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AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
IDAHO: Power County Jail Not Meeting State Standards

Power County Courthouse, American Falls, Idaho by Mansley

(Power County Courthouse. Mansley Photo.)

Power County's sheriff says the county jail is in need of a major remodel to meet state standards.

Sheriff Jim Jeffries said there are quite a few areas of the jail that need fixes, like having areas opened up so there's nothing out of view of guards, or putting in disabled access for visitors.

He said it comes down to safety.

"That's what they're all about. So if you have someone in here and they're under your care, you want to be able to release them in as good or better condition as they came in,” Jeffries said.

The 30-year-old building isn't falling apart, but many aspects of its design and layout don't meet standards set up by county sheriffs throughout Idaho.

A few temporary holding cells that house inmates for a few hours at a time have beds, but will only fit someone under five feet tall.

The architect planning the remodel said getting a jail up to code is a very specialized project.

"It's a lot different than an office building or senior housing,” architect Lee Dille said.

A dressing room will be put in for hygiene as inmates come into the jail, and outside recreation areas will be made larger and safer.

The sheriff said he wants to make it very clear that these are needed updates, not turning jail into the lap of luxury.

"It certainly wouldn't turn the jail here into a four-star-hotel. But what it will accomplish is a safer environment for inmates to do their time and guards to do their work,” Jeffries said.

Jeffries also said meeting jail code should save the county money when it comes to insurance and liability costs.

Power County Commissioners will meet July 23 to decide whether to go forward with the proposed remodel.

Read Article: www.localnews8.com/news/Remodel-could-help-Power-County-J...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
OREGON: Suspect Trying To Escape OSP Killed In Car Accident Near Lakeside on Hwy 101

(Oregon State Police. Henry358 Photo.)

One person is dead and three others injured after a driver fleeing from police caused a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 101 near Lakeside.

Oregon State Police say just before 5 p.m. Tuesday, a state trooper attempted to pull a vehicle over for speeding while heading northbound on Highway 101.

The driver ignored the trooper's request to pull over and tried to elude him by taking off down the road.

Seven miles down the road, the car hit four other vehicles on the Ten Mile Creek Bridge.

The driver attempting to get away from police was killed at the scene, and three other people were taken to local area hospitals with unknown injuries.

Highway 101 was shut down in both directions and a detour was set up for passenger vehicles only.

Read Article: www.kcby.com/news/local/Police-chase-ends-in-fatal-crash-...

Further Reading: www.argusobserver.com/news/failed-traffic-stop-results-in...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
OREGON: Douglas County Sheriff's DINT Crew Makes Major Local Drug Bust

Douglas County Sheriff by trident2963

(Douglas County Sheriff. Trident2963 Photo.)

In a Tuesday afternoon raid, the Douglas Interangency Narcotics Team made what they are calling the largest heroin bust from a local dealer in many years.

At around 2:50 p.m., DINT served a search warrant at a home on 185 Lady Slipper Lane. Officials say the warrant was the result of a long investigation into heroin trafficking by Ronald Wilson, 55.

DINT detectives allege that Wilson had been going to Portland to buy the drugs, and would bring back dealer amounts of heroin to sell in Douglas County.

DINT Commander Curt Strickland says that the detectives made two controlled buys of heroin from Wilson prior to the search warrant.

Officials say that along with Wilson, they also arrested Bruce Connell, 51, of Roseburg, who they say had a small amount of heroin in his pocket. Connell was cited and released.

Wilson was taken into custody on numerous charges, after detectives say they found over eight ounces of heroin, $3,000 in cash, a pistol and other drug packaging materials in the residence. Police say the street value of the heroin seized, if sold in user amounts, was around $45,000.

DINT officials say that information from that bust led them to Vincent Anthony Garcia, 31, at his home at 1662 Hollis Street in Roseburg.

He was charged with unlawful possession of heroin after DINT says they found him in possession of 10 grams of the drug, with a street value of about $2,000.

A short time later, DINT arrested a fourth person after a drug deal went down in the Safeway parking lot on NE Stephens.

Officials say Chris Kelly, 54, came to the parking lot and was observed buying a small amount of heroin.

DINT officials say this is the largest heroin seizure from a local dealer in many years.

Read Article: www.kpic.com/news/local/DINT-heroin-bust-nets-four-arrest...

Further Reading: www.kval.com/news/local/DINT-heroin-bust-nets-four-arrest...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
OREGON: Albany Police search for police officer impersonator

Albany, Oregon (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Albany Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Albany Police are looking for a man accused of impersonating one of their own.

The department says a fake police officer in a uniform contact a resident on Monday night, July 16th, 2012, at a home on the 1000 block of 16th Avenue S.E. in Albany.

According to APD, the fake officer in uniform told the resident he was responding to a “dog complaint.”

Albany Police say the woman then showed the fake police officer her dog and he left her home without incident. After he left, the woman became suspicious and called the real Albany Police Department.

Albany Police says it didn’t dispatch any officers to her address. The woman says the fake police officer had a real APD uniform on and also had a gun on his hip.

Police believe the man was driving a truck similar in make and model to Albany’s Police’s Ford F150’s, except the fake police officers truck was not marked.

The man is described at 5’7’’ tall, around 40 years old and is balding, overweight and has a mustache.

If you have any information, call Albany Police at 541-917-7680.

Albany Police says if they ever make contact with someone at their home on a complaint call, police officers or community services officers will be in visibly marked cars.

Read Article: www.kmtr.com/news/local/story/Albany-Police-search-for-po...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
IDAHO: Caldwell Police Release New Crime Data Mapping

Caldwell Police Department by Roadsidepictures

(Caldwell Police. Roadsidepictures Photo.)

On Wednesday, the Caldwell Police Department put a new data-mapping system in place meant to help officers identify high-crime areas, better respond to those areas, and hopefully prevent more crime.
Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood says the system -- called the Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (D-DACTS) -- uses information the department already collects to help officers respond to areas of higher crime.
After more than 20 years on the force, Allgood says he's never used technology like this.
"By looking at the data -- where our traffic problems are the most, and where our crime problems are the most, and combining those -- it helps us refine an area where we're generating most of our calls," Allgood said.

Allgood says police can use D-DACTS to create a computer-generated map of recent traffic incidents and recent crimes to show where crimes are happening, and where to better assign officers.

Allgood says the information pointing to that area as "high crime," wasn't what the department expected.
"It was very surprising, yes," Allgood said. "Had I guessed before we did this, I wouldn't have realized that this was our hot spot," he added.
The Chief hopes more scenarios like the one above will help the department use its officers more effectively.
"I think overall, it's going to have a whole effect on the whole city," Allgood said. "I believe over time we will see these calls and crimes continue to go down in the whole city because we're focusing on the areas of most importance."

Chief Allgood says the mapping does not cost any extra money. It uses the technology and information the department already has.

Read Article: www.ktvb.com/news/Caldwell-Police-using-new-crime-mapping...

Further Reading: www.nwcn.com/home/?fId=162982796&fPath=/news/local&am...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
BRITISH COLUMBIA: Mountie Guilty of Obstruction of Justice In Death of Motorcyclist, Drank Vodka (Update)

RCMP conference by D70

(RCMP. D70 Photo.)

A disgraced RCMP officer who was found guilty in connection with a 2008 traffic fatality and was involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski has been discharged from the force.

Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson was found guilty in March of obstruction of justice following a collision that killed motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson.

The discharge was announced on Friday morning just as the sentencing hearing for the disgraced corporal began in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens said he signed the discharge papers on Friday morning.

"While I have been clear that I was seeking his involuntary dismissal, the opportunity to discharge him from the organization this morning was one which eliminated further delays, costs and uncertainty," said Callens.

"Mr. Robinson’s career with the RCMP has ended. As a private citizen, he is no longer subject to any disciplinary actions under the RCMP Act; however, he is still subject to the ongoing criminal matters," he said.

Robinson was facing an internal Code of Conduct investigation over the incident and the RCMP's commanding officer in B.C. had said previously that he wanted to see Robinson dismissed from the force.

Robinson, who was off duty at the time of the 2008 accident, left the scene before police arrived and went home to consume more alcohol, although he returned to the scene a short time later.

Justice Janice Dillon dismissed Robinson's defence in which he had claimed he had walked to his Delta, B.C., home a short distance away and had two shots of vodka to calm himself because he said that's what an alcoholic would do.

In her strongly worded judgment, Dillon said Robinson used his own police training in a deliberate attempt to obstruct justice. By drinking after the accident, there was no way police could determine if he had been impaired prior to it.

Dillon also concluded Robinson had lied to Delta police officers who came to the crash scene, understating how much he had been drinking at a party just before the crash.

Hutchinson, who died at the scene, was also found to have consumed alcohol before the crash.

Robinson has been suspended from the RCMP with pay since the collision in 2008.

Robinson is also one of four RCMP officers awaiting trial on a perjury charge in connection with the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver airport in October 2007.

Robinson was in charge of the team of officers who dealt with the disturbed and frenetic Dziekanski by quickly stunning him repeatedly with a Taser.

Sentencing submissions in the obstruction case could go all day Friday and the judge might reserve her decision following that.

The Crown and the defence are expected to put forward arguments on the length of sentence that should be imposed.

Read Article: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/07/19/...

Further Reading: bc.ctvnews.ca/cpl-monty-robinson-resigns-from-the-rcmp-1....
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
OREGON: Washington County Sheriff's Office Gets The Caprice, New Design, New Uniforms

(Washington County Sheriff. WCSO Photo Release.)

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is replacing deputies' threads and wheels, the agency announced.

During the next year, the sheriff's office will trade its gray-and-black uniforms, worn since 2000, for a tan-and-black ensemble that will save the agency $50,000 a year in replacement uniform costs, said Sgt. Bob Ray, a sheriff's office spokesman. Deputies will wear the news uniforms next week at the Washington County Fair.

In addition to the new uniforms, the sheriff's office has chosen the Chevrolet Caprice and Tahoe to replace the discontinued Ford Crown Victoria, which the agency uses for its patrol vehicles, Ray said. The sheriff's office tested several cars during a two-year time frame before deciding on the Chevrolets.

As the Fords need replacing, the Chevrolets will be phased in, Ray said. Reusable equipment from the Crown Victorias will be incorporated into the new vehicles.

In purchasing the new uniforms, the office tried several different styles to replace the old wool ones, which were expensive and challenging to obtain, Ray said. The new uniforms are lighter weight, Ray said, and the agency considers them to be more functional.

Read Article: www.oregonlive.com/washingtoncounty/index.ssf/2012/07/was...

Further Reading: www.co.washington.or.us/News/SONews/upload/PR-120720-New-...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
IDAHO: Six Hour Standoff With Gooding County Sheriff's Office Ends In Hagerman

A standoff in Hagerman ended with a suspect in custody Friday night.
Corporal Kelby Cornett with the Gooding County Sheriff's Office said the incident started just before 6 p.m. Keith Haynes, 34, wrecked his truck, then got into a verbal altercation with two male motorcyclist from out of state. It was during this altercation that witnesses described Haynes as retrieving a gun from his truck and firing it twice at the two other men. No one was hurt.
Haynes then retreated to his home on State Street three blocks away and barricaded himself inside. Witnesses told police that Haynes also fired a shot while in his home.
A SWAT team was called and authorities shut down several intersections in town. Houses directly behind the Haynes' home were evacuated. Traffic was rerouted on Highway 30 as well.
Cornett said that authorities attempted to negotiate with Haynes for around six hours. Around 10:30 p.m., they were able to take the suspect into custody. Cornett said the suspect had been drinking and had tried to overdose with prescription drugs.
Haynes was taken to North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding, and later airlifted to St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls. The hospital has him listed in stable condition.

Cornett said the suspect is looking at charges of aggravated assault and possibly others, but has not yet been formally charged.

Read Article: www.ktvb.com/news/crime/Hagerman-shooting-incident-leads-...

Further Reading: magicvalley.com/news/local/hagerman-man-lead-police-to-si...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
WASHINGTON: Six Hour Standoff With Spokane PD Ends In Arrest

Spokane PD_10 by pluto665

(Spokane Police. Pluto665 Photo.)

A Spokane man is in jail, charged with threatening to kill a police officer and harassing his estranged wife.

Spokane police surrounded a small house on the corner of Fiske and 1st starting around 10 p.m. Sunday. Inside, Mauricio Morales, 37, refused to come out. He was wanted for violating a court order that protected his estranged wife and children.

"What happened was he'd gone to his family's house in violation of the order," Spokane Police Captain David Richards said.

He went to the residence and attempted to get the children way from his estranged wife, who was hiding in the house and wouldn't come out.

Morales left and officers tracked him down to his house in East Spokane, where detectives say he threatened to kill a police officer.

"When the officers identified themselves, he came after the officer with a shovel, swung it at him a few times to the point he had to back up and get behind the police car for protection," Capt. Richards said.

Police say Morales then retreated into his house, where he was held at bay by the SWAT team until early Monday morning, when three volleys of a chemical irritant were launched into his house.

After the third volley Morales finally gave himself up.

He was booked on five counts of violating a protection order and second degree assault for threatening the officer.

His family said he had suffered a breakdown.

The police department was pleased the seven hour standoff ended peacefully.

"Now we have one in custody, the wife and children are safe, and we can go home and know we did a good job," Richards said.

Read Article: www.kxly.com/news/spokane-news/Overnight-standoff-in-East...

Further Reading: www.krem.com/news/Spokane-man-surrenders-after-six-hour-s...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
WASHINGTON: Spokane County Sheriff's 'Burglary Task Force' Team Curbing Property Crime In County

Spokane Sheriff 1 by Grande Productions

(Spokane County Sheriff. Grande Productions Photo.)

Programs to reduce property crimes and residential burglaries in Spokane County appear to be working.
Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said increased community involvement and tips combined with the work of the Burglary Task Force has reduced burglaries in unincorporated Spokane County by 23% since April.
Statistics show from May 2012 to June 2012:
Commercial burglaries were down by 48%
Garage burglaries were down 32%
Residential burglaries were down 18%
Total property crimes were down 19%
In April, Sheriff Knezovich announced he was forming the Burglary Task force which would work along side the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office investigators, property crimes detectives and patrol deputies to address a spike in these kinds of crimes.
Since April to July 15, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and Spokane Valley Police have arrested 214 suspects on a total of 728 charges. Investigations in progress could net an additional 30 charges including felonies.

Read Article: www.krem.com/news/Property-crimes-down-significantly-sinc...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
WASHINGTON: Last Crown Victoria WSP Unit Given To Trooper In Lincoln County (Update)

Washington State Patrol by ashman 88

(Washington State Patrol. Ashman88 Photo.)

For almost twenty years, the Crown Victoria has been the vehicle of choice among law enforcement agencies across the United States. Driver’s eyes are trained to recognize the low-riding and gliding shark on the highways with their startling blue-red flashing lights. Now it’s time to recognize a new vehicle for Washington State Patrol troopers.

Ford halted their production on the vehicle last fall opting to switch over to a new model. WSP has been preparing for the change since the last of the Police Interceptors came off the assembly line in Chicago. They decided they would be switching to the Chevrolet Caprice. While many troopers will be replacing their patrol vehicles with the Caprice, one trooper in Lincoln County requested the last Crown Victoria issued to the agency.

Tpr. Paul Wanzenried made the trek to Tumwater in June to pick up his new ride. He was met by a ceremony as WSP said farewell to one of the last of its kind that is now the mobile office for the Eastern Washington trooper.

“I think it’s a historic event for WSP and watching their last Crown Vic go out the door... As for me having it. It is what it is,” Tpr. Wanzenried said. “It’s the end of a legacy. I wanted to take it into retirement.”

The trooper has already put on over 2,000 miles since receiving the car. The vehicles are typically decommissioned around 150,000 miles, but before they reach that mileage, they’re re-issued to WSP cadets.

For the 8-year-veteran in the agency, his last vehicle lacked many tools he has now. Prior to his new ride, everything was on paper. Wanzenried says he became known for keeping his “office” clean even before the new vehicle, but now he has a printer for tickets, a camera system to record incidents and even his own patrol laptop. His new vehicle issued to him is outfitted like all the agency’s new Caprices from fleet. Some of these tools, common in other agencies, are luxuries to Wanzenried.

“We don’t have as much cool technology, but with over 1,000 cars, it’s costly,” Wanzenried said.

Multiple factors added to WSP’s decision to switch to the Caprice including the roomy interior up front and for whomever is in the back. In WSP’s January newsletter, they explained the Caprice’s interior is almost eight cubic feet larger than the Crown Victoria interior. The Caprice was also cheaper than Ford’s upcoming sedan model of the Police Interceptor by $1,300.

By the time WSP had to make a decision on a new vehicle, the production of Ford’s new Police Interceptor was not completed so there was no opportunity to test drive it.

As Wanzenried’s fellow troopers start their shifts in the new vehicles and he remains inside the Crown Victoria, some things will stay the same. Drivers continue to recognize the symbol of law on the roads.

“[While driving a Crown Victoria] everyone has their little halos on. When I’m in my personal car, I see all sorts of crazy things,” Tpr. Wanzenried said.

Just before Tpr. Wanzenried’s new car was issued into the field, WSP shared a message that you can only read when you pop the hood: “This is the final fog line CVPI built for WSP, upfitted the 1st week of June, 2012! May it serve its trooper well and safe.”

Other Crown Victorias remain in the agency, but as they reach retirement, they will be replaced with the Caprice.

Read Article: spokanecounty.kxly.com/news/news/84088-wsp-issues-their-l...

Further Reading: spokanecounty.kxly.com/news/crime/84084-ride-along-washin...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
IDAHO: Meridian Police and First Responders Practice Mock Campus Shooting

To the Rescue by bryguy1955

(Meridian Police. Bryguy1955 Photo.)

For law enforcement agencies across the country, the tragic mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado is a tragic reminder that they have to be prepared for the worst.
That's why on Monday in Meridian, firefighters, police officers and paramedics got together at Idaho State University for a joint training exercise to make sure all were ready to handle a similar emergency.
Despite the uncanny timing of the drill, the university and law enforcement agencies say they had been planning the event for more than a year.

"It is critical to our faculty, staff and students to have an idea of what they should do," said Stephen Chatterton, ISU's Director of the university's department of public safety.

The university and law enforcement wanted the training to be as lifelike as possible.

"Our officers responding to this incident today had no idea what the incident was going to be until it started coming out over the radio," said Lieutenant Jamie Leslie with the Meridian Police Department.
When the drill started, officers were told an angry husband had confronted his wife on campus and shot four people.

"Even though you know it is training and it is a scenario, if you have good role players it almost feels like the real thing," said Geoff Rowe, a negotiator with the Meridian Police Department.

Those participating in the drill said every aspect was designed to the test technical skills of first responders, and to see how well law enforcement would work with the university. The training was also the first time the university had tested its safety protocols with law enforcement.

"In any of these situations the key is communication -- that is what it really boils down to if you are going to be effective," said Rowe.

During this training, officers were able to save the people inside and get control of the shooter.

"The incident we had in Colorado last week was one of those tragic reminders that this training is important," said Lt. Leslie. "Our officers can be called on at any moments notice to respond to a situation similar to that."
In other words, responders like Leslie hope this training can make them more prepared.

ISU also hopes that the training will make them more prepared for a real emergency that could happen on campus.
"I guess it just shows that we need to practice for the worst case things that might happen," said Chatterton.

Once the training was over, first responders and university staff sat down and talked about what went well, and what should be done differently so in a situation of this type they would be as ready as possible.

Read Article: www.ktvb.com/news/Meridian-first-responders-train-for-the...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
BRITISH COLUMBIA: Bike Theft On The Rise According to Terrace RCMP

Prince George RCMP Tahoe by West Coast Emergency Photography

(RCMP. Victoria Emergency Photography Photo.)

RCMP say two separate thefts of bicycles from a single home in Terrace a few weeks ago are part of a recent spike in stolen bikes in the city.

Police say two Brodie mountain bikes were taken from a home on Lanfear Drive on June 25th, along with a skateboard and long board. And five days later, two Kalahari bikes were stolen from the same residence.

Only one of the bikes has been recovered. It was found by neighbours in nearby bushes.

