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James Passant says:

Anybody know where 144s are found?
2:40AM, 3 September 2013 PDT (permalink)

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Sneeze82 says:

Services radiating out of Leeds mainly. They appear on Leeds-Manchester Victoria services and Leeds-Heysham Port services too.
60 months ago (permalink)

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peter_skuce says:

The Leeds - Sheffield route is your best bet and also the easiest way to find Class 144.
Originally posted 59 months ago. (permalink)
peter_skuce edited this topic 59 months ago.

regular card [deleted] says:

Usually around the Huddersfield/Mirfield and Wakefield areas James
49 months ago (permalink)

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adambarber1996 says:

144s are used solely in Yorkshire with daily trips out into Lincolnshire (Lincoln and Scunthorpe) and Lancashire (usually from Leeds-Manchester) due to how they get diagrammed. Seen as they are based at Leeds Neville Hill the best bet will be Leeds but there are plenty of them used from the Sheffield base for the local services.
46 months ago (permalink)

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APB Photography™ says:

They are also used on services into Lincoln Central. I find it's a mixture of 142's and 144's on that line.
43 months ago (permalink)

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Sheffield Midland - Cleethorpes Via The Brigg Line says:

144's on the Sheffield Midland - Lincoln Central services most days and some form the SO Sheffield Midland - Cleethorpes via Brigg services as well.
42 months ago (permalink)

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