DB37425 PRO 7:02pm, 28 March 2008
Does anybody know how to spot on platforms 1 - 6 at liverpool lime street if you havent got a ticket. Has anybody been allowed into other stations with a view of not going anywhere???


Javelin395 10 years ago
I dont think its possible!? Only been once to LLSt trainspotting and that was when I had a ticket. Have you tried contacting National Rail about trainspotting on pltfms 1 - 6? It might work?
DB37425 PRO 10 years ago
i suppose i havent tried that.

Thomas_&_Sarah Cook PRO 5 years ago
Maybe visit the station manager to get a pass? I know at Glasgow Queen St, they give you a pass to allow you through the barriers, altho boarding a train wirhout a ticket in scotland differs from england, as you cant be fined up here (wusses)
quinnsrailwayphotos 4 years ago
Maybe buy a return to Edge hill to get you on the station.
Bieomax PRO 4 years ago
if you ask you maybe able to buy a platform ticket, and just advise that you'd liek to take pictures to the station manager.
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