Terrace RCMP say they've received a high number of stolen bike complaints in the past few weeks, and in most cases, the bikes were not locked up.

Read Article: www.cftktv.com/News/Story.aspx?ID=1742055
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
MONTANA: Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Helps Injured Horseback Rider North of Hebgen Lake

Police Blocking off Main Street by mteric

(Gallatin County Sheriff. Mteric Photo.)

"On 23 July 2012 at approximately 1:44 P.M. Sheriff’s Search and Rescue in West Yellowstone was dispatched to an injured horseback rider north of Hebgen Lake.

A 34 year old female tourist from Pennsylvania was thrown from her rental horse on the Johnson Lake Trail after the horse was startled by a falling tree next to the trail.

Coordinated by a Sheriff’s Deputy SAR was assisted by Forest Service personnel and a paramedic from Yellowstone National Park.

Upon arrival at the scene, the paramedic determined the woman’s injuries were two severe for ground extraction.

The paramedic requested helicopter transport. Air Idaho was requested and arrived on scene at 16:11. The patient was loaded into the helicopter and flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.

Read Article: www.nbcmontana.com/news/Search-and-Rescue-helps-injured-h...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
WASHINGTON: Spokane PD's Major Crimes Unit Out Of Overtime Money

Spokane PD_021 by pluto665

(Spokane Police. Pluto665 Photo.)

The Spokane Major Crime unit has already exhausted all of its overtime for the year due to a few homicide investigations, several standoffs, and a huge burglary ring bust.

The Major Crimes Unit has exceeded its overtime budget for the year by almost 100 hours. Now officials say they'll have to take hours away from other units within the department to make up the difference.

Lieutenant Joe Walker says the overtime started with the triple murder of Tracy Ader and her two children. "It took a lot of resources right from the beginning, everybody that goes out on that case and the detectives and patrol officers.”

Following that case, the murders of Sharlotte McGill and Kala Williams kept major crimes working around the clock. Then, detectives busted a large scale robbery ring, and worked the shootings of two Spokane County Deputies.

In just the first half of 2012, Major Crimes had already used the year's allotted overtime funds and then some. Officials say the overtime hours don't stop at the high profile cases. Major Crimes are often also called to things like a drowning or police standoff.

Lieutenant Walker says to make up the difference they'll have to pull from other unit's within the department. That means it will take longer for officers to respond to things like burglaries or non-injury car crashes.

Lieutenant Walker assures us it will not affect public safety. “Responding to some body's call for help is always gonna be a priority and then they'll look at other areas after that…it's one of those things you just accept with the job and you always want to do the best you can for the community.”

The new budget cycle for the police department starts at the beginning of 2013. Officials say they will look at this year's overtime crisis, and decide whether to increase the amount for next year.

Read Article: www.krem.com/news/local/Spokane-Major-Crimes-out-of-overt...

Further Reading: www.nwcn.com/home/?fId=163634756&fPath=/news/local&am...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
WASHINGTON: Marysville PD Strike Team A Success, Leading Way, But May Not Last Despite Burglary Drop

Marysville, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Marysville Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Marysville police announced a milestone Tuesday in their crackdown on burglaries: The arrest by the burglary strike team of its 100th suspect.
A total of 101 suspects have been arrested and $116,000 in stolen property recovered, the Marysville Police Department said. But at the same time those numbers were being announced, the strike team was out on what could be one of its last patrols.
“I didn’t expect these guys to be able to arrest 101 people as quickly as they did and recover $116,000 in property,” Lt. Darin Rasmussen said.
They’ve recovered boat motors, jewelry and electronics. The team, a six-week experiment, was such a success, the department extended their work for another six weeks.
Burglaries, which were up more than 60 percent in the first part of the year, are now 30 percent below average.
Teresa Tony has seen Marysville’s burglary problem first hand.
“We’ve had bikes stolen, and we’ve had our cars broken into and (seen) suspicious people,” she said. “We’ve had neighbors that have had that stuff repetitively happen to them.”
So why stop now? Patrol officers are part of the team, and the department said it can’t afford to lose that presence on the streets.
“It would be disappointing. It’s been an opportunity to work with different agencies and officers,” Officer Jon Elton said.
Officers in Thurston County and Everett are talking to Marysville police about forming similar strike teams.
The final decision will be up to the chief. His decision is expected sometime around the end of the month.
Tony said she wonders what the impact will be on her neighbors.
“I think that they need to continue that work,” she said. “Every little bit helps in this community.”

Read Article: www.kirotv.com/news/news/crime-law/burglaries-way-down-ma...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
OREGON: Springfield Police Arrest Douglas County Jail Escapee

Public Safety Fair 2008 no10 by TimSpfd

(Springfield Police. Timspfd Photo.)

Springfield police have arrested Thomas Grimes, the man who escaped from the Douglas County Jail last month.

Multiple agencies have been looking for the man, and he has eluded police several times.

"We were saying that he’s been incredibly lucky...but luck eventually runs out. And his did," said Springfield Police K9 Officer Daren Kendrick.

Police found Grimes at a camp site in the Fall Creek area just before 7 a.m.

"It looked like he tore a hole through the back of his tent, he was barefoot, in his boxers, running through the forest," said Springfield Police Officer Allan Amundson. "So I think we did surprise him."

He ran from a tent towards the woods. Police said they found pocket knives in the tent, but no firearms.

Officers caught up to Grimes after the wanted man ran about a football field's length into the woods, with K9 Tjenco close behind.

"Tjenco has been taught to guard and bark...So if the person’s not posing a threat to us, he’s just supposed to stay with him and bark and guard him for us," said Kendrick.

Grimes was treated for minor injuries.

Jail officials have confirmed that Grimes is now back in Douglas County, where he escaped from jail last month.

Charges against Grimes are under review, police said.

He faces multiple felony charges for crimes committed in Lane County after his escape from jail in Douglas County, police said.

"Maybe he thought he could get away forever," said Amundson. "I mean, it took us a little while to finally get him, so maybe he thought he was un-catchable. But he wasn’t."

Read Article: www.kpic.com/news/local/Grimes-caught-in-Springfield-Wedn...

Further Reading: www.kmtr.com/news/local/story/Springfield-police-collar-f...
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WASHINGTON / IDAHO : Spokane Police Officer Killed In Hit and Run Near Clark Fork, Idaho (Developing)

First Responder by mrbwa1

(Spokane Police. Mrbwa1 Photo.)

Police say the driver of a pickup truck that ran over and killed an off duty Spokane Police Officer after he crashed his motorcycle, has turned herself in.
Idaho State Police troopers said the wreck happened just before 10:30 p.m. on Highway 200 near Clark Fork.
Authorities said Officer Kurt Henson, 47, was riding his Harley Davidson with Kimberly Lenox, 43, when he struck an abrupt lane edge in a construction zone. The impact threw both Henson and Lenox from the motorcycle.
Brianna Knapp was driving a Dodge pickup following behind the motorcycle and ran over Henson and the bike. ISP says Knapp fled the scene, but the truck was later located. Knapp contacted law enforcement authorities and has been interviewed.

Based on information gathered from the interview, Knapp was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal crash.
Officials pronounced Henson dead and transported him to Coffelt Funeral Home. They said he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Medics transported Lenox to Bonner County Hospital for her injuries. The extent of her injuries was not released.

ISP is looking for and wants to talk to an unknown female driving a small 2 door black car. ISP officials say this woman picked up a female driver of a disabled blue dodge pickup on Highway 200 near milepost 53.

Authorities want to talk with the driver of the small black car and any other person who drove through the crash scene shortly after 10:30 pm.

Acting Chief Scott Stephens says a death like this rocks his department to the core.

Fellow officers say Kurt Henson was a tender-hearted kind of guy.

Officer Henson leaves behind two daughters and a son.

Read Article: www.krem.com/news/Idaho-biker-run-over-killed-after-motor...

Further Reading: www.spokesman.com/blogs/sirens/2012/jul/26/officer-killed...
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OREGON: Springfield Police Chooses The Caprice

Public Safety Fair 2008 no10 by TimSpfd

(Springfield Police. Timspfd Photo.)

Springfield Police is getting ready to usher in a new era on the road with a new generation of police cars.

The department just bought five new all-black Chevrolet Caprice police patrol vehicles to replace its fleet of Ford Crown Victoria cars. The cars are not in service yet, but should hit the road by September 2012.

The Crown Vic is no longer being produced, so SPD was forced to pick a new option. It arrived at the Caprice with the help of several student interns from the University of Oregon and LCC, who also researched the three options: the Caprice, the Dodge Charger and the new Ford Police Patrol Vehicle, which is a reformulated Ford Taurus.

The Caprice is specifically designed for police use. Inside, the seats have a cut out space for the officers' utility belts. As for performance, SPD says the car has stiffer suspension, electronic stability control and enormous vented disc brakes, all of which add up to a more responsive vehicle.

Ultimately, Springfield Police says it hopes the Caprice makes the travel part of their officers' job much easier.

“They just did a lot of good research into this," explained Sergeant John Umenhofer with the Springfield Police Department.

“Our test driving has been fantastic on it. For a day-to-day usage car, for what we do and responding to emergencies, it's really an improvement over cars that have been existing in the past,” said Sgt. Umenhofer.

Springfield PD will pay about $26,000 dollars for each Caprice, which is a little more money than they paid for the old Crown Victoria cars. However, SPD says the price is comparable to other options out there. Springfield budgets money for about five new police cars every year. The cars are replaced every 120,000 miles.

There are some cost saving measures with these new cars though, according to Sgt. Umenhofer. The new Caprice’s will be covered under warranty for about 100,000 miles. The department is also planning on using decals instead of paint to mark the cars. Also, the equipment inside will be recycled and retrofitted as much as possible.

As for Eugene Police, the department is faced with a similar situation in replacing Ford's Crown Victoria. The department is currently testing its three options.

Read Article: www.kmtr.com/news/local/story/Springfield-Police-picks-Ch...
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Washington State Patrol Replacing 600 Crown Vics With Caprice PPV

Washington State Patrol (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Washington State Patrol. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) has begun the process of replacing its 1,600 Ford Crown Victoria-based Police Interceptors with the Chevrolet Caprice PPV. According to Daniel Coon, public information officer for WSP, the agency has just begun the process and currently has five Caprice PPV sedans in the fleet. Coon said the goal is to replace 600-650 Interceptors, out of a total fleet size of 1,600 vehicles, over a five-year period. He added that the agency chose the V-8 6.0L powertrain option for the new Caprice PPVs.

WSP used Ford Crown Victoria-based patrol cars for 25 years, according to Coon. To mark the “end of an era” for the Crown Victoria-based Interceptor, WSP held a small ceremony to mark the last Interceptor being used by the agency rolling out of WSP’s fleet section at the end of June. Trooper Paul Wanzenried, District 4, Spokane, Wash., received the vehicle. Trooper Jason Cuthbert, District 5, Kelso, Wash., received one of WSP’s new Chevrolet Caprice patrol cars. Law Enforcement Technician 2 Jerry Thorsell and Ryan Parya were responsible for outfitting the last Crown Victoria-based Interceptor.

For the incoming Caprice PPVs, WSP’s fleet section will upfit new vehicles as offiers turn in the older vehicles, generally between 130,000 and 150,000 miles.

The fleet section is still getting used to the upfit process for the Caprice PPV, according to Coon, but rapidly adapting. He explained that the fleet section has implemented a “Lean” methodology for its upfitting process, which has improved the rate at which the organization can upfit vehicles. Government Fleet will be covering how WSP implemented this Lean process in a future article. Beyond fleet, Coon said officers like the vehicles.

They’re very happy with it,” he said. “Some of the older officers grew up with the Crown Vics, but once they’ve tried the Caprice PPV, they are very impressed with its handling, power, and braking.”

The new Caprice PPV patrol vehicles will have the same color scheme and emblems as the Crown Victoria-based Interceptors.

Read Article: www.government-fleet.com/News/Story/2012/07/Washington-St...
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WASHINGTON: Pacific Mayor Abusing Powers, Fires 4 Officers, Fires Police Chief Weeks Before

Pacific, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Pacific Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

The mayor of Pacific who was arrested last week has fired four police officers, saying they were being discharged for “unlawful anarchy and mutiny against the city of Pacific” and “gross insubordination,” the News Tribune of Tacoma reported Thursday.

The termination letter sent by Mayor Cy Sun said the police officers were dismissed as of July 19. That's the day the officers arrested the mayor for allegedly attempting to get into the City Clerk's Office, from which he had been banned while she was on leave. He was released later the same day.

Earlier this week, City Clerk Jane Montgomery also received a discharge letter that listed eight reasons for her firing, the News Tribune said. Among the reasons Sun cited was that Montgomery caused him to be arrested by locking her office and leaving the keys with the police.

The mayor had scheduled a 10 a.m. Thursday hearing for Montgomery to challenge her firing, but her attorney said the mayor never showed. TV crews videotaped the mayor driving away from City Hall just before the hearing time.

Montgomery later cleared out her desk and left the building.

Sun fired Pacific’s chief of police several weeks ago, and has also fired several other department heads.
Sun has come under fire from members of the City Council and other opponents, with many saying that he abuses his position in the small city.

City Council members recently delivered a "no confidence" vote in Sun.

But Sun hasn't given up on his position and cites his campaign platform of "cleaning up" City Hall as the impetus for his actions.

It was disclosed last week that the King County Sheriff's Office is conducting an investigation into two separate allegations: One against the Pacific Police Department that involves alleged misconduct and the other involving the alleged destruction of public records, reportedly by the mayor.

Sun was elected mayor last year in a write-in vote.

The city of Pacific, with a population of about 6,500, is east of Interstate 5 between Seattle and Tacoma.

Read Article: www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-mayor-of-pacific-arrested-says-h...
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IDAHO: ISP Recover $7.3 Million Worth of Marijuana in Gooding County

ISP pickup Nampa Idaho by rustejunk

(Idaho State Police. Rustejunk Photo.)

This Thursday officials from the Idaho State Police responded to an anonymous tip of a large stash of marijuana growing in a corn field out in Gooding County.

ISP Detectives, along with aerial support, located 12 reported marijuana grow sites inside a corn field off of 3300 South in Gooding County.

Detectives pulled 3, 684 plants, with an estimated street value at over 7 million dollars.

No arrests were made and the investigation is still open at this time.

ISP is asking if you have any information regarding these grow sites and others like it, to report it to the ISP District Office nearest you.

Or you can call the ISP drug tip hotline at 1–800–524–7277

Read Article: www.kmvt.com/news/local/Big-Pot-Bust-In-Gooding-County-16...

Further Reading: www.localnews8.com/news/Idaho-State-Police-harvests-7-3-m...
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WASHINGTON: Juvenile chokes female guard, escapes Okanogan detention center, captured by Okanogan County Sheriff's Office

Okanogan County Sheriff by Funkytoad

(Okanogan County Sheriff. Funkytoad Photo.)

A 15-year-old inmate at the Okanogan County Juvenile Detention Center is accused of choking and threatening to kill a female guard and then escaping before leading police on a foot chase.

The juvenile was found a couple hours later hiding under a deck at a residence and taken back to the detention center.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers gave this account of the incident:

Around 1:30 p.m. Sunday, the detention center reported that a male prisoner had escaped. The boy overpowered a female guard, choking and threatening to kill her.

The boy had asked a female guard for some pencils, then held the pencils to the woman's neck. She was able to get free from the teen and lock herself in a bathroom.

The boy was then able to get out of a secure area, using keys that were left in the door to the control room, and left the juvenile center through a back door, taking the female officer’s purse.

Only one other guard was working at the center at the time, and he was overseeing outdoor recreation time.

Sheriff’s deputies searched the area around the center but were unable to find him.

Then around 3:15 p.m., a sheriff’s deputy and his patrol dog were heading home when he saw the suspect standing along Highway 97 in Omak, just below WalMart. The deputy, along with other deputies who responded to the area, chased the suspect. He was seen running to a residence, where deputies found him under the back deck.

The suspect, Johnny M. Delossantos of Pateros, was booked into the juvenile center on suspicion of first-degree assault and escape. He had originally been arrested on July 10 for stealing two cars in Pateros.

Rogers said Delossantos told deputies that he had been planning the escape. He called a taxi to drive him from Okanogan to Omak, and paid for the ride with money in the guard’s purse, he added.

The female guard at the detention center was shaken up, but not injured, Rogers said.

Read Article: www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/2012/jul/23/juvenile-chokes-g...

Further Reading: www.krem.com/news/local/Teen-escaped-from-Okanogan-juveni...
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WASHINGTON: Clallam County Sheriff's Office Gets $250k Grant For Two Drug Detectives

Clallam County Sheriff, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Clallam County Sheriff. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A $250,000 federal grant will help the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office tackle prescription drug and heroin abuse on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Sheriff Bill Benedict said he applied for the Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services program grant to fund two deputy positions.

“It’s under community policing so you have to have a problem you’re going to solve with the officers,” he said.

The problem he wants to tackle is prescription painkiller and heroin abuse. Clallam County leads the state in per capita deaths for opiate drug overdoses, which includes prescription opiates and heroin, and has had that distinction three years running, he said.

The grant, which begins in October, will keep a detective already assigned to the Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team on staff and add another. Benedict said they will start looking at candidates for the new deputy position soon.

OPNET will work with a medication abuse work group and other community groups to take a multi-faceted approach to the problem, he said.

“We’re going to look at ways where if we collaborate maybe we can target our enforcement so we can get more bang for our buck,” he said.

Last year, two deputy positions were cut due to budget shortfalls. Though an agreement reached with the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe allowed two positions to be continued, the department still was down one position from four years ago, Benedict said.

“That (grant) will bring us back up to where we were four years ago,” he said.

Statewide, eight law enforcement agencies were awarded a total of $6.9 million in COPS hiring grants to hire, rehire or retain a total of 30 law enforcement officers, said Janeen Heath, state press secretary for Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash.

Cantwell is a long-time advocate for the COPS program and has fought to increase support for its grants, Heath said.

Read Article: search.sequimgazette.com/news/article.exm/2012-07-18_clal...
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BRITISH COLUMBIA: No jail time for Mountie involved in obstruction of justice & fatal motorcycle accident (Update)

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Tofino by st. in ca.

(RCMP. Apostis Photo.)

Disgraced former Mountie Benjamin Robinson has been given a 12-month conditional sentence for obstruction of justice relating to a fatal collision with a motorcycle in Delta, B.C., in 2008.

The sentence means Robinson, 42, will not serve any time in jail. He will have to spend one month under house arrest and the rest of the time he will be under the supervision of a probation officer and subject to a curfew at night.

The judge also ordered Robinson to write an apology to the family of Orion Hutchinson, who was killed in the crash, and pay a $1,000 fine to Victim Services.

Outside the court, Hutchinson's mother denounced the sentence as no more than the sort of punishment a child might get for bad behaviour and said Robinson should have been sentenced to time in jail.

Robinson was found guilty after admitting he rushed home and drank two shots of vodka after his Jeep collided with the motorcycle of Hutchinson at an intersection. He then returned to the scene of the crash and admitted to what he had done.

At the sentencing hearing, Justice Janice Dillon noted Robinson never apologized or expressed remorse for leaving Hutchinson dead or dying on the road while he went home to drink.

The judge found Robinson had used his RCMP training to hide the fact that he had consumed five beers at a party just before the crash and then lied to Delta police officers at the scene about how much he had been drinking at the party.

An investigation by the B.C. Coroners Service concluded Hutchinson, who died at the scene, was also drinking alcohol before the crash and that the actions of both men contributed to the crash.

The maximum penalty for obstruction of justice is 10 years, but the Crown was seeking three to nine months in jail or a conditional sentence of 12 to 18 months. The defence had asked for a conditional sentence of three to six months with no jail time.

Robinson is also facing a charge of perjury in connection with the death of Robert Dziekanski. The Polish visitor died after officers used Tasers on him at the Vancouver airport. Robinson quit the RCMP just before his sentencing hearing last week.

Read Article: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/07/27/...

Further Reading: bc.ctvnews.ca/no-jail-time-for-disgraced-former-mountie-m...
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WASHINGTON: Vancouver Police SWAT Team Raids House, 4 Arrested

Vancouver Standoff by scentzilla

(Vancouver Police. Scentzilla Photo.)

