets (Dogs & Macros of Flowers also welcome)
dr_loplop 13 years ago
I think we need to keep an eye on Cats Sniffing Flowers, started just 2 weeks ago and already boasting 338 members. That's a meteoric rise even by our standards.

What's more, their scope is broadening at an alarming rate. I quote:

"I started out wanting a group of really lovely photos focussed completely on CATS, SMELLING, FLOWERS. Well heck. There are so many wonderful photos out there, and I'M WEAK!
So let's do:
Cats Smelling Flowers
Cats Amongst the Flowers
Cats Eating Flowers
Cats Posing By Flowers
Cats Playing with Flowers
Closeups of Cats In Trees..."

Trees? And now even fake flowers are allowed! Where will it end? Cats eating things made with flour? Floury things that look vaguely like cats? Cats taking a shower? Cats on towers? The possibilities are almost limitless -- a formidable rival indeed.
dr_loplop 13 years ago
Still, all credit to the lovely susurrus_sparks for discovering Cats Grown From Seed.
AnnabelBot 13 years ago
In the interests of global domination, and not wishing to let the grass grow under our feet, there's cats love grass

susurrus_sparks 13 years ago
Hmmm! Never thought of these groups as "rivals". Kinda feel like were all in it together. You're in mine, I'm in yours, round and round we go....
But thanks for the PR! :D
dr_loplop 13 years ago
You're welcome. On the other hand, don't forget we are in this for global domination.

Rivalry can also be friendly, of course, but I believe that without rivalry, nothing would ever get done. So here's to rival groups!
dr_loplop 13 years ago
I must say that the discussion threads in cats love grass have really gone to seed.
AnnabelB 13 years ago
My thoughts entirely.
WaterWindStars 13 years ago
Indeed. I share them. Whatever they are.
MamaMelon 13 years ago
I join as many groups as I can possibly use and I think you need a little of everything! :)
revertebrate 13 years ago
Hey Paula! The Cats and Sunsets and Macros of Flowers is my group.


All are welcome, we're no rival. Also dogs are ok to post too. We're pretty goofy over there. It was made as a sanctuary for all the photos of so called "cliche" images the scoring groups love to slag off (oh! not another cat..sunset.......macro of a flower). Just no pictures of babies. Not sure why, but those are the rules.

This group is specifically for other people's cats, which I like because I have alot of other people's cats in my neighbourhood and they make good photo fodder with their antics. I don't think you guys need worry about the other groups. This one has several more members anyhow.
Mike Baehr 13 years ago
I recently started Working Cats. The scope is fairly specific, but there's certainly a lot of overlap.
Mister Phill 13 years ago
Not a rival group per se, and potentially a supplementary one at that, if you have any shots of cats being spectacularly unhip they might find a good home at:
susurrus_sparks 13 years ago
I really don't enjoy looking at babies.
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