Deputies with the Clark County Sheriff’s Tactical Detective Unit and SWAT officers with armored equipment raided a house north of Highway 500 early Friday.

The raid took place a little after 5 a.m. at 5100 N.E. 44th St., a single-family house north of state Highway 500 in the Truman neighborhood.

Detectives suspected people in the house were in possession of firearms, money, jewelry and gold stolen in the burglary of a Battle Ground-area home a few weeks ago, said sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Fred Neiman.

Detectives found some of those items in the house during the search, he said. None of the firearms were recovered and remain unaccounted for, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

Three men and a woman were arrested after questioning. Freddie Bazan, 20, was arrested on suspicion of violating parole. Jesse S. Bazan, 22, was arrested for allegedly possessing stolen property. Both Michael Chacon, 20, and Kaydee M. Lee, 23, were arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

Several vehicles reportedly left the house shortly before the raid, prompting deputies to make traffic stops to detain possible suspects, said Sgt. Shane Gardner.

Deputies used a Bearcat armored vehicle and several other units to surround the house. Officers used loudspeakers to order the residents to come out of the house with their hands up. No shots were fired, and there was no standoff.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating and anticipates additional arrests.

One neighbor said he woke up a bit after 5 a.m. and was told by police to stay inside his home.

Juli Lewis, who has lived near the raided house for several years, said she woke up to a loud bang around 5:30 a.m.

She wasn’t surprised that police were at the house but said she is glad they were.

“I love it,” she said. “I’m thrilled, as I’m sure everybody on this street is.”

That’s because she’s seen a lot of people entering and leaving the house for several months. “The people coming and going are not people I’d like in my neighborhood,” she said.

The house that was raided is a small, 30-year-old ranch-style house. County property records indicate it is owned by an Everett man.

The Safe Streets Task Force and Department of Corrections assisted in the raids.

Read Article: www.columbian.com/news/2012/jul/27/police-armored-vehicle...

Further Reading: www.katu.com/news/local/SWAT-called-out-in-Vancouver-four...
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OREGON: Salem Police Department mourns loss of police dog, 'Jack'

Salem Police, Oregon by Gillum's Emergency Vehicle Photos

(Salem Police. Army Guy Emergency Vehicle Photography.)

The Salem Police Department said Friday that former police dog Jack, a Belgian malinois, has died.

Jack served six years with Salem police and his handler, Officer Sean Cooper. The dog retired in March 2011.

Jack had many firsts for the Salem Police Canine Unit, department officials said.

“Jack was the first and only cross-trained patrol dog, trained to search for both suspects and drugs,” said police dog unit supervisor Sgt. Steve Smith. “Jack searched cars, houses, attics, crawl spaces, fields, yards, and anywhere a suspect could hide or where drugs could be concealed. In his long and successful career, he conducted over one thousand drug and suspect searches and compiled a long list of captures. He was involved in the arrest or capture of 741 suspects. In addition, he located 41 pounds of drugs and seized $121,000 in cash.”

Jack was also the first Salem police dog to be awarded a department Medal of Valor. Jack received the Medal of Valor for his actions during the capture of a axe-wielding suspect, and he also won an Oregon Peace Officer’s Association Purple Heart Award for the same incident.

Salem police spokesman Lt. Dave Okada said the department’s police dog unit is funded partially through donations. For more information about the police dog program, call Smith at (503) 589-2001, Ext. 11306.

Read Article: www.statesmanjournal.com/article/20120728/NEWS/307280012/...
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OREGON: High Risk Stop Turns Deadly In Portland

2011 Portland Police Cars (NLEAF) by Svenington

(Portland Police. Svenington Photo.)

A driver was shot by police Saturday afternoon in a deadly officer-involved shooting following a shots fired call.

The incident began in Southeast Portland and ended in North Portland, where a car crashed into an apartment building.

Here's an account of what happened, according to the Portland Police Bureau:

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 12:28 p.m. Portland Police officers assigned to East Precinct responded to a call of a shooting at Southeast Division and 122nd Avenue. Initial information was that the driver of a dark colored car shot a handgun at another car that contained three people as they traveled south on 122nd Avenue. The suspect car was believed to be occupied with three white males in their twenties.

Officers learned through their investigation that the suspect car was in the area of Columbia and North Fessenden. Officers arrived in the area and saw the suspect car in the 7-Eleven parking lot. Because this car and its occupants had just shot at another car officers conducted a high risk traffic stop.

One passenger got out and cooperated with officers but the driver of the car pulled out of the lot and drove onto Fessenden. In the course of the stop one Portland Police Officer fired his weapon. Following the shot the car drove across Fessenden and through an exterior wall and into an apartment. The apartment was unoccupied and no one was injured.

After the car came to a stop in the apartment Officers called the SERT Team (Special Emergency Reaction Team) to the scene to assist in taking the suspect into custody. Once SERT made contact with the driver they had Portland Fire paramedics check the drivers condition and they learned he was deceased. The driver is a white adult male.

Supervisors on scene called the Police Bureau Homicide Detectives to the scene to conduct the officer-involved shooting investigation.

The Multnomah County District Attorneys Office and the Director on the Independent Police Review Division were on scene as well along with Police Chief Mike Reese and Mayor Sam Adams.

Read Article: www.katu.com/news/local/Police-incident-under-way-in-Nort...

Further Reading: www.kptv.com/story/19138344/deadly-officer-involved-shoot...
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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Vancouver Police Service Pursue Man With a Gun Around Hastings Park

(Vancouver Police Service. Canada Emergency Photography Photo.)

A 28-year-old man has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon after he was allegedly spotted waving a handgun near Hastings Park, home of the annual PNE fair, on Thursday.

Vancouver police said the accused, who has no fixed address, was charged with possession of a firearm contrary to an order; knowingly possessing a prohibited weapon without a license; unauthorized possession of a firearm; and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Vancouver police Const. Lindsey Houghton said in a written statement that the arrest and charges came after a brief bicycle and foot chase through the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood, after a citizen phoned police to report seeing a gun.

"At about 5:30 p.m., a man was walking on the sidewalk on the south side of East Hastings Street at Renfrew when he saw another man ride towards him along the sidewalk on a BMX bike," Houghton said.

"The pedestrian happened to turn around and saw the cyclist allegedly pull what he believed was a handgun out of a black shoulder bag.

"The cyclist put the gun back into the bag, rode up to a car that had stopped at the intersection, made a gun gesture with his hand, and again pulled out what appeared to be a handgun, showing it to the driver of the car," he said.

The driver of the car and the cyclist then apparently exchanged words and the cyclist rode away, Houghton said.

Police were called and officers spotted and approached the suspect astride his bike in the 2700 block of East Hastings Street.

The suspect rode away into oncoming traffic, across East Hastings Street, and then went north on Kaslo toward Triumph Street and turned again, police said.

"As he rode towards the PNE grounds, he looked back at the police cars closing in on him and crashed into a tree," Houghton said.

The suspect then left his bike and the handbag containing the gun and ran away on foot. Police apprehended the suspect more than half a kilometre away, at the intersection of East Hastings and Lillooet Street.

The police service could not say when the accused is next scheduled to appear in court.

Read Article: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/07/28/...
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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Williams Lake RCMP Under Investigation By Outside Agency For Arrest Injuries On Suspect

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Tofino by st. in ca.

(RCMP. Apostis Photo.)

West Vancouver police have been called in to investigate a central Interior Mountie after an arrest he conducted sent a B.C. man to hospital.
A 35-year-old was injured and remains in hospital following a vehicle chase by police from the areas of Quesnel to Williams Lake.
Few details have been released about the incident, which took place last Saturday.
Williams Lake RCMP have asked several investigators from the outside force to conduct a criminal examination of what happened that day.
The West Vancouver department says it's committed to carrying out the investigation in a fair, transparent and timely manner.
The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has also been notified.

Read Article: bc.ctvnews.ca/arrest-injuries-prompt-probe-of-williams-la...
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WASHINGTON: Silverdale man charged in Washington State Park Ranger's Death In February (Update)

Washington State Park Ranger by Funkytoad

(Washington State Park Ranger. Funkytoad Photo.)

A Silverdale man has been charged with vehicular homicide in the February crash that killed state park ranger Edward Johanson near Seabeck.

Thirty-five-year-old Charles K. Sherman is schedule to appear Tuesday in Kitsap County District Court.

The Kitsap Sun reports prosecutors have been waiting for the result of toxicology tests that found marijuana and methamphetamine in Sherman's bloodstream.

The 44-year-old Johanson was a ranger for 20 years, serving at Kitsap Memorial State Park and Kanaskat Palmer State Park in the Green River Gorge. He was driving to his home near Seabeck when he was killed in a head-on collision.

Read Article: www.king5.com/news/local/park-ranger-death-driver-charged...
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OREGON: Clackamas County Sheriff Unit Rammed In Police Pursuit, Suspect Drives Off Embankment, At Large (Developing)

Lakewood Police Procession by PugetSounder253

(Clackamas County Sheriff. Tacoma Justin Photo.)

A police chase nearly ended after the suspect crashed a stolen car down a 30 to 40-foot embankment, but then he and his passenger ran away into a rural area of Clackamas County.
At about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, a deputy on his way to work spotted a KIA Sorento on Highway 213 at South Eldorado Road, being driven by a man who appeared to be impaired, according to Sgt. Adam Phillips of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.
The deputy tried to pull the car over, but the driver sped away. A pursuit through the Mulino area lasted about ten minutes, until the driver slowed down and appeared to be pulling over.
The deputy started to slow his vehicle down and noticed the KIA was backing up, in a likely attempt to disable the patrol car, Phillips said. The deputy reversed his vehicle and minimized the impact.
Another pursuit began and the driver of the KIA turned down a dead end road, in the 25000 block of South Pike Avenue, and went over an embankment, sending the car down a 30 to 40-foot drop. The driver and a passenger then got out of the vehicle and ran away.
A CCSO K-9 unit was called in, along with Oregon State Police troopers and Mollala police officers, but the suspects were not located.
Investigators then learned the car had been stolen from Salem and there was evidence inside it that led deputies to believe the suspects had been out committing burglaries overnight.
"There was personal property inside the vehicle that wouldn't make sense for one person to have in a vehicle," Phillips said.
The deputy was not injured, but the vehicle was damaged.
Police believe both occupants of the vehicle were adult men, but had no further suspect descriptions.

Read Article: www.kgw.com/news/Suspect-loose-after-crashing-stolen-car-...

Further Reading: www.katu.com/news/local/Suspects-on-the-loose-after-car-c...
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OREGON: Clackamas County ballot measure would create new tax districts to fund Sheriff's Office

Clackamas County Sheriff, Oregon (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Clackamas County Sheriff. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A Clackamas County sheriff's advisory committee is exploring the idea of forming special taxing districts to provide stable funding for public safety.

Sheriff Craig Roberts' blue ribbon committee is working on what eventually could become two measures put before voters to smooth out the financial uncertainty of partly funding the sheriff's office through serial levies.

"We're a long way from having anything specific," Roberts said. "But we're trying to find some way not to have to go to voters on a continual basis. And whatever we look at would have to be tax-neutral; that is, it would have the same overall cost to taxpayers."

The committee is focused on Deschutes County, where in 2006 voters created two public-safety taxing districts, a first-in-Oregon plan that has drawn rave reviews from the past two Deschutes sheriffs. Curry County officials looked into a similar system but later backed off after hearing from anti-tax residents.

Roberts said the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office currently faces two major funding issues.

First, the county commissioners, facing their own pressures, have not increased funding to keep pace with increasing demands on the sheriff's office, Roberts said. Second, statewide property tax limitations trigger a process known as "compression" that effectively reduces the money the sheriff's levies can collect.

To form the districts, Roberts would have to ask the county commissioners to put the measures on the ballot during an even-numbered year, as required by Oregon law, and before the current levy expires in 2016.

If the special districts are formed along the Deschutes County model, sheriff's office funding would be at least largely removed from Clackamas County's budget, and the current serial levy would be allowed to expire.

Taking their place would be:

A countywide district in which residents would pay for state-mandated sheriff's services such as corrections, search and rescue, courthouse security, work release, emergency disaster planning, civil process service and concealed weapons permits.
A district composed solely of unincorporated areas, where residents also would pay for additional programs such as sheriff's patrols, crime investigation, 9-1-1 response, traffic safety, accident investigations, animal control and crime prevention. Incorporated cities, where local taxes pay for municipal police service, would not be part of the district.
The taxes collected by both districts would be exempt from compression.

So far, the blue ribbon committee has heard presentations about the function of special-purpose districts by Chief Mike Duyck of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and Frank Stratton, general manager of the Special Districts Association of Oregon.

The committee also has met with Deschutes County officials to hear how their two-district system has worked. After a long, intense campaign, Deschutes County voters approved creation of both districts in November 2006. Rural voters, who effectively approved a tax increase for themselves, passed their measure by just a couple of hundred votes.

The districts, with maximum tax rates set by voters, went into effect July 1, 2007, and will fund the sheriff's office through 2021. The current tax rates remain well below the maximums.

Deschutes County Sheriff Larry Blanton wholeheartedly endorsed the funding plan, saying it put the office, its staff and its program on solid footing. At the same time, he said, the sheriff's office has worked hard to hold down expenses.

"When we passed it, we built in a plan to implement gradual increases in the tax rates over the years to accommodate additional expenses," said Blanton, who also serves as president of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. "I'm proud to say we haven't raised the tax rate in one district, and we lowered the tax rate in the other district by 3 cents per $1,000. This is the first year we want to go back up by the 3 cents."

Blanton's predecessor, Les Stiles, campaigned in 2001 on creating a stable funding plan. At the time, the county was forced to lay off deputies anytime voters rejected a serial levy.

"The cost and consequences to taxpayers are tragic when that happens," Stiles said. "I knew I wanted a stable funding, but I never guessed it would take six years. It was a long process, but well worth it."

Read Article: www.oregonlive.com/clackamascounty/index.ssf/2012/07/clac...
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IDAHO: Woman Attacks Boise Police Officer During Arrest

Boise police car by Patty Theurer Photography

(Boise Police. Theurer Photography Photo.)

Boise Police were called Wednesday night around 8:30 p.m. by a citizen reporting a person drinking alcohol in a car on Vista Avenue.

Police located the car and observed an open container of alcohol in the car. The suspect, Danielle Checketts, 28 of Boise, became angry when police contacted her.

"As officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, she began to physically resist," said Boise Police. "At one point, the suspect kicked an officer as she was placed in a police vehicle."

Checketts was arrested on charges of Felony Battery on an Officer, Resisting and Obstructing and Open Container in a Public Place.

Read Article: www.kivitv.com/news/local/163875226.html
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ALASKA: Alaska State Troopers Seek Burglar After Wasilla Chase

Trooper's car 1753 by Yukon White Light

(Alaska State Trooper. Yukon White Light photo.)

Alaska State Troopers are looking for a driver who stole an SUV and led them on a chase near Wasilla Fishhook Road early Thursday morning, knocking out power to a neighborhood and stealing items from a convenience store.

According to an AST dispatch, the incident began at 4:28 a.m. Thursday, when troopers tried to stop a Chevrolet Suburban that was driving in the wrong lane near the intersection of East Seldon Road and Winona Street. The vehicle failed to yield, however, leading troopers on a brief chase.

“During the pursuit, the Suburban hit retention wires on a power pole on Aoki Dr., causing the transformer to explode and cutting power to the area,” troopers wrote. “The vehicle continued and drove through two yards on Aoki and came to a stop in a wooded area. The driver fled on foot. AST was not able to locate the driver.”

During the pursuit, troopers were informed of a burglary alarm at the Fishhook Food Mart, where someone had broken the glass front door, then entered and took several items.

The stolen goods were recovered in the Suburban, which had itself been stolen earlier in the night and was subsequently returned to its owner. Troopers called Matanuska Electric Association crews to restore power to the area.

Troopers say an investigation of the incident is continuing.

Read Article: www.ktuu.com/news/crime/alaska-state-troopers-look-for-bu...
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WASHINGTON: Benton County Sheriff Arrests Clear Up More Then 20 Car Prowls In Finley

Benton County Sheriff, Washington-AJM NWPD by AJM STUDIOS

(Benton County Sheriff. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A wanted subject, Robin Gayle Green (30yoa), staying there, who had two warrants for her arrest. When they contacted Green outside of the residence, she handed her dog to a female that was still within the residence. While being escorted to the patrol car, Green asked if the deputy could contact the female inside the residence and ask her to call someone for her. She identified the lady as Morgan Cooper, but Cooper refused to come to the door. Deputies learned that Morgan Cooper had an arrest warrant as well, so they applied for a warrant to search the residence. When they entered the residence, they located Morgan Alishia Cooper (19yoa) hiding within a bedroom identified as belonging to Thomas T. Miller (23yoa.) While within the residence the deputies noticed prescription medication that did not belong to the occupants as well as drug paraphernalia and a handgun. After seeking an amendment to the warrant, the deputies located marijuana, methamphetamine and numerous items they believed stolen from recent vehicle prowls. This was confirmed by contacting owners of some of the items found within, who identified items that had been stolen from them. After further investigation, the deputies discovered that the stolen items within the residence were from more than 20 thefts from vehicles from the Finley area.
The deputies then transported Cooper and Green to the Benton County Jail. Cooper and Green were booked on their warrants. Miller (already incarcerated at the jail) was charged with Possession of Stolen Property and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm with more charges to follow.

Read Article: www.keprtv.com/news/local/Sheriff-Arrests-clear-more-than...
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WASHINGTON: Kennewick Police Introduce New K-9 To The Force

Kennewick, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Kennewick Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Kennewick Police introduced the newest member of their force Monday. He's a two-year-old German Shepherd named Axel.

He just completed three months of training with K-9 Officer Brad Kohn and they're now patrolling together. A ten thousand dollar donation to the KPD Foundation made it possible to pay for the dog. Axel's duties are to catch suspects and find items. He's also part of the SWAT team.

"Track suspects, bad guys, people that commit crimes, the people that we're looking for that left a scene on foot, we're clearing a building, his job is essentially to make it safer for the citizens, safer for the officers on the road," says Kohn.

A Kennewick Police patrol dog typically goes out on about three hundred calls a year.

Read Article: www.kndu.com/story/19151601/kennewick-police-introduce-ne...
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WASHINGTON: Suspect fires on 2 police cars in Auburn

Auburn, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Auburn Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A 23-year-old man is in custody after allegedly firing a shotgun at two Auburn police officers early Wednesday morning.

Auburn Police say it started at 12:47 a.m. in the 100 block of 11th Street Southeast. An officer was about to contact a man considered suspicious, but before the officer got out of his car, the man allegedly fired a shot at the officer. At least one round hit the windshield on the driver's side.

The shooter took off on foot.

A second officer responding to the area was also allegedly shot at in the 1200 block of A Street SE. His vehicle was hit in the driver's door. The second officer fired one shot as the man ran away.

The suspect was found hiding in a yard in the 100 block of 12th Street SE and taken into custody. A shotgun was found in the area.
No other details were immediately released.

Read Article: www.king5.com/news/Auburn-police-officers-shooting-164556...

Further Reading: www.komonews.com/news/local/Auburn-Police-exchange-gunfir...
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OREGON: Groundbreaking August 1st In Salem For Memorial Honoring Fallen OSP Troopers

(Oregon State Police. Police Cars of Oregon Photo.)

After nearly 17 months of planning and preparation, the Oregon State Police are poised to break ground for a memorial honoring fallen Oregon State Troopers. The August 1, 2012 event at 12:30 p.m. will be at the site of the planned memorial on the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol State Park in Salem outside the west entrance to the Public Service Building. The public is invited to the event.

Oregon State Police Superintendent Richard Evans said the groundbreaking event will occur on a historical date for the Department and is a welcome benchmark of the progress made in developing the memorial.

"This date is special because we will celebrate the Department's 81st anniversary recognizing our formation by legislative action on August 1, 1931. The groundbreaking will be memorable in many ways. We invite the public and other supporters to attend so they can view the memorial's planned design and see how it will serve as added Oregon history and art," said Evans.

The Oregon State Police Honor Guard will perform a traditional ceremonial flag fold preceding the ground breaking by several dignitaries.

Funded entirely by private donations, using all Northwest businesses and materials, construction will begin after the memorial's $233,000 fundraising goal is reached. Over half of the costs have been raised through donations in the past eleven months. Anyone can make a tax deductible contribution to the "OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial" at any U.S. Bank branch, or online at the Fallen Trooper Memorial website www.ospmemorial.org.

Information about fallen Oregon State Police troopers is available on the Department's website at www.oregon.gov/OSP/Memorial.shtml.

Anyone with questions or those interested in supporting the Fallen Trooper Memorial may contact retired State Police Deputy Superintendent and chairman of the Fallen Trooper Memorial Committee, Gregory Willeford, at (503) 949-0981.

Further Information: www.oregon.gov/OSP/Memorial.shtml

News Release from: Oregon State Police
Posted: August 1st, 2012 4:24 PM
Photo/sound file: www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2012-08/1002/56455...
Photo/sound file: www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2012-08/1002/56455...
Photo/sound file: www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2012-08/1002/56455...
Photo/sound file: www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2012-08/1002/56455...
Photo/sound file: www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2012-08/1002/56455...

After nearly 17 months of planning and preparation, survivors of fallen Oregon State Police troopers used shovels to ceremoniously break ground Wednesday at the site planned for the construction of a memorial honoring fallen troopers.

On August 1, 2012 event at 12:30 p.m. approximately 150 people gathered during the Department's 81st anniversary on the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol State Park in Salem outside the west entrance to the Public Service Building. Oregon State Police Superintendent Richard Evans and Fallen Trooper Memorial Committee Chairman Gregory Willeford made comments prior to the groundbreaking which served as a welcome benchmark of the progress made in developing the memorial.

Oregon State Senator Peter Courtney, Senator Ted Ferrioli, Representatives Andy Olson and Representative Kim Thatcher were in attendance along with former Superintendents Emil Brandaw, John C. Williams, LeRon Howland, and Timothy McLain. Representatives from local law enforcement, Oregon State Police employees, many family members and family survivors were also present.

"We appreciate the tireless efforts of many people who are working to make this memorial a reality," said Evans. "We want to make sure we never forget those who lost their lives serving as Oregon State Police troopers."

Funded entirely by private donations, using all Northwest businesses and materials, construction will begin after the memorial's $233,000 fundraising goal is reached. Over half of the costs have been raised through donations in the past eleven months. Anyone can make a tax deductible contribution to the "OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial" at any U.S. Bank branch, or online at the Fallen Trooper Memorial website www.ospmemorial.org.

Information about fallen Oregon State Police troopers is available on the Department's website at www.oregon.gov/OSP/Memorial.shtml.

Anyone with questions or those interested in supporting the Fallen Trooper Memorial may contact retired State Police Deputy Superintendent and chairman of the Fallen Trooper Memorial Committee, Gregory Willeford, at (503) 949-0981.

Photograph links:
#1 - Superintendent Evans addresses event attendees
#2 - OSP Honor Guard Flag Folding Ceremony
#3 - Lieutenant Doug Ladd reading names of fallen OSP troopers during flag folding ceremony
#4 - Family survivors breaking ground
#5 - Retired OSP Deputy Superintendent Gregory Willeford addresses attendees next to Fallen Trooper Memorial designs

### www.oregon.gov/OSP ###
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WASHINGTON: Yakima Police Choose Ford Interceptors As New Fleet Vehicle

Yakima, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Yakima Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

YPD just got 15 new police cars. The new Ford Taurus models are replacing the older Crown Victorias. Ford stopped making the classic police cruiser. Each Taurus costs $45,000 about $15,000 of that paid for equipment.

All of the money came from Yakima's general fund.

Read Article: www.kimatv.com/home/video/YPD-spends-540000-on-new-cars-1...
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WASHINGTON: Airway Heights Police Taking on Massive Investigation For A Small Department

Airway Heights PD_4 by pluto665

(Airway Heights Police. Pluto665 Photo.)

Last month, authorities shut down several spas across Spokane County as a result “Operation Red Light.”
The prostitution crack-down is the biggest case in the Airway Heights Police Department’s history, and the investigation is rapidly tapping its resources.
Airway Heights PD has 14 police officers. It dedicates three of those officers to work on the case.
“It’s a lot of man hours, a lot of driving around, contacting people, speaking to them, and going back and writing reports. It’s a huge undertaking” said Detective Kelly Justice, Airway Heights Police.
Over the last month, detectives have collected thousands of pieces of evidence, and compiled a list of hundreds of johns using credit card receipts left behind at the busted spas.
Officials are now asking prostitutes and johns to come forward for questioning. Kelly says they are not the target of the investigation, but talking to them will help bolster their case against the parlor owners.

Read Article: www.krem.com/news/Airway-Heights-Police-overwhelmed-by-pr...

Further Reading: www.kxly.com/news/spokane-news/Police-looking-for-employe...
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WASHINGTON: Man With Knife Found Hiding Between Spokane Police Cars

Spokane PD_11 by pluto665

(Spokane Police. Pluto665 Photo.)

A man claimed he was picking up trash when officials found him hiding between two police cars with two large knives Wednesday morning.

Officials say the man was in between two Spokane Police Department vehicles in the Public Safety Building parking lot.

A witness saw the man and alerted jailers. When the Jailers confronted the man he said he was picking up trash.

Officials took away his knives and determined he was not a threat.

The man was not arrested.

Read Article: www.krem.com/news/local/Man-found-crouched-behind-SPD-car...
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IDAHO: Major Marijuana Raid Carried Out By Caribou County Sheriff's Office & Federal Officials

Caribou Co Sheriff, ID by Staff@SCPoliceCruisers.com

(Caribou County Sheriff. CarolinaJAM Photo.)

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers have raided a large and sophisticated marijuana growing operation on state land in the mountains of southwestern Idaho. No arrests were made.

Caribou County Sheriff Ric Anderson says there were well over 10,000 marijuana plants, possibly worth more than $40 million, in a series of grow operations. He says it is one of the largest marijuana busts in state history.

Sheriff's personnel from several counties along with state and federal drug agencies, the Idaho State Police and the Bureau of Land Management raided the grow site Tuesday.

The remote site is only accessible by foot or all-terrain vehicle. The Idaho State Journal reports Black Hawk helicopters were used to airlift the mostly 6- and 7-foot tall plants to an area closer to Grace, where they were being loaded into dump trucks.

Read Article: www.kboi2.com/news/local/Massive-20-million-marijuana-gro...

Further Reading: www.ktvb.com/news/crime/Caribou-County-marijuana-raid-net...
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WASHINGTON: Seattle Police 'On-View' Calls Down, 911 Calls Up, De-Policing Due To Fears of Backlash

©2010DJD_Seattle_0328web_flickr by PhantomPhan1974 Photography

(Seattle Police. PhantomPhan1974 Photography Photo.)

We think of police work as rushing to 911 calls like shootings and other violent crimes. And Seattle police do respond to handle about 200-thousand 911 calls every year.
But a lot of the time officers are simply patrolling and watching for suspicious activity. They decide to investigate and call into dispatch on their own.

Officer Tracy Beemster has been a patrol officer for 15 years. She works an area that covers South Lake Union and parts of Capitol Hill and Belltown. Beemster said when she isn’t on a 911 call, she’s always on the lookout for crime, everything from jaywalking to drug dealing to a car prowl in progress. If she stops to investigate and calls in the incident, it’s labeled an “on-view call.”

On-views are seen as a measure of proactive policing, but statistics show on-views dropped when the Department of Justice announced it was investigating excessive use of force by Seattle police, essentially putting officers under the microscope.

At KING 5’s request, SPD tallied the numbers. On-view calls fell from 141,602 in 2010 to 126,083 in 2011—an 11 percent drop. The trend appears to be continuing this year. There were 29,070 on view calls from January through March.

The statistics show officers are going to more 911 calls than ever; what they aren’t doing as much is jumping on crimes that might be happening right in front of them. 911 calls were up 4% in 2011 over the previous year.

Privately some officers say they're standing down because they don’t want to become the target of the next internal investigation or the subject of a controversial media report. It’s called “de-policing” and there’s been a lot of talk about it since several high profile cases led to the Department of Justice Investigation.

But police commanders say they don’t believe officers are de-policing. They attribute the drop in on-views to a philosophical change in policing.

Sgt. Whitcomb said the department doesn’t want officers tied up on low level crimes.

“Are they going after low level offenses as aggressively as they have in the past? Probably not,” Whitcomb said.

Whitcomb said SPD wants officers focusing on crime hot spots and mingling with citizens when they’re not handling 911 calls.

“Officers are being more efficient and spending more time in the neighborhoods,” Whitcomb said.

For Officer Beemster, that means frequently getting out of her car and strolling through places like Denny Park, once filled with drug dealers and drinkers.

And Beemster said her personal philosophy hasn't changed over the past 15 years. She said she investigates every case of suspicious activity.

"I will go out every day and work as hard as I can and I know I'm doing the very best that I can and whatever happens,” she said.

De-policing has happened in other cities. KING 5 recently visited Cincinnati to find out how that city changed after the Department of Justice found a pattern and practice of excessive force and demanded reforms. Police said there was some “de-policing” - officers felt attacked and defensive, so they stopped being as proactive. But as the reforms took place, officers adjusted and the proactive policing resumed.

Read Article: www.king5.com/news/cities/seattle/Are-Seattle-police-offi...
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WASHINGTON: Cowlitz County Sheriff Warrant Nabs Counterfeiter

Cowlitz County Sheriff, WA (NLEAF) by Svenington

(Cowlitz County Sheriff. CCSO Photo.)

Detectives with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday night arrested a man on suspicion of making counterfeit money to use at the Clark County Fair.

Jeremiah J.H. Anderson, 34, was arrested at 411 Nevada Drive in Longview on suspicion of forgery.

During an investigation, detectives learned that Anderson was allegedly manufacturing high-quality money, according to a Cowlitz Sheriff’s news release. Deputies found a printer, linen paper, forged currency and drug paraphernalia in the home after serving a search warrant.

According to deputies, Anderson produced up to $20,000 in fake money to buy drugs and pay off debt over the past few months. An informant told police that Anderson was making a new batch of cash to be distributed at the Clark County Fair.

Anderson was arrested on suspicion of attempted forgery, theft, and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia by Woodland Police on March 3. He was also arrested in June for theft and in connection with a case of forged checks, according to the sheriff’s office.

Read Article: www.columbian.com/news/2012/aug/02/fake-money-arrest-clar...

Further Reading: tdn.com/news/local/longview-man-arrested-accused-of-high-...
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OREGON: Redmond PD, Jefferson, Crook, & Deschutes Sheriff's Office In Ten Hour Standoff in Metolius, 1 Arrested, 1 At Large

Redmond Oregon by rustejunk

(Redmond Police. Rustejunk Photo.)

One of two fugitives staying at a Metolius home – both suspected of robbing a downtown Redmond jewelry store at gunpoint – was arrested in a traffic stop Wednesday as he left the home. But the other man – considered armed and dangerous – escaped capture by police who surrounded the home for about 10 hours and is still on the loose.

Lt. Nathan Garibay said police investigating Tuesday’s robbery by two masked gunmen at David Haffey Fine Jewelry on SW Sixth Street in downtown Redmond learned Wednesday that two men who had been frequenting Redmond were at a residence at 465 SW Sixth St. in Metolius.

They were identified as Nathan Lee Danison, 34, and Merton Gerald “Jerry” Bean, 43, he said.

Working with Jefferson County sheriff’s detectives, Redmond police confirmed the two men were staying at the Metolius home – and likely were armed and “would likely resist attempts to take them into custody,” Garibay said.

Both men were wanted on outstanding felony arrest warrants and were “persons of interest” in pending Redmond criminal investigations, Garibay said.

Danison also was a suspect in a Saturday home invasion robbery in which a handgun reportedly was used, he added.

Shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday, police stopped a car carrying three people as it left the Metolius home, and Danison was taken into custody without incident, Garibay said.

Garibay said police had “information that Bean was still in the residence,” so the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team surrounded the home and began trying to find him. After several hours, a search warrant was executed and police entered the home, but he was not found.

Police remained on scene at the home for several hours, wrapping up their investigation.

Meanwhile, Danison was taken to the Deschutes County Jail in Bend, where he’s being held without bail on a parole violation charge, also facing first-degree charges of robbery, theft, menacing and burglary, as well as felon in possession of a firearm and unlawful use of a firearm. He made his first court appearance Thursday afternoon.

Garibay said their investigation led to identification of Bean and Danison as the jewelry store robbery suspects.

The lieutenant warned that Bean “should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information regarding Bean’s whereabouts is urged to contact law enforcement immediately.”

He was described as a 6-foot-2 and 175 pounds, with green eyes, brown hair and extensive tattoos.

Police and sheriffs deputies from Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties descended on the small town south of Madras, along with the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team (CERT Team), the region's SWAT team. They closed 6th Avenue as they surrounded the house with armored cars.

"Two male subjects were tracked to the Metolius area," said Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins. "Both persons have felony warrants, and they are known to be armed career criminals."

"The neighbors that we have contacted are staying in place and they are removed from the scene and are cooperating." said Adkins.

For people in the small community, Wednesday's events came as a surprise.

"I have never seen anything like this happen in the city of Metolius," said Hilda Stephens a nearby neighbor. "This is just uncommon."

Stephens said she has lived in Metolius for the past 56 years, and this is not what she wants to see in her community.

"Something like this is just a shock to the community and to the people around here," said Stephens.

As neighbors watched from a park just blocks away, a long cord ran down 6th Avenue past several barricades. It's a line of communication for skilled negotiators, a phone literally fired through a window. Other loud bangs were heard -- some neighbors figured they were gunshots, others said it more likely was tear gas.

The number of police and sheriffs deputies surrounding the home was surprising to some neighbors, but deputies said they don't want to take any chances.

Read Article: www.ktvz.com/news/Metolius-standoff-update-No-one-was-in-...
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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Another High Profile Mountie Joins In Lawsuit Against RCMP, Over 200 (Update)

RCMP Police Cruiser by James Watt 44

(RCMP. RMMPB Photo.)

A well-known British Columbian has come forward to join a harassment lawsuit against the RCMP, as hearings to certify it as a class action opened in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Thursday morning.

The former head of the Better Business Bureau, Valerie MacLean, says she was a young RCMP constable in Maple Ridge in the late 1970's when her supervisor, a corporal, liked to ride shotgun in her cruiser on overnight shifts.

"He would, for eight hours, on the shift, tell me that if I was friendly, if we had a relationship, it would be good for my career because he was doing my assessment."

Maclean says she complained on numerous occasions, but "nothing happened. It wasn't stopped."

When she received a poor assessment a year later, she decided to quit the force, MacLean told reporters outside the courthouse.

Now she says she has joined the lawsuit to support women in policing because she's shocked they are fighting the same battle.

"The fact that it still going on and the stories are the same, it would seem to me that nothing has changed," she said.

After the short hearing, lawyer David Klein said more than 200 female RCMP members past and present have shared stories of harassment and joined the lawsuit, after Janet Merlo, a 19-year veteran of the force, filed suit in March.

Cpl. Catherine Galliford is suing the RCMP in a separate case claiming she suffered post-traumatic stress because of harassment that spanned two decades. She claims she was sexually assaulted, harassed and intimidated during a career in which she was the public face of the Air India investigation and the task force that arrested serial killer Robert Pickton.

The federal government, which represents the RCMP, denied all of Galliford's allegations in a response to civil claim in her case, but the rash of allegations since she came forward last fall prompted the force to announce earlier this year that it would train 100 officers to investigate internal complaints of sexual harassment.

Read Article: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/08/02/...

Further Reading: bc.ctvnews.ca/ex-mountie-urged-to-be-friendly-sleep-with-...
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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Mountie Arrested In Pitt Meadows For Assaulting Other Officers

RCMP Cruiser BU5412 by D70

(RCMP. D70 Photo.)

A former RCMP spokeswoman for the Mission detachment has been charged with assaulting two fellow police officers outside a country bar in Pitt Meadows two months ago.
Sgt. Miriam Dickson was arrested at 2 a.m. outside Rooster’s Country Cabaret after allegedly brawling with two uniformed Mounties who tried to intervene in an argument she was having with a male bar patron.
Insp. Richard Konarski of the Mission RCMP issued a statement Thursday saying an internal Code of Conduct investigation has been launched.
“Obviously I am disappointed with this alleged behaviour,” Konarski said. “[Dickson] is currently assigned to administrative duties.”
Dickson, who has also been charged with resisting arrest and causing a disturbance, was off-duty at the time of the alleged fight. The officer gained recognition winning the women's bodybuilding competition at the World Police and Fire Games three years ago.
She is due to appear in Port Coquitlam court on Aug. 20.

Read Article: bc.ctvnews.ca/off-duty-mountie-charged-in-pitt-meadows-ba...
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Deas Hwy Patrol RCMP Unit by indyinsane

(RCMP. Indyinsane Photo.)

An independent police investigation has been launched into allegations that a police dog bit a 12-year-old Prince George girl, leaving her with extensive wounds to her leg.
Watchdog groups says the incident in May was not the first time service dogs have been used on teens and children, and they're urging RCMP to ensure it doesn't happen again.
The Pivot Legal Society, the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, and the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, along with the girl's family, have sent a letter to the provincial director of the RCMP police dog service, calling on the force to avoid using police dogs unless the youth "presents a clear threat of death or grievous bodily harm to themselves or others."
The girl's mother said in a telephone interview Wednesday that her daughter had fled the scene of a fight after macing two other kids in self-defence. When the police found the girl, her mother said she shouted out that she was only 12 years old, yet the RCMP handler still released the dog.
The child's mother, who did not want her name published, maintains that the Mountie knew the girl's age.
"I was told, from what my daughter said, that her name was brought up because other people (at the scene) knew her name," the mother said. "I believe that the RCMP knew who they were looking for, and that she was only 12."
She said her daughter was hiding in a nearby building when the police dog and handler eventually found her.
"She was hiding in a box and when she saw the police dog, she tried yelling out that she's only 12 years old before they let the dog loose on her," the mother said.
She said the dog jumped onto the box and bit her daughter's left leg after she fell out.
She also alleged that after the police took her daughter to the hospital to be treated for her bite wounds, they kept her in a jail cell until early next morning.
The family lodged a complaint with the RCMP and the New Westminster Police are investigating the incident. Sgt. Diana McDaniel of the New Westminster Police said she cannot confirm the family's allegations because the investigation is ongoing.
The groups calling for a policy change said a Surrey youth was also bitten in the face earlier this year after allegedly stealing an energy drink, and a 12-year-old in Vancouver was bitten by a police dog.
The RCMP said in a statement released last month that officers responded to a call in May about an alleged attack on two people who had been blasted with bear spray at a Prince George carnival.
A police dog and handler tracked a suspect to a locked compound where a can of bear spray was found and where the dog bit the suspect on the leg, the statement said. It noted the suspect turned out to be a 12-year-old girl.
B.C. RCMP said in most cases where police dogs are employed, the age and identity of the suspect is unknown.
"Expecting police to know the age of fleeing suspects shows a lack of understanding of policing, as does any belief that young people can't be dangerous or pose a threat," Sgt. Rob Vermeulen in an email response to questions.
"Where it IS known that the offender is a young person, and the offence/threat is minor in nature, RCMP handlers in the province have been advised not to pursue."
Vermeulen added that the level and type of force used on a suspect depends on the suspect's behaviour.
"Service dogs do not 'decide' if they are going to bite a person," he wrote. "They react to situations or scenarios that are taught to them starting when they are a puppy and reinforced throughout their training and operational service."
The girl's mother said her daughter suffered bruises and scratches from the incident, and received 20 stitches for her bite wounds.
"She couldn't move for about a week or two, so she was a little bit depressed about it," she said.
"It's still kind of hard to talk about it right now because she's obviously going to have these scars for the rest of her life."

Read Article: bc.ctvnews.ca/rcmp-urged-to-stop-using-dogs-to-catch-kids...
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ALASKA: Suspect Surrenders to Anchorage PD in West Anchorage Standoff

Anchorage, Alaska-AJMNWPD by AJM STUDIOS

(Anchorage Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A man in a standoff at his home in West Anchorage, during which he threatened another man with a shotgun, has surrendered to Anchorage police.

APD says the man had barricaded himself in a home on the 1200 block of Chugach Way.

According to APD spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker, "It started with an incident where the suspect groped a woman he didn't know and her husband confronted the man."

Parker says, "He then pulled out a shotgun and ran inside... That's when the SWAT team surrounded the home."

At about 9:30 p.m., a negotiator delivered a warning through a megaphone: “This is your last chance! I need you to come out right now -- your house is about to get rearranged.”

That warning was followed at about 10 p.m. by the SWAT team quickly moving in to ram the home with an armored vehicle. That impact was followed by the detonation of several grenades filled with OC gas, similar to pepper spray, intended to force the suspect out of his home. They were apparently successful, and the man surrendered by 10:45 p.m.

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ALASKA: Suspect Charges At Alaska State Troopers With Bat After Vehicle Pursuit, Shots Fired

WFF_3624.JPG by wfischer

(Alaska State Trooper. Wfischer Photo.)

It was 4 a.m. Friday morning when troopers tried to stop 29-year-old Justin Abrahamson, who failed to signal before turning southbound on the Parks Highway. That's when troopers deployed a spike strip – but the car kept going until it burst in to flames near the Thunderbird Falls exit.
As the driver attempted to run away troopers say they tried to subdue him using a Taser.
“At this point it’s really too early on to speculate the success or failure, or what the cause of that was, but we did attempt a number of different mechanisms,“ said Colonel Keith Mallard of the troopers.
They say the man then started running toward officers with a bat, and that's when a state trooper shot him. The incident shut down traffic on the Glenn Highway for hours during the morning commute between Anchorage and Wasilla
This incident has brought into question how effective Tasers really are.
“We have good policies in places, options in place, take every step possible to apprehend a suspect,” said Mallard.
Anchorage police say the effectiveness really depends on the situation.
“The Taser was designed to deal with uncooperative and hostile subjects, so the police make contact with someone ask them do something, a command, we want to place them under a arrest,” said Sergeant Sean Case of the Anchorage Police Department.
Sergeant Case says in cases where a suspect is running away, a Taser can sometimes escalate the situation.
“You have a limitation, it's a short range tool. It’s not something that you can reach out with someone at a hundred yards, so there's a distance that comes into affect.”
He says although Tasers may seem like the best form of defense, they are not always ideal.

It was a frustrating morning for thousands of commuters and vacationers using the Glenn and Parks Highways.
The 8-hour traffic diversion operation created hours of delay in both directions.
All lanes inbound and out were closed for 2 hours after the trooper shooting at 4:20 a.m..
By 6:30 a.m., Anchorage police were leading vehicles around the crime scene on the shoulder of the road.
As peak rush hour hit, traffic backed up to Wasilla and for more than a mile outbound from the Peters Creek exit as unsuspecting drivers continued to make their way up the highway from Anchorage.
"It’s our annual pilgrimage to Valdez to go silver and halibut fishing…so not a good way to start the trip, that's for sure,” said Curt Snyder, who hadn't moved for two hours.
All traffic northbound was stopped at one point, as Anchorage police set up southbound lanes to take all traffic.
At 12:30 p.m. all lanes were opened but it took hours to clear the backlog.

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OREGON: Crook County deputy crashes patrol pickup

(Crook County Sheriff. Robin Thom Photo.)

A Crook County sheriff’s deputy escaped injury Friday evening when he crashed his patrol pickup truck on the way to a medical call on the Crooked River Highway, deputies said.

The crash occurred around 5:40 p.m. on Highway 27 about 22 miles south of Prineville as Deputy Adam Neider responded to a medical call on the highway around milepost 19, said Sgt. Travis Jurgens.

Neider was heading north on the highway when he failed to negotiate a corner and his pickup left the east side of the road, Jurgens said.

The deputy then over-corrected, causing the pickup to return to the road, and he over-corrected again, causing it to again leave the road and roll one time, coming to rest on its wheels, partly blocking the northbound lane, Jurgens said.

Neider, who had been wearing his seat belt, was examined at the scene by Crook County Fire and Rescue medics, but was unhurt, Jurgens said.

Oregon State Police conducted the on-scene investigation, the sergeant said, adding that no citations were issued.

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ALASKA: Statistics Show Rise In Assaults Against Law Enforcement In Alaska & Nationally

Trooper Cruiser (TTV) by heritagefutures

(Alaska State Trooper. Heritagefutures Photo.)

The head of the Alaska State Troopers says officers are dealing with more aggressive behavior from suspects. The comments from Col. Keith Mallard came after Friday's deadly trooper-involved shooting on the Glenn highway near Thunderbird Falls. Mallard says 29 year-old Justin Lloyd Abrahamson was shot and killed after "assaultive" behavior with a bat. Officers had tried different attempts to subdue Abrahamson, including the use of a taser. It is the sixth trooper-involved shooting in 2012 and the first to end deadly.

"We take every step possible to apprehend a suspect but really when an individual becomes assaultive, that risks the police officer's life, or someone else's," says Col. Mallard.

Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics show an upward trend in the number of assaults against officers in Alaska, while nationally, the numbers have decreased. In Alaska, from 2007 to 2010 (the most recent statistics available):

-253 officers assaulted in 2007
-287 officers assaulted in 2008
-315 officers assaulted in 2009
-386 officers assaulted in 2010

The Anchorage Police department has had three officer-involved shootings this year and two were deadly. In June, an officer shot and killed 26 year-old Shane Tasi after Tasi approached the officer swinging a broken broom handle. A few weeks later, Harry Smith, 59, was shot and killed by two officers who believed the BB gun he was pointing at police to be real. After the incidents, APD spokesman Lt. Dave Parker detailed the priorities that officers take into consideration when they are in a dangerous situation.

"Our first priority is the preservation of innocent life. Second priority would be the preservation of officers' lives and the third priority would be the preservation even of the subject's lives that we're dealing with, who are acting out and creating the problem," says Parker.

The Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals is investigating Friday's deadly shooting and the actions taken by the trooper involved.

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ALASKA / WASHINGTON: U.S. Forest Service Boat In Alaska Named After Fallen Ranger In Washington

U.S. Forest Service (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(U.S. Forest Service. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

One of the newest U.S. Forest Service patrol boats in Alaska honors a U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer from Forks whose 2008 murder near Sequim sent shock waves across the region.

U.S. Forest Service officials recently christened the PV Kristine Fairbanks, named for the officer killed in the line of duty four years ago.

Fairbanks, a 22-year veteran of the Forest Service and a wife and mother, was fatally shot Sept. 20, 2008, during a traffic stop near the Dungeness Forks campground in Olympic National Park, roughly a half-dozen miles south of Sequim. She was 51.

Clallam County Sheriff's deputies shot and killed Fairbanks' presumed killer, Shawn Roe, 36, outside the Longhouse Market and Deli in Blyn later that night.

The vessel, based in Cordova, Alaska, patrols the waters of Prince William Sound and serve both in law enforcement and Forest Service capacities, said Chris Lampshire, Alaska Region 10 North Zone patrol captain.

Alaska Region 10 Law Enforcement officials contracted with Bay Weld Boats, based in Homer, Alaska, in 2011 to build the new boat, which was put into service in April.

Law enforcement officials decided to name the vessel after Fairbanks after consulting with her widower, Brian Fairbanks of Forks, a field officer with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

He and the couple's daughter, Whitney, visited Cordova and met Morris and Wessel before the boat entered service, Lampshire said.

Brian Fairbanks could not be reached for comment last week.

Law enforcement officers Andy Morse and Jim Wessel will man the new patrol vessel, and Lampshire said he encouraged the two to name the boat themselves.

Morse and Wessel decided to honor Fairbanks by naming the boat after her because of the law enforcement work she had done in both Washington state and Alaska.

"I commend those two for coming up with the name and having the forethought to dedicate that to her," Lampshire said.

The patrol vessel can carry heavy loads of passengers and gear and sleep up to four people, Lampshire said.

Officers will use the boat to patrol more than 3,500 miles of shoreline along Chugach National Forest in Prince William Sound.

Lampshire was serving as a Forest Service law enforcement officer in Montana when Fairbanks was killed, but said he had the privilege and the opportunity to receive K-9 training from her while in Montana.

Fairbanks trained officers and their K-9 partners in multiple states, including Alaska, and was known for her close connection with her dogs, including her last: Radar.

More than 3,000 people gathered at Civic Field in Port Angeles to mourn her during a memorial service.

Authorities found that in addition to killing Fairbanks and adding her gun to his small arsenal, Roe - whose last known address was in Everett - also killed that day a Sequim retiree, 59-year-old Robert Ziegler, and stole his truck.

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WASHINGTON: Ribbon Cutting In Ellensburg for new Kittitas County Jail Pod

Kittitas County Sheriff, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Kittitas County Sheriff. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

At noon on Monday August 6th, the Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce facilitated the ribbon cutting of the new County Jail pod. Kittitas County will have jail space for many years to come.

Commissioner Crankovich stated that the 116 bed jail pod was completed on time, within budget and with no additional taxes to the citizens. The facility has 88 direct supervision medium security beds and 28 maximum level isolation beds. Included in the design are 11 public video visitation stations and 16 inmate video stations. There are now six attorney visitation areas.

The project included improvements and remodel of the old facility with addition cameras, expanded kitchen and medical area. The old Sheriff's administration has been turned in to Correction's administration, video visitation room, program space and archive space for the County Clerk.

Once everything is tested, supplies are purchased and staff are trained, inmates will be moved into the facility as needed based upon classification.

"There will be a public open house on Saturday August 11 th from 10 AM until 2 PM. Please stop by and see what a new modern jail looks like. We hope you will never come back," said Sheriff Gene Dana.

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WASHINGTON: Spokane Valley PD Officer Injured After Roll Over, Possible Attack On Officer (Developing)

Spokane Valley PD_5505 by pluto665

(Spokane Valley Police. Pluto665 Photo.)

Early Friday morning a Spokane Valley Police Officer was responding to a fight call when he hit a log laying in the middle of the road. Now the Spokane County Sheriff's Department is investigating not only whether that log was deliberately placed in the road, but if the fight call may have been the bait.

The deputy who was driving has a cracked vertebrae and will be off the job for at least a week or two, but it's amazing he wasn't killed. What is suspicious about the log laying in the road is that if the officer didn't hit that, there was also a bin full of rocks ahead of the log.

The fact it could have been intentionally set, has a lot of people, including the Sheriff upset.

"It just shows that it's getting more and more dangerous out there on the streets for the deputies. and they're already running very short-staffed, so when they respond, they don't have a lot of back up," Sheriff Knezovich told KHQ on Saturday.

The officer was originally responding to a call of a fight between some 20 people at Pines Elementary and getting there on Pines would have been the fastest route. But that's where a 2-foot log, a large branch, and a blue plastic bin full of heavy rocks were sitting; in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night.

The debris itself wasn't the only the red flag. Another is the call of the fight itself may have been bogus. Officers responding found nobody there, and nobody running away. If the reported 20 people were involved, the Sheriff's Office says they would have seen something.

Sheriff Knezovich says, with damage like this, the officer is lucky he wasn't killed.

"If we do determine that it is, basically, an ambush situation for the Deputies, we will be looking at full prosecution."

The Sheriff says that because the Spokane Valley Police Department contracts with the Sheriff's Office, they are deputized officers, which means if this theory turns out to be true, with two deputies shot earlier this year, this would be the third deputy someone has tried to kill in the last two months.

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OREGON: OSP & Myrtle Creek PD Catch Wanted Man After High Speed Pursuit And Accident

Oregon State Police (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Oregon State Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A 79-year-old man fled from police at speeds up to 110 mph Monday before crashing in a ditch along Interstate 5.

Police said the driver didn't stop because he thought he was wanted on another unrelated matter.

He had not active warrants for his arrest, however.

But now William R. Barnes Sr. of Monmouth has a court date on charges of felony attempt to elude police and reckless driving.

The chase started around 1:15 p.m. when an Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife trooper decided to pull over a 1988 Chrysler New Yorker after pacing the car at 80 mph on I-5 southbound in the Roseburg area.

The trooper tried to pull the car over, but the driver continued southbound where a second trooper in a marked patrol vehicle tried to stop the car.

The driver of the Chrysler sped up to 100 mph and passed other traffic to flee, state police said.

Two Myrtle Creek police officers set up to deploy spike strips as the chase approached their community. Before that was necessary, the Chrysler exited the freeway - and crashed into a ditch.

Troopers and Myrtle Creek police took Barnes into custody.

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WASHINGTON: WSP Trooper Rescues Injured Seagull

Washington State Patrol (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Washington State Patrol. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

An injured seagull trapped in the middle of a busy freeway was saved by a Washington State Patrol trooper, then got to go along for a ride as the trooper tried to catch a bad guy.

The call came into dispatchers on July 30 that there was a large bird in the middle of I-5 in Blaine, about 1/4 mile south of the Canadian border, Trooper Keith Leary said.

When Trooper Bart Maupin arrived, he found a seagull with an apparently broken wing sitting in the middle of the road, waiting for help to arrive.

Maupin was able to get the seagull into the backseat of his patrol car and was taking the injured bird to the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Deming, all the while warning the seagull that next time, it'd be best to try to make it to the shoulder or tree branch to await assistance.

However, the seagull got an impromptu ride along as while they were en route, Maupin got called to assist another trooper who had a pulled-over driver run from him.

Maupin helped surround the area until the man was caught, then brought the seagull to the rehab center for treatment.

A spokesperson for the rehab center said the seagull's injuries were quite severe and they had to euthanize the bird.

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BRITISH COLUMBIA: West Vancouver Police Service Puzzled By Break-Ins Increase

WV1105 by bcfiretrucks

(West Vancouver Police Service. Bcfiretrucks Photo.)

West Vancouver police are looking for a group of thieves they believe are responsible for more than 40 residential break-ins during the last five months.
Sgt. Jeff Young said the number of break-ins is extremely high for West Vancouver and police spotted a pattern right away.
“In West Vancouver it’s really easy to see a pattern because we see so few break-ins. Basically we’ve seen a pattern where we believe the same group is responsible. It doesn’t appear to be one person,” he said.
The thefts have all taken place during the day and entry is usually gained through a second floor window by using ladders or patio furniture. Young said this is because some alarm systems are not set to go off if entry is gained on the second floor.

From March to May there were around 20 break-ins, but since July 11 there has been a dramatic increase.
“In the past three weeks we’ve had 17 break-ins,” Young said. “We’re seeing one every day, whereas before we were seeing one a week. That is very high for us.”
The rash of break-ins are occurring in the central district of West Vancouver, west of 25th Street out to the 3300-block, below the highway.
Young blames the increase on how successful the group has been. “The increase is probably related to the fact that they’re being successful and they’re starting to get greedy. And with summer vacation people aren’t as vigilant locking their doors and windows,” he said.
The thieves appear to be quite sophisticated, watching their victims and waiting for them to leave the house, according to police.
“They’re smart guys and they appear to be watching people,” he said. “People have been gone for as little as an hour and a half and their houses have been broken into.”
The robbers are focusing on stealing small items such as jewelry and laptops -- high end items that are easy to carry.
Young said none of the thieves have been caught on security cameras and no victims have come in contact with them.

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AUTOMOTIVE: GM Recalling Police Impala's In U.S. and Canada

Langley, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Langley Police Chevrolet Impala. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Just a day after General Motors issued a recall for 1,713 Chevrolet Impala Police Sedans in Canada, it has issued the same recall for 36,413 Impala cruisers in America. The issue concerns the front lower control arms on 2008-2012 model year patrol cars, which can fracture and separate from their mounts.

GM says that no accidents of any kind have been attributed to the problem, but that it will begin sending notices to owners later this month and dealers will replace both front lower control arms. In an email, Chevrolet spokesman Alan Adler informed Autoblog that "There is no recall or any field action on non-police (civilian) Impalas now or in the works." Why is that? According to Adler, "Analysis was done to understand the durability in non-police Impalas and showed the control arms used in the base Impalas will exceed GM Engineering durability requirements."

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OREGON: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office & SWAT Respond To Shots Fired Outside Oregon City

Clackamas County Sheriff, Colorado by Gillum's Emergency Vehicle Photos

(Clackamas County Sheriff. Army Guy Emergency Vehicles Photo.)

A man wearing pajama bottoms stood on his front porch and fired a handgun into the street on Wednesday afternoon, according to a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Neighbors called 9-1-1 to report the shooting, bringing the S.W.A.T. team and hostage negotiators to the rural neighborhood just outside Oregon City.

Sgt. Adam Phillips said the shooting happened around 1:30 p.m. on Hill Valley Lane. Neighbors said the man was wearing pajamas and shooting into the street.

Deputies showed up but the man didn’t respond to their calls. Hostage negotiators spent several hours talking to Grant Brough, 64, and eventually took him into custody without incident.

Nobody was injured during the incident.

Stephanie Henshen's sister lives next door to Brough. She was on her way to pick up her sister when she was stopped by police and told to stay back.

"She was told she's not allowed to leave her house and to get on the opposite side of the house," Henshen said.

She said police asked her sister if they could borrow a ladder and were asking the suspect to pick up his phone.

Henshen said her sister reported hearing five gunshots.

"He's a really nice old man. He's been there for years," Henshen said. "He's always been really nice and polite. I've never seen him angry."

Phillips said Brough did not give a reason for his behavior. He was arrested and faces reckless endangering charges.

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WASHINGTON: Spokane Sheriff's Office Traffic Stop Turns Into Standoff With "Sovereign" Citizens

Spokane Co Sheriff_12 by pluto665

(Spokane County Sheriff. Pluto665 Photo.)

Deputies arrested two men after a three-hour standoff in Otis Orchards.
Authorities pulled the men over in a truck just before 2:00 p.m. on I-90 near Sullivan Road because of “sovereign plates.” According to the FBI’s website, the sovereign movement is made of citizens who believe that federal, state and local governments operate illegally. Their offenses can include false license plates, licenses or money. When deputies checked the license plate’s numbers, they learned the plates were invalid.
Deputies said 58-year-old David Galland and 55-year-old Michael Hicks refused to cooperate so they called in for reinforcements.
Officers from several local agencies responded. They followed the truck through Liberty Lake and into Otis Orchards. The truck pulled into a circular driveway on Kildea Road in an attempt to turn around, but police blocked it.
The suspects reportedly refused to get out of the vehicle. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office describes both men as uncooperative.
Because police did not know if the suspects were armed, they decided not to approach the truck. This led to a standoff, which required the driveway’s home to be evacuated. Authorities say the suspects were not connected to the homeowners.
Deputies say they ordered the suspects out of the truck and told them they were arrested several times. Authorities called for more reinforcements, including the SWAT Team, to negotiate with the men.
After about three hours, police were able to safely take the suspects out of the vehicle, although deputies said the driver was so difficult authorities ultimately had to cut him out of his seat belt.
Hicks was booked into the Spokane County Jail for Failure to Provide Information, 3rd Degree Driving While License Suspended and Obstructing. He was also cited for Modified or Altered License Plates.
Galland was booked into the jail for Obstructing and Failure to Provide Information.

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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Homicide Suspect Crashes Into Vancouver Police Service Car

Latest real crime scene in Fairview Slopes neighbourhood of Vancouver by susan gittins

(Vancouver Police Service. Susan Gittins Photo.)

Police have caught a suspect in a fatal stabbing in East Vancouver after his vehicle collided with a police car Thursday morning.
Officers noticed the man, a 47-year-old Burnaby resident, driving erratically at around 4 a.m. in East Vancouver. The driver collided with a police car at East Broadway and Slocan Street after a short pursuit, in which he failed to stop for police.
“The homicide investigation revealed the name of a person of interest that the police wished to speak to, and that person’s name was passed on to patrol officers. One of the patrol members saw a vehicle that belonged to that person at Boundary and Lougheed,” said VPS Sgt. Randy Fincham.
Vancouver Police Service confirm the man is a suspect in Vancouver's sixth homicide of the year. A man in his 50s was found in the alley behind an apartment building at 3433 Renfrew Street on Wednesday at 9 p.m. A 9-1-1 caller notified the police after they heard screaming from the alley.
The suspect was arrested for an outstanding warrant in Burnaby for assault. He is also facing charges including dangerous driving, driving while prohibited and obstruction.
The homicide investigation is ongoingand police are not saying whether there are more suspects.
“Investigators are still looking into the motive or if there are any other witnesses,” said Fincham.
The victim’s name will be withheld until next of kin are notified.

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WASHINGTON: North Bend Holding Survey On Policing, Keep Sheriff's Contract Or Not

King County Sheriff, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(King County Sheriff's Office Polices For North Bend. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Public feedback from the phone survey conducted last week in North Bend will be presented at the 7 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 7 City Council meeting at the Mount Si Senior Center.

Market research firm EMC Research and Northwest Public Affairs phoned registered voters in North Bend last week with questions about their satisfaction with current police services. The survey was the result of North Bend City Council discussions on changing police service providers, during which councilmen said they wanted to further explore the community's opinion on the change. Fewer than a dozen residents, some of them from outside the city commented at a public testimony opportunity on the issue April 17.

North Bend is considering ending its contract for police services with the King County Sheriff, and entering a contract with the city of Snoqualmie. Some of the reasons for the change are potential cost savings from a fixed contract with Snoqualmie, and the community-oriented policing approach of the Snoqualmie Department.

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WASHINGTON: 'Drive Hammered Get Nailed' Patrols Resume In King County, Numerous Agencies Join

Auburn, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Auburn Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

The Auburn, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Burien, Clyde Hill, Covington, Des Moines, Duvall, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Newcastle, North Bend, Pacific, Port of Seattle, Redmond, Renton, Sammamish, SeaTac, Seattle, Snoqualmie and Tukwila Police Departments, and the Washington State Patrol will participate in this Drive Hammered, Get Nailed campaign.

More impaired statewide driving deaths occurred in August than any other month, according to statistics.

That's why between Aug. 17 and Sept. 3 extra officers will be looking for DUI drivers during the annual Drive Hammered, Get Nailed campaign.

Auburn and Kent are among the many police department participating in the beefed-up patrols.

Last year in King County, during the same time period, officers on routine and extra patrols arrested 452 people for DUI. For all of 2011, in King County, 10,331 people were charged with DUI.

The King County Target Zero Task Force organizes and supports the enforcement effort.

Read Full Article: www.federalwaymirror.com/news/165618406.html
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WASHINGTON: Bellingham Police Catch Police Impersonators

Bellingham, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Bellingham Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Two teenage boys suspected of impersonating police officers were arrested this week after a real officer spotted them flashing blue and white lights behind unsuspecting drivers, trying to pull them over.

One of the boys, 17, borrowed his mom's 1989 Toyota Camry to do an errand Tuesday night, July 31. He was driving around with two friends, ages 17 and 12, when the two older boys "thought it would be interesting" to see if they could pull people over, said Bellingham police spokesman Mark Young.

So the teen fastened some blue LED lights to the front of his mom's car, near the bumper. He got behind drivers on James Street and started flickering the headlights - making it look kind of like a patrol car's flashing lights, Young said. Two drivers called police after being tricked by the boys. They reported the Camry had sped off after pulling them over.

So the teen fastened some blue LED lights to the front of his mom's car, near the bumper. He got behind drivers on James Street and started flickering the headlights - making it look kind of like a patrol car's flashing lights, Young said. Two drivers called police after being tricked by the boys. They reported the Camry had sped off after pulling them over.

An officer arrived and saw the boys trying to pull over another car, Young said.

The 17-year-old boys were detained in the 200 block of East Kellogg Road on investigation of impersonating a police officer. Their case was forwarded to juvenile court. The driver also was cited for having passengers in the car - something his intermediate license doesn't allow.

The lights were impounded for evidence.

The younger boy won't be charged, Young said. According to a police report, when the officer asked him if he'd done anything to stop his older friends, he replied: "Nah, they don't listen to me anyway."

None of the boys had a juvenile court record.

Read Article: www.bellinghamherald.com/2012/08/02/2629338/bellingham-te...
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IDAHO: Boise Police Arrest Suspect After Dangerous Vehicle Pursuit

Boise, Idaho Police by niteowl7710

(Boise Police. Niteowl7710 Photo.)

A Boise man was arrested Thursday after police were called to check on a possible drunk driver.
Forty-nine-year-old Christopher Boeller is charged with several felonies including aggravated assault, aggravated battery and eluding.
It all stated with a report of a drunk driver on Vista Avenue at Targee Street.
Boeller is accused of driving erratically, not stopping for officers and almost hitting a bicyclist.
Fearing for the safety of the public, officers initiated a PIT maneuver to try to stop Boeller. That is when he drove across the median into oncoming traffic before striking an SUV, which was stopped at the time.
Officers located a pipe with meth residue on Boeller during his arrest.

Read Article: www.ktvb.com/news/Three-vehicle-crash-blocking-traffic-at...
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IDAHO: High Speed Chase Ends In Crash, Multiple Agencies Involved

(Boise Police. Mtnman867 Photo.)

A high speed chase that started on eastbound Interstate 84 ended with the suspect vehicle crashing near Overland Road and Phillippi Street in Boise Thursday afternoon.

Three vehicles, a blue pickup truck, green sedan, and white blazer, were involved in the crash.

Ada County Dispatch confirmed that the suspect vehicle from a chase on I-84 is involved in the crash, but tell us no other details are available at this time.

Overland Road was closed between Curtis Road and Orchard Street while police investigated.

It has since re-opened.

Police say one of the people in the sedan was arrested and taken to the hospital, along with his female passenger.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were on scene investigating, including US Marshals.

The suspect, Cullen Sims, has been charged with a parole violation. His passenger, Autumn Miller, also has been charged with an arrest warrant. Other charges are pending.

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IDAHO / WASHINGTON: Kootenai County Jail Sending Inmates To WA State Due to Overcrowding

Kootenai County Sheriff - Inmate Labor Program by Funkytoad

(Kootenai County Sheriff. Funkytoad Photo.)

Being arrested in North Idaho could land you in an eastern Washington jail. The Kootenai County Jail is keeping some inmates across the state line because it's too full.
The problem right now surrounds the high security wing of the jail. It's so full officials are being forced to find new ways to house the inmates.
Those overcrowding decisions require shipping off inmates to jails in Nez Perce County, Idaho. 23 are there right now. Others are all the way in Ferry County, Washington.
With the overflow problem growing, Kootenai County is closing more deals with other jails to store felons. The county just inked one with Okanagan County, Washington. Inmates will start going there by the end of next week.
Outsourcing jail space isn’t cheap for tax payers. Captain Kim Edmondson says it's costing the county about $273,000 a year. It's an extra cost not factored into the budget that will rise to about $300,000 by the end of the fiscal year. That doesn’t include some travel costs or overtime to move the inmates back and forth.

We're told nothing is being done right now to fix the overcrowding because voters have shot down different options for more jail space.

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OREGON: Benton County Sheriff Deputy and Salem Officer Wounded In Shootout Near Albany (Developing)

Benton County, Oregon USA, Sheriff Patrol Car #47 by Pixel Packing Mama ~ 26 Million Views

(Benton County Sheriff. Pixel Packing Mama Photo.)

A Benton County sheriff's office sergeant, Salem police officer and a trespassing suspect were all hit by gunfire after a Saturday night car chase through Benton County ended in a shootout, state police said.

Police said Benton County sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call from an Albany-area woman who said a man with a gun was in her backyard at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

The man left the address on NW Scenic Avenue in a car that was reported stolen from Salem. Deputies and Salem Police officers chased the driver on Highway 20 in rural Benton County.

The suspect crashed the car at the intersection of Springhill Drive and Independence Highway and ran away on foot into some heavy brush.

Police said the suspect opened fire when they tried to search for him. They returned fire and shot the suspect multiple times, but Benton County Sergeant David Peterson and Salem Police Corporal Andrew Connolly were also shot during the exchange. They were taken to a Corvallis, Ore. hospital.

The suspect was flown by air ambulance to OHSU in Portland. The Benton County Sheriff's Office identified him as a 32-year-old Hispanic man from California, but is waiting to release his name until they can notify his family. He is expected to survive.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Corporal Connolly and Sergeant Peterson for a complete and speedy recovery from their injuries," said Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore.

Peterson, 29, is in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Connolly, 46, was treated and released.

"We consider ourselves very fortunate that both Sergeant Peterson and Corporal Connolly survived this incident and we look forward to recovery and return to their careers," said Benton County Sheriff Diana Simpson.

Albany residents are also shaken up by the officer involved shootings.

"It kind of makes you feel uneasy," said Sandy Radford, a resident on NW Scenic Drive in Albany. "There we are very protected I feel like out here, and to have something like that happen in our neighborhood is a bit scary."

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OREGON: Motorcyclists going 130 mph lead Ore Police on 50 mile chase on I-5, One at large

OSP Hermiston by rustejunk

(Oregon State Police. Rustejunk Photo.)

One motorcyclist fled from police at speeds over 130 mph before pulling over.

The other sped off at 150 mph and got away - but not for long: police have identified the motorcyclist and said the investigation remains open.

The two men were returning to Washington state Sunday night from a motorcycle rally in southern California, Oregon State Police said.

A state trooper spotted the men speeding north on I-5 near Cottage Grove just before 11 p.m. Another trooper clocked them at 100 mph and attempted to stop them for speeding, but the motorcyclists sped up.

The trooper terminated the chase due to traffic and public safety concerns in the Eugene/Springfield area.

North of Eugene, Trooper Evan Sether spotted a motorcycle doing 90 mph in a 60 mph zone. The trooper tried to pull the rider over only to have the rider speed away at over 130 mph.

Trooper Clay Core was driving up from behind to assist Sether when a second motorcyclist passed him at an estimated 150 mph. He tried to stop the rider but lost site of the motorcycle near Coburg.

The other rider eventually yielded to Trooper Sether near milepost 219, almost 50 miles from the initial attempt to stop the riders near Cottage Grove.

Troopers took the rider, Timothy Scott Wielier, 28, of Des Moine, Wash., into custody and lodged him at the Linn County Jail on charges of felony attempt to elude, reckless driving and reckless endangering.

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WASHINGTON: First Half of 2012 See's Increase In Port Orchard Police Activity, Agency Adding New Officer

Port Orchard, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Port Orchard Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Port Orchard Police saw a sizable increase in calls for service through the first half of 2012, continuing a three-year increase in calls.

The police department fielded 11,723 calls through June of this year, a 33 percent uptick over the same time last year, said Port Orchard Police Chief Alan Townsend. This continues a trend that saw an eight percent rise in overall calls from 2010 to 2011 and nearly a 20 percent uptick from 2009 to 2010.

According to a 2011 annual report released earlier this year by the Port Orchard Police Department, there was a 9 percent increase in all crimes and a small jump in the number of violent crimes in Port Orchard in 2011.

According to a report released by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, Kitsap County as a whole saw a 8.3 percent increase in total crime from 2010 to 2011, but had a sizable drop in violent crimes.

Townsend said the numbers reported for the first half of 2012 are for service calls only, and don’t necessarily always relate to crimes committed in the city. Service calls can also be non-crime related, such as a cat stuck in a tree.

The annexation of the Bethel Corridor North, 570 acres of mostly commercial properties, accounts for a large percentage of the increased service calls, Townsend said. However, he said police officers are seeing more calls in areas that were already part of the city before the annexation in April.

“The numbers are up significantly,” Townsend said. “My guess is it’s related to Bethel, but I can’t say that for sure. We’ve seen an increase around the rest of the city.”

So far, Townsend said the police force has seen “about what was expected” from the Bethel annexation. Police officers have dealt with more shoplifting, credit card fraud and bad checks than before, he said. Two houses, one on Salmonberry Road and the other on Bethel Road, have also shown some drug activity. But violent crime rates have stayed the same and nothing too outside of what was expected has occurred in the new area, Townsend said.

“We were expecting an increase and we are getting it,” he said. “Mostly our spikes have been occurring in existing city limits.”

The police department has dealt with employee shortfalls this summer, which is the busiest time of year, Townsend said. Two police officers were injured on the job — one during a domestic violence fight and the other at a Van Zee Park arrest — and are out on medical leave. The shortage in staff complicates the shift changes in a small department.

“It’s always a balancing act,” he said.

An additional police officer will be added to the force in mid-September, growing the police force to help keep up with the Bethel annexation.

Money to pay for the new officer position was approved by the Port Orchard City Council earlier this year and will be paid for with additional revenues from the annexation.

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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Mounties Question RCMP Leadership, Problems Continue To Grow

DSCN9768 by mile105

(RCMP. Mile105 Photo.)

A Mountie in North Vancouver has come out swinging against RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, criticizing his recent email response to concerns raised by another B.C. Mountie.

In a scathing letter, 32-year RCMP veteran Peter Kennedy takes aim at Paulson and questions his ability to bring about real change within the national police force.

"You do a good interview on television and say all the right things. But words will not help this organization in any way — never have and never will," Kennedy writes.

"At this time, I do not have very much respect for your actions. You are, at this point, a man of words only. Your words are falling on deaf ears, commissioner."

Last week an email exchange between Paulson and Staff Sgt. Tim Chad, who wrote that trust is missing between officers and senior managers.

Paulson — who was promoted to commissioner late last year and pledged to transform the RCMP to restore morale within the force — responded by suggesting Chad is "living under a rock" if he thinks that the RCMP does not require an "all hands on deck" approach to restoring the public's trust.

In his letter to Paulson, Kennedy writes that Chad’s opinion is "shared by many thousands" and warns the commissioner not to ignore his critics.

"I find your reply to [Chad] aggressive, insulting, arrogant, condescending and immature," Kennedy writes, adding that Chad was just "asking for a little understanding and help."

Kennedy goes on to criticize RCMP management, saying top brass "keeps on failing with a big fat F."

"There is a lot more than sexual harassment happening in this organization," Kennedy writes.

"There is bullying, intimidation, exclusion, veiled threats and more. The RCMP is slowly eroding because of management’s refusal to admit failure, or even step up to the proverbial plate."

Kennedy adds that few of the supervisors he’s worked for over the years merit the respect they expect from front-line police officers.

"I am proud to be a law enforcement officer but not proud to be a member of the RCMP … and this saddens me deeply," he writes.

"As an organization, we can no longer hide, or make excuses for, our bad behaviour. We are no longer the image on the post card purchased by tourists. This is just the tip of the iceberg."

Kennedy signs his letter, "A very proud police officer. A very disillusioned member of the RCMP."

Paulson was not available for comment on Kennedy's letter.

This is the latest in a slew of complaints against the RCMP, from allegations of sexual harassment to claims of bullying and intimidation.

The RCMP is facing a number of lawsuits from women who allege they were subject to harassment and bullying on the job, including a class-action suit filed by hundreds of current and former Mounties.

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BRITISH COLUMBIA: RCMP Takes Too Long and Ignores Disciplining Mountie Who Continuously Punches Man

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Tofino by st. in ca.

(RCMP. Apostis Photo.)

A Terrace man wants to know why an officer who repeatedly punched him after an arrest was never disciplined, even though the Mounties agreed what the officer did was wrong.
Most of the event was caught on a police surveillance video that was obtained by CTV. However, the RCMP took too long to investigate 24-year-old Shane Parker’s complaint – and admitted they ran out of time before they could hand out discipline to the officer.
“I want to see some sort of awareness brought into the RCMP that they can’t just hurt someone so badly and that’s it, have that be okay, sweep it under the rug or something,” Parker told CTV News. “That’s not how you treat a person.”
Parker’s mother Karen said she was shocked at the injuries that her son received from the incident. She said he has never been the same since.
“It was heart-wrenching to see my son like that,” she said. “We feel totally helpless.”
Records show two officers, Const. Chad King and Cpl. Travis De Coene, were found by the RCMP to have used force inappropriately during the June 19, 2010 incident.
While King was sent to special training, De Coene was not disciplined, according to a letter to the family from RCMP North District.
“Unfortunately, due to time limits associated with the issuance of discipline, no discipline was administered,” wrote Superintendent Rod Booth in a May 28, 2012 letter – almost two years after the incident.
It began when Parker asked an officer why he was taking someone else into custody outside a nightclub in Terrace. Parker maintains he was concerned for the welfare of the person – a stranger to him – while the RCMP say he was interfering with an investigation.
Police records show other officers were called, and Parker was handcuffed and taken into custody. Parker, who his lawyer says is undergoing a mental health assessment, began to resist and scream, records show.
The surveillance video shows Parker entering the detachment in the back of a police car. Officers ask the young man to leave the vehicle, but he refuses.
Parker explained later in an interview that he was scared.
“It was terror. The fear of not knowing what was going to happen to me,” he said.
In the video, King can be seen putting some pepper spray in the vehicle. When Parker still does not get out of the car, De Coene pulls him out, striking him repeatedly.
Then De Coene brings Parker to the ground, as other officers watch. One officer grabs Parker’s legs while another moves in front of the camera. The video then shows De Coene’s elbow rise three times. Afterwards, Parker is put in a restraint chair and spit mask and wheeled into a cell.
During the investigation, records show De Coene said he punched Parker to respond to his struggling and spitting. But Parker’s lawyer Terrance Hudson says the video shows Parker was punched many more times than that.
Hudson says he doubts whether the RCMP was interested in disciplining one of its own.
“I don’t think it’s independent and I don’t think it’s objective,” he said. “When I look at the photos and the medical records I think he was subjected to assault causing bodily harm. That’s an indictable offense and he should have been charged criminally.”
Hudson is representing Parker in a lawsuit against De Coene, the RCMP, and other officers who were present during the altercation.
Parker says that was the first time he was ever arrested. Since then, he has had two run-ins with the RCMP, and he is now facing assault and resisting arrest charges in one of those incidents.
Use of force expert Orville Nickel says he felt that the officers were using force as a part of their duties, but they just went too far with the punches. One option would be to have more of the five officers help subdue Parker so that the punches wouldn't be necessary, he said.
"When you have five officers and one prisoner, it's difficult to justify punches under any circumstances," Nickel said.
The RCMP would not comment on the specific incident because of the lawsuit, but Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens said the force welcomed legislation that would update its disciplinary procedures.
Until that happens, he has set a strict 90-day deadline for all Code of Conduct investigations, Callens said.
“I am holding my senior managers accountable to these timelines and if they do not meet my expectations their actions will be subject to consequences,” he said.
The whole event has been traumatic for the Parker family, Karen Parker said, especially for her son, who has become withdrawn and fears the police.
She said she doesn’t believe all RCMP officers are interested in using too much force, but fears what could happen if internal discipline allows violence to go unchecked.
“I think they should respect that. They should understand when they step over those boundaries there should be repercussions,” she said.

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WASHINGTON: Man Illegally Crossing Interstate 5 Struck By Accidentally WSP Trooper

Washington State Patrol (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Washington State Patrol. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

A 26-year-old man is dead after he crossed an Interstate 5 off-ramp on College Way Tuesday night and was struck by an on-duty State Patrol vehicle.
The incident occurred about 9:45 p.m. at the southbound off-ramp. The man died of his injuries at the scene.

Two troopers following each other in marked patrol cars took the southbound I-5 exit at College Way in order to set up a northbound I-5 watch for a vehicle reported to be involved in a weapons-brandishing incident near Starbird Road, according to a statement from State Patrol spokesman Trooper Keith Leary.
When the troopers took the exit ramp, the pedestrian crossed in front of the first trooper in line and was hit.
Troopers had received a report that a rifle was displayed by one driver to another driver on or near I-5 at Starbird Road, Leary said. The vehicle was described as a white 4x4 pickup truck that possibly continued north on I-5.
The pickup was not located and no one was injured in that incident.
The trooper who struck the pedestrian, 28-year-old Mark Francis, of Sedro-Woolley, has been with the State Patrol for five years, Leary said.
The pedestrian’s identification is withheld pending next-of-kin notification.
The State Patrol and Mount Vernon Police Department are conducting a joint investigation into the incident.

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IDAHO: Sun Valley assistant police chief cited for DUI

The assistant police chief in Sun Valley is charged with misdemeanor DUI after allegedly backing into a parked vehicle in downtown Hailey.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports 53-year-old Mike Crawford of Hailey was not arrested Saturday, but was cited and ordered to report for arraignment in Blaine County Magistrate Court on Aug. 27.

Crawford was at work Monday. Sun Valley Police Chief Cameron Daggett told the newspaper he'd been instructed not to comment.

Crawford has been with the department since 1991 and has been assistant chief for about 10 years.

Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter says an officer saw Crawford's pickup truck hit a parked sport utility vehicle as Crawford tried to parallel park. The police report says Crawford's blood-alcohol level was 0.17, just over twice the legal limit.

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WASHINGTON: Suspect Shooting At Cars In Littlerock Shot By Thurston County Sheriff Deputies

Thurston County Sheriff, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Thurston County Sheriff. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

An elderly man who fired at law enforcement about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday was shot and killed when officers returned fire, according to Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin.

The 70-year-old man was distraught over his wife’s recent cancer death, neighbors said. His name is being withheld until the Thurston County coroner notifies family members.

The man had been acting erratically earlier in the morning, standing in the street and blocking traffic near his home in the area of Maytown and Littlerock roads, witnesses said. The man also fired a rifle at a passing driver, a witness said.

According to Elwin:

Deputies were dispatched about 11:45 a.m. The first to arrive told the man to drop his weapon, but the man instead fled to his home. The man then fired at deputies, and some rounds struck Littlerock Elementary School across the street. Deputies formed a perimeter, and when the man left his home out the back door, he was armed with a pistol.

The man began firing from his back porch at two Thurston County sheriff’s deputies and a Tenino police officer. A 47-year-old deputy and a 36-year-old Tenino officer returned fire.

The man was struck by gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene. On Wednesday afternoon, he was lying in the back yard of his home, covered by a blue tarp.

It’s unknown which law enforcement officer’s bullets struck the man. Both men have been placed on paid administrative leave, standard practice in officer-involved shootings.

Neighbor Heather Goodrich said she heard three shots. Another neighbor, Tim Roberts, said he heard five or six. As of Wednesday afternoon, Elwin didn’t know how many shots were fired.

The death is being investigated by an interagency officer-involved shooting team that includes sheriff’s detectives from neighboring counties, Elwin said.

Dan Sebring said he was driving down Maytown Road about noon with his wife and three children in the car when the man fired at his vehicle.

“He was standing out here as people were driving by,” Sebring said. “He shot at my car … He was yelling and screaming, ‘Don’t look at me; move on.’”

Sebring said his wife called 911. He said he doesn’t think his car was struck and that the man shot at other drivers, too.

“He was shooting at everything and anything he could find,” Sebring said.

Deputies had been called to the scene earlier, about 8 or 9 a.m., after neighbors complained about the man’s behavior in the street, neighbor Amanda Muxen said. The man was not armed at the time, Muxen said. He was angry about yard waste that had fallen from a passing car onto the street and was trying to pick it up, she said.

Elwin confirmed that a deputy had been called to the location earlier but didn’t have details.

Goodrich, who lives on Maytown Road, said the man’s wife died several months ago after a long battle with cancer, and he hadn’t been the same since.

“I understand it ended very badly, but he was a nice guy,” she said. “He was acting erratic today.”

Muxen’s boyfriend, Tim Robbins, added that during the earlier incident with deputies, “I was talking to him, trying to get him to calm down.”

Dianna Lance, a clerk at Littlerock Grocery, said the man behaved erratically in the store Sunday night. He couldn’t find his wallet and seemed disoriented, she said. After he left, he harassed people in the parking lot, she said.

That night a deputy responded, calmed the man down and sent him home, she said.

Elwin confirmed that incident.

Another clerk at the Littlerock Grocery, Byung Kim, said the man was a retired corrections officer at the Cedar Creek Corrections Center. DOC spokesman Chad Lewis confirmed that the man was an officer at Cedar Creek from 1992 until his retirement in 2007.

Kim said the man used to come into the store to talk about his wife’s battle. Kim said he has known the man for about seven years.

“He’s a real nice guy,” Kim said. “He helped people out.” After his wife died, “he pretty much lost it,” Kim added.

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WASHINGTON: Two Spokane County Sheriff Deputies That Where Shot, Honored At Event (Update)

Spokane Co Sheriff_1 by pluto665

(Spokane County Sheriff. Pluto665 Photo.)

The two Spokane County deputies shot in the line of duty were honored at a raffle drawing on Tuesday.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Grant County Deputy Sheriff’s Association drew the winning raffle tickets for several prizes to help benefit Deputies Matt Spink and Mike Northway.

The two deputies were present at the Grant County fairgrounds Tuesday for the drawing and pulled most of the winning raffle tickets.

$5,000 was raised in the raffle that will be split between the Spink and Northway families.

There were multiple prized up for grabs including a Cabella’s Fishing Package, a Pheasant hunting trip, a message package, and a Mexico Vacation.

The funds will be delivered to the Spink and Northway families.

Read Article: www.krem.com/community/Spokane-deputies-shot-honored-at-G...
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IDAHO: New Hot Wheels Car To Feature Kootenai County Sheriff's Unit

(Kootenai County Sheriff. Christopher Buffoli Photo.)

Kootenai County has earned a place in Mattel Hot Wheels history.
The sheriff's department's logo graces one of the toy company's 2012 productions - a 2010 Ford Mustang GT police car.

"They partner with a local law enforcement agency and create a model based on the agency's cars," said Major Ben Wolfinger. "It's their way of giving back, and to get sales up in the area."

The Kootenai County car is part of the Mattel Hot Wheels Main Street series of 10 cars featuring various city police and fire departments including Roanoke, Va.; Austin, Texas; Cranston, R.I.; and Kokomo, Ind.
Mattel contacted the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department about 18 months ago and asked if it would be interested in a toy homage to the department.

Wolfinger said because there was no cost involved, they went ahead with the project and sent photos of their cars to Mattel. Department representatives simply had to approve the prototypes, a black model and a purple model, sent to them by Mattel.

"They're still in the packages because that's what you're supposed to do with collectors' items," Wolfinger said.

Mattel introduced Hot Wheels in 1968, and 44 years later, the line is still going strong, among a wide age demographic.

Paul Biddle is the owner of The Toy Peddler, an online site for buyers and sellers of collectible toys, primarily diecast cars. With more than 20,000 members, Biddle, of Grants Pass, Ore., said his site is the largest of its type, and features many Hot Wheels models.

"The average demographic, guys that are paying thousands of dollars for cars, are from 45 to 60 years old, around the age range of guys who were kids when these came out," Biddle said.
Depending upon the condition of the car, and whether it's in the original packaging, the cars on Biddle's site, are going from a few dollars into the thousands.

The highest price ever paid for a Hot Wheels car, Biddle said, is $71,000. The car, known as the "Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb," is a Volkswagen Bus with surfboards loaded into the rear.
"I've held that one in my hands," Biddle said.

In addition to serious collectors, many adult purchasers go for certain models they like - a '55 Chevy because they own a full-size, or another model that's special for some personal reason.

"It's pretty amazing that after all these years, that is still going on to this day," Biddle said. "Mattel decides what kinds of cars they're going to make. They put a lot of research into it, so if they picked your community's car, that's kind of cool. I'd say that's positive."

Wolfinger said he's not sure when the Kootenai County cars will be available in area stores.
They can be found for sale online now on eBay and Amazon, priced from $1 to $8.

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department does not have the 2010 Ford Mustang GT in their fleet.

Read Article: www.cdapress.com/news/local_news/article_bd137593-7821-53...

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IDAHO: Two Inmates Dig through Benewah County Jail, Arrested

006 by rustejunk

(Benewah County Sheriff. Rustejunk Photo.)

Two Benewah County inmates' overnight bid for freedom ended with their capture near Worley within a few hours after they made their jailbreak.

According to the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department around 2:30 a.m. Thursday the Benewah Sheriff's Department sent out an alert that Todd Miller, 40, and Tyler Walton, 20, had escaped from jail.

About an hour later a Coeur d'Alene tribal police officer approached a car at the Smoke Shop in Worley, Idaho, and a man ran from the car. Inside the car the officer found a pair of orange pants belonging to the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer determined that the car was just stolen out of St. Maries.

Officers from the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department and Idaho State Police, along with Spokane County's Air 1, launched a search for the man who ran from the car.

Just after 6:30 a.m., Air 1 helped locate Miller, who was subsequently taken into custody. An hour later Walton was spotted running along nearby railroad tracks. Tribal police found him hiding in some brush a short time later.

In a jailhouse interview shortly after his capture, Walton laid out how the jailbreak went down, calling his escape an "F-U" to the cops.

Walton had been previously convicted on felony burglary charges and when he didn't check in with his probation officer he was arrested again.

Scared that he was going to be sent to prison he decided to make a break for freedom. He started burrowing through the wall of his jail cell, using toothpaste and shavings from his digging to fill the hole in.

Once the hole was big enough for him to crawl through he tied himself to a bed sheet, scaled down the wall and jumped the last 15 feet to the ground. While the walls were of three layers of brick and morter are 16 inches thick, they are rotting around the building, which was built in 1920.

Since the jail doesn't have any fencing around it, Walton ran a few blocks down to his girlfriend's house and threw pebbles at her window. He then got some clothes and a ride to Worley from an unidentified person, and got away when officers approached the vehicle.

As he was running away he realized officers were on his trail and, growing tired, Walton gave up when a deputy caught up with him.

So why did he escape? Walton said he felt like the authorities wanted to send him to prison and he thought he didn't deserve it.

Todd Miller's escape on the same night was purely coincidental; Walton said he wasn't working with him and they didn't collaborate on plans to escape from the jail together.

Miller and Walton were taken to the Kootenai County Public Safety building, where they were charged with escape.

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WASHINGTON: WSP Honored As Best Police Agency For It's Size Demographic

Washington State Patrol (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Washington State Patrol. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Gov. Chris Gregoire today announced two prestigious honors awarded to the Washington State Patrol.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has named the Washington State Patrol the best state police agency of its size for 2011. The WSP competed against other state police agencies with between 1,100 and 2,500 employees.

“This is no surprise for those of us who work directly with the men and women of the State Patrol,” Gregoire said. “I’m very pleased that an outside, objective organization would come to the same conclusion.”

The Washington State Patrol was similarly honored by IACP in 2006 and went on the following year to be named the best police agency of any size.

The second recent honor comes from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. WSP Chief John Batiste was personally honored with AAMVA’s Martha Irwin Lifetime Achievement Award.

A statement from AAMVA read, “Under Chief Batiste’s leadership, citizens of Washington have seen an impressive reduction in fatal collisions, consistently exceeding national averages…”

“Chief Batiste began his career as a front-line trooper determined to reduce the number of highway deaths and collisions,” she said. “He has grown to lead and mentor so many others in that role that he has become perhaps the single greatest influence on traffic safety in our state. This is a great honor for a humble person who is always quick to share the successes of his team, but rarely takes any credit.”

Chief Batiste started his career as a trooper-cadet in 1976, retiring in 2002. In 2005 Gregoire asked him to leave retirement to return as the 21st Chief of the State Patrol.

Founded in 1933, AAMVA represents state and provincial officials in the United States and Canada who administer and enforce motor vehicle laws.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police is the worlds’ oldest and largest nonprofit organization of police executives, with over 20,000 members in over 100 different countries.

Read Article: www.governor.wa.gov/news/news-view.asp?pressRelease=1960&...
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WASHINGTON: Sunnyside Police Bust Chop Shop

Sunnyside, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Sunnyside Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Sunnyside Police say they broke up a thriving chop shop operation.

Police arrested Adan Villa after they say they found three stolen cars at a home in Granger.

Detectives say the cars came from Sunnyside, Yakima and Toppenish and were being stripped for parts. Officers also found drugs and paraphernalia.

A woman says her family tries to stay alert when it comes to protecting their car.

"We don't leave the keys in the car, we don't start the car then go back in the house. We leave the car locked at all times, there's always someone at the car when it's turned on," said
Ola Sagaranaga.

Police say at least one other person will be charged in the case.
So far, one victim got what was left of her car returned.

Read Article: www.kimatv.com/news/local/Police-bust-thieves-with-stolen...

Further Reading: www.tri-cityherald.com/2012/08/10/2057514/suspected-chop-...
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ALASKA: Anchorage Police Arrest Four After Armed Robbery And Chase

Anchorage, Alaska-AJMNWPD by AJM STUDIOS

(Anchorage Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Police arrested four suspects in an armed robbery and chase in East Anchorage Friday afternoon.

The suspects allegedly robbed a 19-year-old girl of her purse at gunpoint at the 7500 block of Boundary Avenue, which parallels the Glenn Highway, said Anchorage Police Department spokesman Lt. Dave Parker.

They fled by car, he said. An officer located a car matching the description given by the victim. When the car was pulled over, some of the suspects ran but were quickly apprehended on foot in the neighborhood between East 37th Avenue and MacInnes Street, Parker said.

Police had to clear out David Green Park to search for the suspects.

Read Article: www.adn.com/2012/08/17/2591635/police-arrest-4-after-arme...

Further Reading: www.ktuu.com/news/anchorage-police-arrest-4-in-midtown-ar...
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WASHINGTON: High Speed Pursuit Ends With Spokane Police Pushing Suspects Car Off The Road

First Responder by mrbwa1

(Spokane Police. Mrbwa1 Photo.)

Sunday, just before 5:00 PM, Officer Joe Pence saw a vehicle driving dangerously near Illinois/Perry. The driver was driving at high speeds even without officers chasing her, (50-60 miles per hour) and in the next four minutes ran several stop signs and stop lights, through several neighborhoods, endangering countless people.

Due to the extreme danger she was placing on the public, officers began pursuing and were able to stop the vehicle near 2nd/Hamilton on the Keefe bridge only after forcing her vehicle off the road with a patrol car.

Officers took Breanna L. Stead, 22 years old, (6/29/1991) into custody and booked her into jail for Attempting to Elude officers. It is unknown at this time why she chose to endanger the public in this way.

Read Article: www.khq.com/story/19316037/pursuit-ends-with-suspect-in-c...

Further Reading: www.krem.com/news/Officers-nudge-womans-car-after-Spokane...
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OREGON: Eugene Police Move Into New Department

Eugene Police New Paint Scheme by TimSpfd

(Eugene Police. Timspfd Photo.)

Ushering in a new era for the Eugene Police Department, celebration on Saturday as the department has reached the end of a major project, moving out of Eugene City Hall and into a new location.

Eugene Police opened the doors to its new headquarters on Country Club Road on Saturday, August 18th, 2012, holding an open house for the public.

The project took two years and about 17 million dollars to complete. 10 million dollars of that was used to buy the building. About 7 million dollars worth of renovation was done to enhance it. According to the city, the total cost was less than half of what it would have been to build a new police department.

Originally, the city had discussed the idea of building a new office for EPD’s patrol services and keeping the department’s core in City Hall. However, once the Country Club Road building went up for sale, city manager Jon Ruiz says they moved on the idea of a total department move.

“It's absolutely the right way that we can honor and respect our police department for the work that they do on all of our behalves, so thank you for being here,” said Ruiz in a ceremony on Saturday.

While it may be just a building, EPD hopes the facility will have a large, lasting impact on public safety.

One of the biggest differences inside is an expansion of services in the lobby. There are now four front service windows for people to interact with EPD employees compared to just one in the old building.

Just off the lobby is “Conference Room 248,” a larger public meeting room dedicated in honor of fallen Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen.

The new EPD headquarters is almost twice the number of square feet of the old City Hall workspace and already, most of it is full. There is some room for future growth though. EPD is planning for the building to last several decades.

In all, Chief Pete Kerns says the new EPD offices on Country Club Road will allow officers to work with each other more easily in much closer quarters, but also get their jobs done more efficiently.

“We recognize that it was an important business decision to do this because we were not going to be able to provide the community with the quality of service they should have and more importantly, in the event of a natural disaster, we wouldn't be there to help in that old facility. Here, it will be world class service that our community receives,” says Chief Pete Kerns.

One of the most improved areas as well is where suspects will be taken into custody, questioned and temporarily held. The new EPD has four holding cells including two for adults and two for juveniles. They’ve also added a more functional line-up room for victims to ID suspects.

The building has also received several seismic improvements as well. Squad car parking is also outside this time, not under the building like at City Hall.

Outside of the new EPD, there’s a lot to admire as well. Six art pieces line the building along with a collection of badges by the flag pole.

Read Article: www.kmtr.com/mostpopular/story/Eugene-Police-opens-doors-...

Further Reading: www.kval.com/news/local/Eugene-police-move-in-at-new-depa...
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OREGON: Roseburg Police pursue 80 year old driver, Arrested

Roseburg police say a man who was not happy about being stopped and cited got back in his car and took off, leading police on a short car chase.

Officials say that just after noon on Monday, an officer made a traffic stop for minor violations in the 1300 block of SE Stephens.

That's when officers say the driver of the 1993 Jaguar XJ6, Raymond David Corverse, 80, of Roseburg, became angry.

Officials say that when Corverse found out his car would be towed due to him having a suspended license, he jumped back in and took off.

Officers say Corverse led them on a chase that went onto Diamond Lake Blvd. and then to Winchester Street, where the vehicle turned onto Odell.

Authorities say the man then pulled over and parked in front of a private home.

Officials say that shortly after that, Corverse was taken into custody without further incident.

He was lodged in the Douglas County Jail and booked on charges of attempting to elude police in a vehicle and failing to return a suspended license.

His bail was set at $57,500.

Read Article: www.kpic.com/news/local/police-Man-upset-about-traffic-st...

Further Reading: www.katu.com/news/Police-80-year-old-in-Jaguar-leads-Rose...
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WASHINGTON: Roy Police Wants To Join Other Agencies In Consolidated Services, Wants Out of County Sheriff's Grip

Roy, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Roy Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

In due time, Roy Police Department’s bite may be worse than its bark.

Roy Police Chief Darwin Armitage wants to provide the city with extra protection through the Metro Canine Unit.

“Basically, what I’m asking for is to take the handcuffs off of us from the county and let us be able to work with other agencies … to consolidate services,” Armitage said.

The canine unit serves local law enforcement agencies in Pierce County.

Armitage presented the proposal Monday to Roy City Council.

“What this organization has done is they’ve gotten together and said, ‘As a group, we will provide canine services for the cities that don’t have canines free of charge,” Armitage said.

“They don’t charge us for anything as far as calls.”

The Metro Canine Unit is comprised of representatives from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, as well as police departments in Tacoma, Puyallup, Lakewood, Fife and Bonney Lake.

Before Roy can sign on, the city must be approved by the Risk Management Service Agency for police liability insurance.

RMSA is offered through the Association of Washington Cities.

Meanwhile, the proposal won a positive review from council members and Roy Mayor Karen Yates.

Signing up with the Metro Canine Unit would allow the Roy department to obtain a canine team at any given time from a responding metro team, Armitage said.

A Roy canine team must receive training from a trainer, who must have a rating of master trainer as defined by the Washington State Police Canine Association, Armitage said.

“All of the other departments have signed up (for the Metro Canine Unit),” he said.

“We are the only ones who haven’t so far.”

Roy Police Department currently has had a contract with Pierce County. Under that agreement, in place since 2010, the county provides canine, SWAT, hazardous devices, special weapons and marine services.

Armitage said the county pays for liability, but Roy is liable if a dog injures someone or damages property.

“I see (joining the canine unit) as a wonderful opportunity to get together with some of the other cities and kind of open the door of opportunity for us to begin to share some of the assets we have,” he said.

“And I see this also can be the segue for us to maybe share reserves.”

Roy Councilman Ray Bourne asked why, if the city is already covered by Pierce County, it needs an additional canine unit?

“Since we already have canine services we can stay with what we got, there’s no charge for the canine services in the county,” Armitage said.

“However, in the big picture I see going with this MOU (Memoranda of Understanding) as a segue for us to get other services later on, and if we do end up with an MOU for SWAT services, I can assure you neither one of us is going to join the team and be a part of the team.”

“We can’t afford it (and) we can’t provide the services that they want.”

“If their MOU says that we have to provide that service then I would opt out and just say no, sorry we can’t do it,” he said.

Armitage said he also wants to use the Metro Canine Unit agreement to piggyback on some of Puyallup Police Department’s training and, perhaps, get forensic evidence collection.

Armitage said he believes Roy can reduce dependence on Pierce County, save money and be better protected in the long run.

“I kind of see it as relationship-building,” Yates agreed. “It doesn’t mean we would have to participate in every option that comes down the pike.”

“Each one would have to be looked at and assessed as far as what the city’s commitment would be and what the city would get out of it so that we could make wise decisions.”

Councilman Bill Llewellyn said entering the agreement may give Roy a fallback position if Pierce County is ever unable to adequately assist Roy.

Yates said she likes the idea of participating with something in the metro group, “and it just so happens that this one doesn’t cost us anything, financially or in manpower.”

Read Article: www.yelmonline.com/articles/2012/08/21/local_news/doc502e...
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ALASKA: Future APD Police Car Orders May Be Put On Hold With Budget Constraints

Anchorage, Alaska-AJMNWPD by AJM STUDIOS

(Anchorage Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

An Anchorage Assembly member is raising concerns about aging police cars at the Anchorage Police Department, especially in light of this week's announcement of a $30 million budget gap facing city hall next year.

Anchorage Police Chief Mark Mew says the city needs to replace many of its cars, and in fact he says the department just got an order of 48 new cars that will be rolling out in the next month.

But Anchorage Assemblyman Paul Honeman worries about future rollouts of new cars to replace the aging ones, especially with the news this week that the city faces a $30 million budget shortfall this year.

Mew says he would never allow a dangerous police car on the street, and that it might actually cost the city more to keep the old ones because of repair costs.

But he says as the city's budget problem becomes clear, he'll get a better idea of whether another order of police cars can come through next year.

"Naturally, if that comes to pass we would take a closer look at it and decide whether we're at that tipping point or not of vehicles being too high mileage," Mew said.

Mew says right now, 37 percent of APD police cars are fully depreciated in value, he says the industry standard is 10 percent.

Read Article: www.ktuu.com/news/future-apd-police-car-orders-may-be-put...
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WASHINGTON: North Bend swaps King County Deputies for Snoqualmie Police Contract

Snoqualmie, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Snoqualmie Police. AJM STUDIOS Police.)

North Bend's city council tentatively approved in a 4-3 vote Tuesday night to swap its connection with the King County Sheriff's Deputies to the Snoqualmie Police Department.

Under the soon-to-be-finalized agreement, Snoqualmie Police will have at least one officer within North Bend city limits at all times. In its prior arrangement with King County, North Bend could not always be guaranteed a deputy in their area.

Chief Steve McCulley, of the North Bend Police Department, said of the arrangement: "People want the confidence that if they call 911 they're going to receive a professional response, and that's what they're going to get from the Snoqualmie Police Department."

The city of North Bend expects to save up to $400,000 a year.

Read Article: www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-north-bend-swaps-king-county-dep...
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WASHINGTON: New Police Chief Named For Spokane PD

Spokane, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Spokane Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Spokane Mayor David Condon today announced that he has appointed Frank Straub, formerly the Director of Public Safety for the City of Indianapolis, as Spokane's new Police Chief. Straub's appointment will be forwarded to the City Council for confirmation.

"I was looking for innovation, broad experience, and a desire to become part of our community, and I found that in Frank Straub," says Mayor Condon. "This was an intense process and a difficult decision, but we have selected a strong leader who will help our department grow and evolve into the future."

"I am honored to be selected as Spokane's next Police Chief," says Straub. "I am committed to building on the strengths and assets of the Spokane Police Department, and I look forward to learning more about my new home and my new department."

Straub's selection follows a comprehensive recruitment and selection process for the position of Chief. The selection process included two initial screening rounds, a day of interviews with five separate panels, collection of feedback from citizens, visits to the home cities of the two final candidates, and a variety of background checks.

Mayor Condon thanked interim Chief Scott Stephens and the entire command staff at the Police Department for their work during this critical transition. "Scott provided needed leadership and direction during a time of change," says Mayor Condon. "I want to personally thank him for his professionalism, his dedication to our community, and his strong support of the department and its officers."

The Mayor also thanked all the participants in the five panels that interviewed the three final candidates for the job; the officers, civilian employees, and volunteers of the Spokane Police Department; and the many citizens who weighed in on this issue.

The Mayor has asked Straub to concentrate on the following initially:

Continue implementation of the Mayor's Immediate Police Action Plan. Begin implementation of the recommendations from the Use of Force Commission. Lead the administration's policy proposal on enhanced civilian oversight. Seek accreditation for the SPD from an outside agency.

Straub brings a wealth of experience and educational achievement to this job. Before working for Indianapolis, Straub was the Commissioner of the City of White Plains, N.Y, Department of Public Safety and earlier worked for the New York City Police Department, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Naval Investigative Service, and the U.S. State Department.

He has a doctorate in criminal justice from the City University of New York, a master's in forensic psychology from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and a bachelor's in psychology from St. John's University.

If confirmed, Straub will succeed Anne Kirkpatrick, who served as the City's top law enforcement official from September 2006 until December 2011. Chief Stephens has been serving as the City's interim Police Chief since Kirkpatrick's departure.

The Chief of Police position, which pays up to $165,000 a year, is responsible for managing the department's current 365 employees, including 275 commissioned officers, and a nearly $53 million annual budget.

Throughout the search, the Mayor has said that he is looking for a new Chief with:

A solid understanding of metro policing models. Experience in implementing cutting-edge policing techniques and approaches. The ability to be comfortable in the public eye.

A desire to integrate him or herself into the Spokane community.

Read Article: www.myfoxspokane.com/news/local-news/story/mayor-condon-i...

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WASHINGTON: Cheney Police Officer's Gun Stolen, Suspect Arrest by Spokane PD

Cheney PD_1 by pluto665

(Cheney Police. Pluto665 Photo.)

Spokane Police officers recovered a handgun stolen from the car of a Cheney Police officer and located and arrested a suspect in the crime all within 4 days. Because the theft of a weapon can pose a great risk to public safety, Spokane Police worked diligently to locate the suspect and recover the stolen weapon as quickly as possible.

On August 18, 2012, an off duty Cheney Police officer was putting his duty gear in his patrol car parked inside the garage of his home at 1900 W. Courtland. While he was in the backyard, the Cheney officer watched a male grab a bag containing his Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun out of the car and run down the street. The Cheney officer chased the suspect but was unable to catch him.

Even though Spokane Police officers did not have a good description of the suspect Ofc. Glen Bartlett was able to locate the suspect vehicle and speak to the registered owner who stated her ex-boyfriend Donald R. Kerney had been driving the car. Officers located a credit card belonging to Kerney inside the center console, as well as a .40 caliber round.

After spending nearly 2 days following up on leads, officers received information that Kerney had traded the handgun for methamphetamine. Kerney was located and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Residential Burglary, Theft of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and 1st Degree Trafficking in Stolen Property . Early this morning, Ofc. Bartlett recovered the stolen handgun and it has been placed in safekeeping for Cheney Police.

Read Article: www.myfoxspokane.com/news/local-news/story/spokane-police...
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WASHINGTON: Thurston County Standoff Ends In Arrests By Sheriff's Office Near Lacey

Thurston County Sheriff, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Thurston County Sheriff. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

After a standoff with police for several hours, a man who barricaded himself inside a home near Lacey surrendered to deputies without incident Thursday evening.
A second suspect came out of the house after pepper spray canisters were fired through the window.
The first suspect, a 29-year-old man, had holed himself inside the house in the 5300 block of Rumack Street early Thursday afternoon. The man had fired shots at deputies when they arrived at the scene, but no one was injured.
Streets were blocked and residents were told to stay inside their homes. At one point, deputies and SWAT team members brought in an armored vehicle to scene.
Another man left the house and was being questioned by police.
Thurston County sheriff's spokesperson said there were indications drugs may have been a factor.

Read Article: www.king5.com/news/crime/Thurston-County-deputies-in-stan...

Further Reading: www.kirotv.com/news/news/report-shots-fired-during-police...
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WASHINGTON: Monroe Correctional Facility Officer Hospitalized After Attack

A Monroe prison inmate "for unknown and unprovoked reasons blindsided and assaulted" a correctional officer at about 10 a.m. Thursday, prison Superintendent Robert Herzog said. The officer was sent to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

"Our officer is doing pretty good at this point in time," Herzog said at a 4 p.m. news conference. "It was very scary this morning."

Herzog said the inmate, Jimi Hamilton, 33, hit the guard while the officer was at his post. "From our initial review it appears the officer was unconscious as soon as he hit the ground. The offender straddled him and took multiple undefended blows to the officer's head," Herzog said.

"The assault lasted a total of seven seconds," Herzog said, and other officers responded within three seconds.

Police and medics were called to the F living pod in the Special Offender Unit. Police were able to secure the inmate and get medical help for the officer.

Hamilton is serving a 14-year sentence for two counts of robbery and he has a history of prison infractions, including assaulting staff members, the Department of Corrections said.

The Monroe Police Department is investigating the incident. The Special Offenders Unit is being operated on restricted movement; the unit currently houses mentally ill offenders and has a population of 346 men. The F unit where the assault occured houses 152 men and is staffed with three corrections officers, one correctional sergeant and nine other staff workers.

Approximately 2,400 inmates are housed in Monroe and it is one of Washington's largest and oldest prisons.

Monroe Correctional Complex is the same prison where officer Jayme Biendl was killed by an inmate Jan. 29, 2011. Inmate Byron Scherf is currently facing murder charges in Biendl's death.

Read Article: www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-monroe-inmate-assaults-prison-wo...

Further Reading: www.komonews.com/news/local/Monroe-correctional-officer-i...
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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Vancouver Police Service Officer Investigation For Pushing Disabled Woman Over

(Vancouver Police Service. Arlene Gee Photo.)

A disabled woman who was shoved to the ground by a Vancouver police officer two years ago says she would like to see Const. Taylor Robinson disciplined at a public hearing.

Sandy Davidsen, who has cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis, says since the incident was caught on camera and viewed by tens of thousands of people, the public should get a chance to see how Robinson gets disciplined for his actions.

The 29-year-old's comments Friday come just days after the police complaint commissioner said the one-day suspension handed to Robinson is not a tough enough punishment.

In the video, Davidsen is seen trying to get past three officers -- one of whom she said she knows -- in the Downtown Eastside when Robinson shoves her to the ground. He and the two other officers then walk past her.

Davidsen said because of her disability, it was difficult for her to walk around the three men, so she asked if she could walk between them.

"I have a disability, cerebral palsy, and because I was walking on Hastings [Street], it felt like I was getting judged by 1/8the way I walk 3/8," she told reporters Friday.

"But I was not on drugs, I was just walking normally."

Sandra, Davidsen's mother, also told reporters her daughter was only trying to grab on to something to get her balance as she walked past the officers.

Robinson wrote a letter to Davidsen, explaining that he had thought she was reaching for his gun, and that he regrets not helping her back on her feet after he pushed her.

"I am not going to try to make excuses for what I did, because all attempts would fall short," he wrote.

An external investigation by the New Westminster Police found Robinson had abused authority and neglected duty.

A one-day suspension and training on force options and the appropriate response were recommended as disciplinary action.

But Police Complaint Commissioner Stan Lowe wrote in a letter released this week that "the discipline proposed does not reflect or adequately address the seriousness of Constable Robinson's misconduct."

Davidsen's lawyer, Scott Bernstein, has requested that a retired judge, rather than another police member, recommend an appropriate punishment.

Bernstein said he hopes Davidsen's case leads to better police training on how to deal with people with disabilities and residents of the Downtown Eastside.

Davidsen, who said she no longer feels safe around police officers, has filed a human rights complaint. She is also suing the Vancouver Police Service for $25,000.

Robinson will now face a formal disciplinary hearing in October, after which a public hearing may be ordered if the complaint commissioner's office isn't happy with the decision.

Read Article: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/08/24/...

Further Reading: bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-disabled-woman-wants-officer-who-pushed...
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WASHINGTON: Union Gap Police Chief Released For Medical Reasons

Union Gap, Washington (AJM NWPD) by AJM STUDIOS

(Union Gap Police. AJM STUDIOS Photo.)

Union Gap police chief Robert Almeida has been released from his job, city attorney Bob Noe confirmed Friday.

Details were scant on Almeida’s release, which was handed down Monday and is non-disciplinary in nature, Noe said.

Noe said Almeida was struggling with medical issues that affected his ability to continue his duties.

"He’s not able to carry out all the official functions of the position," said Noe, who did not provide any additional details

He said the city offered Almeida a solution to complications posed by his medical issues, but no plan was ever agreed upon.

Noe said no severance package was offered to Almeida, but he was uncertain whether Almeida is eligible to draw pension funds.

Almeida had worked for the city since 1987, according to an official staff roster.

Calls to city administrator Chris Jensen, who made the decision to release Almeida, were not immediately returned Friday morning.

Read Article: www.yakima-herald.com/stories/2012/08/24/union-gap-police...

Further Reading: www.kimatv.com/news/local/167394155.html
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WASHINGTON: Grant County Sheriff Deputy Attacked By Knife, Suspect Shot

Grant County Sheriff by Funkytoad

(Grant County Sheriff. Funkytoad Photo.)

The Columbia Basin Investigative Team has released the names of both a domestic violence suspect and the Grant County agent who shot him Tuesday.
Corp. Allan Sleeper, 57, fired his sidearm at the 9300 block of Viewcrest Drive Southeast in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. He injured Corey L. Minatani, 39, a suspect in the reported domestic violence offense.
Minatani remains hospitalized in Spokane under the watchful eye of a Grant County sheriff's deputy, and is in stable condition.
Upon release he will be booked into Grant County Jail, Sheriff Tom Jones said.
Around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Corp. Sleeper and several other Grant County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a verbal domestic violence call at the home on Viewcrest Drive.
While in transit, the incident had been upgraded to a domestic violence call. Children were also reportedly in the house.
Corp. Sleeper arrived first on scene and encountered Minatani's wife, yet unnamed, who was, according to reports, injured and covered in blood.
The wife told Sleeper that her husband was inside the home and had cut her with a knife. She also told him that Minatani was an expert in martial arts.
After Sleeper entered the home, he found Minatani inside a bathroom. The two men spoke while Sleeper called for additional officers.
Minatani told Sleeper he was armed with a knife while holed up in the bathroom. He then showed the corporal the blade, as well as a long, sharp-tined serving fork.
While Sleeper repeatedly demanded Minatani drop the weapons, the suspect refused.
Minatani then advanced within several feet of Sleeper, who then fired a single shot from his .40-caliber firearm, striking the man in the chest and knocking him to the floor.
According to reports, Sleeper then radioed that he had shot the suspect, who continued to resist arrest. After fighting with responding officers, Minatani was restrained and transported to Samaritan Healthcare in Moses Lake.
He was later transported to a Spokane hospital for further treatment.
The incident remains under investigation.
As the inter-agency team works forward, Sleeper is expected to stay on paid administrative leave, said Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones. That's the department's standard protocol.
Corp. Sleeper has been in law enforcement for over two decades.
He began working in Kansas in 1989, and spent a four-year stint with the Royal City Police Department from 1993 to 1997.

Read Article: www.columbiabasinherald.com/news/crime-fire/article_01c88...

Further Reading: www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/2012/aug/21/grant-county-wa-d...
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WASHINGTON: Lakewood PD and Pierce County Sheriff Arrive At Bank Standoff, Suspect Shot

Tons of cops!!! by tiffs pictures

(Lakewood Police. Tiffs Pictures Photo.)

A man who took several people hostage during an armed standoff Saturday at a Lakewood credit union remains in critical condition after he was shot by officers.

Police said an investigation has found that the drama started just after noon when the 48-year-old man and his estranged wife got into an argument over their finances at the Washington State Employees Credit Union at 9540 Bridgeport Way SW.

The suspect then pulled out a firearm as alarmed customers and employees looked on in horror.

Armed officers and a SWAT team rushed to the scene after someone inside the credit union called 911 to report a man with a gun.

The suspect, meanwhile, grabbed his wife and held the 11 other people inside the bank hostage.

"He had her wrapped (with his arm), and he had the gun pressed to her body," said one witness, David Matthews.

Police surrounded the building and quickly evacuated people from the area around the credit union, including several employees and customers at a Bank of America branch across the street.

At the same time, officers used a bullhorn to try and coax the man out of the credit union or to convince him to talk to them over the phone, said Lt. Jeff Alwine of the Lakewood Police Department. After 45 minutes, the negotiations failed.

The man then walked to the front of the credit union with his wife still in his grip and the gun pointed at her.

At that point, SWAT team officers felt that the woman and other hostages were in imminent danger, and decided they had no choice but to open fire on the suspect.

Two veteran officers took careful aim and shot the man. He pitched forward through the glass of the window and hit the ground.

The woman was unhurt.

Officers then rushed into the credit union.

The suspect's wife and the other hostages were bused to police headquarters for questioning. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his gunshot wounds. He is listed in critical condition.

The two officers who opened fire are on paid administration leave, in accordance with standard procedure, while the shooting is investigated.

Read Article: www.komonews.com/news/local/Police-Lakewood-standoff-star...

Further Reading: www.king5.com/news/Guman-holed-up-inside-Lakewood-credit-...
AJM STUDIOS PRO 6 years ago
WASHINGTON: Monroe Correctional Officer released from hospital following attack (Update)

Nick Trout, the 28-year-old correctional officer who was knocked unconscious by a prison inmate at the Monroe Correctional Complex Thursday, was released from the hospital Friday.

Trout was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after Jimi James Hamilton, a 33-year-old correctional complex inmate, knocked him unconscious during a heated conversation.

Trout suffered a fractured jaw, fractured cheek bones and was evaluated for possible brain damage.

Read Article: www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-monroe-inmate-assaults-prison-wo...

Further Reading: www.heraldnet.com/article/20120824/NEWS01/708249871#Priso...
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WASHINGTON: Suspect Intentionally Rams Renton Police car, Officer injured

Renton Police Car by cmnphoto

(Renton Police. Cmnphoto Photo.)

A 36-year-old Renton police officer was injured Friday night after a driver of a pickup truck intentionally struck the officer’s patrol vehicle, according to police.

The incident happened before 8 p.m. when a Renton police officer stopped behind a vehicle for a red traffic light in the intersection of southbound Edmonds Avenue Northeast at Sunset Boulevard.

As the officer and the other vehicle were waiting for the signal to turn green, a Chevy Avalanche pickup traveling westbound on Sunset Boulevard Northeast turned right onto Edmonds Avenue Northeast.

According to police, the driver of the pickup intentionally drove toward and struck the patrol car.

The officer’s vehicle was hit on the driver-side rear door and quarter panel.

Police said the officer did not see the pickup coming towards him.

The officer was taken to Valley Medical Center to be treated for non-life threatening injuries to his head, shoulder and back.

Police said it is unknown at this time if the man driving the pickup was under the influence.

The Renton Police Department’s traffic unit will continue to investigate the collision and detectives are investigating the assault with a vehicle.

Read Article: www.kirotv.com/news/news/police-driver-intentionally-rams...
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OREGON: OSP Seize 50 pounds of heroin north of Ashland, worth $1.1. Million

Oregon State Police by niteowl7710

(Oregon State Police. Niteowl7710 Photo.)

Oregon State Police discovered over 50 pounds of heroin hidden in a man's SUV during a traffic stop on Interstate 5 near Ashland Thursday afternoon.

The driver, Raul Mendoza, 65 of Hillsboro, was pulled over on Interstate 5 just north of Ashland for a traffic violation. Police investigated Mendoza's Cadillac SUV after the stop was made, around 3:50 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

A police canine unit helped police discover 15 packages of heroin that were hidden inside Mendez's SUV. Mendez was arrested for unlawful possession and distribution of heroin.

Police said that the total seized heroin weighed about 55 pounds, and has an estimated value of $1.1 million dollars. Officials from the OSP Drug Enforcement Section called Thursday's heroin bust "the largest for southern Oregon in recent memory."

Read Article: www.kpic.com/news/local/State-police-heroin-seized-in-tra...

Further Reading: www.katu.com/news/local/Police-seize-55-lbs-of-heroin-on-...
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