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ronjbaer 1:18am, 12 September 2007
I am from Dickinson ND.
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im pastor rick 9 years ago
I live in Linton, ND, in the South central part of the state, about 30 miles North of the ND/SD border.
Peter Baer PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Peter Baer (admin) 9 years ago
Elk Grove, CA - Originally from Richardton.
WeatherOz PRO 9 years ago
Grand Forks, ND
nd_exclaim PRO 9 years ago
I haven't added anything to the group yet but I'm in Grand Forks, ND.
T. Rak 9 years ago
Born and raised in Minot, now living in Seoul, Korea.
Live in Grand Forks, ND, going to school in Moorhead, MN
Out of Kilter 9 years ago
Just joined today - I live in Bismarck.
god_dess_ss PRO 9 years ago
San Diego
Jase Wells 9 years ago
San Francisco — but I grew up in West Fargo.
oakside1947 9 years ago
I am from Lansing, Michigan. I was up in Fargo at the end of September to visit a friend in the Air Force. I wanted to see and take some photos of the countryside around harvest time. I was amazed at how beautiful North Dakota is at that time of year. I want to go back and spend more time exploring.
snookguy 9 years ago
Umm....South Florida, hopefully North Dakota soon.
pictureapromise 9 years ago
I live and work in Abercrombie ND
Mitch Burdick Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Mitch Burdick (member) 9 years ago
I am from the Leonard-Kindred area.
fargomegan 9 years ago
give u one guess:)
Little.Miss.Sunshine 9 years ago
I'm in Western ND..Happy New Year!
sheskrafty23 9 years ago
I was born in Grand Forks but I live in Philadelphia now. My grandma still lives in Fullterton and I love visiting there!!!
nicolapoujade [deleted] 9 years ago
I live in Grand forks
waski_the_squirrel PRO 9 years ago
I live in Bowman, ND. I'm a transplant from Pennsylvania.
pe68olds 9 years ago
I live in Dickinson on the east side of town.
NDRoughrider 9 years ago
Living large in Fargo
thatedeguy PRO 9 years ago
Came to Jamestown for College and never left
j_piepkorn65 PRO 9 years ago
I live in Minnetonka, MN, but I went to college in Fargo-Moorhead, I lived in Bismarck and my in-laws live in Williston, so I get to see a lot of different parts of ND.
Toso 9 years ago
Devils Lake, but thankfully living in Grand Forks.
I grew up in Bismarck, ND. My father's family farmed in the Halliday/Werner area. My mother's family farms in the Tuttle area.

I currently live in Minneapolis, MN.
Oinos 9 years ago
I'm in Minot.
undead09 8 years ago
I'm from Selfridge, North Dakota
ZhenPanda 8 years ago
I live in Great Falls, MT but growing up i had family in Bismark & I love to visit still.
greytdogart [deleted] 8 years ago
Bowman, ND.
PRLImages PRO 8 years ago
Just joined today - I live out in rural Hillsboro
jibn4 [deleted] 8 years ago
hi i am in fessenden n.d. the harvey area lol thanks jim
ColtahMang 8 years ago
Born in Grand Forks....grew up in Grand Forks....now going to college in Grand Forks
Fonzie's cousin 8 years ago
I am origianally from Bismarck but now reside in Los Angeles.
j_payer 8 years ago

Born here moved away and now back.
Furryscaly 8 years ago
Born and raised in Bismarck myself. Joined the Air Force, lived in Maryland, and now I'm back in Bismarck.
brandy* 8 years ago
In MN now, but from Hazen. : )
goatopolis Posted 8 years ago. Edited by goatopolis (member) 8 years ago
Originally from Bloomfield, MT (right across the border) but now Oregon City, OR
Fluttergirl 8 years ago
I was born in Mandan. My dad was born in Bismarck. And my mom was born in Bottineau. I spent a lot of time in Dunseith and Bismarck when I was growing up.
cfbush 8 years ago
I live in Larimore, ND. Before that, I lived at GFAFB for 18 yrs. I was born in Pennsylvania.
cher hart 8 years ago
Hi! I am originally from Maryland, but now live in Minot, ND.
Anthony K. 8 years ago
NH for the moment. Hope to relocate to ND soon. Perhaps the Jamestown area.
RenaeAlane 8 years ago
I live right on the ND/SD border and about 8 miles from the MN one. If you know where the Dakota Magic Casino is, I'm near there. So rural Fairmount/Hankinson area... and I'm moving to Fargo soon.
SnoShuu Posted 8 years ago. Edited by SnoShuu (member) 8 years ago
Recently moved to Bismarck, ND from Colorado Springs, CO. I really love the lifestyle here!
im pastor rick 8 years ago
Hi, it's me, again,
I've moved from Linton, and now reside in Cando, ND.
hppy_2b_mama 8 years ago
Killdeer for me :-)
RMellady 8 years ago
Medford, WI now but originally from Langdon area (Nekoma)
Nick|Allen 8 years ago
In AZ now,but grew up in Mindrot. Excuse me Minot.
debbie_lou_n 8 years ago
I was raised on a farm near Glenfield, ND, and now live in the northeast corner of ND, near Dahlen.
wzmutineer PRO 8 years ago
I live in Bismarck now, but I went to college in Mindrot. Or "why not Minot?"
Debbi Brude PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Debbi Brude (member) 2 years ago
I grew up in Pekin ND, and now live in Plymouth MN. I have part of the family farm near Pekin. Since I originally posted this, I returned to ND in 2012, and live in Pekin, 70 miles west of Grand Forks. So happy to be home and experiencing North Dakota's beauty.
alison_zarr 8 years ago
I am from Washburn, but moved far, far away from my hometown (to Bismarck)!
kelboeh 8 years ago
I grew up in Mandan but now live in the big city of Bismarck.
Grand Forks, ND
Anthony K. 8 years ago
Well, I've made the move fromNH to ND. Will be living in Litchville when house closes. Love it out here!
NDFUNCPL 8 years ago
Well we are in Moorhead but close enought right?
dgos691 8 years ago
Hi - I'm Diane. Originally from the western part of the state but have lived on the "east coast" of ND for a long time now - currently in Grand Forks.
photos by Carmen [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm orginally from Grafton North Dakota (Born and raised)
Now I live in Duluth Minnesota.
Just want to say hi to everyone out in the Dakotas...
bherbel 8 years ago
Missoula, MT but spent most of this last summer in Regent.
syrup1934 PRO 8 years ago
born near Walhalla raised in Webster,now living in Omura City , Japan
babybinjp 8 years ago
Born and raised in Kenmare. Have lived in Japan too for the past 11 years.
Prairie Reflections 8 years ago
Hello - I'm living in Langdon, ND...which is 17 miles from the Maida, ND port of entry to Canada -- in the Northeast area of North Dakota.
gfpeck PRO 7 years ago
Born and raised in Williston, been living in Grand Forks for the past 22 years.
b_haro 7 years ago
On a farm just north of Verona, ND
Curtis Brandt 7 years ago
Born and raised in Rugby, presently working on Maryland's Eastern Shore and plan to return to Rugby when I retire. I return yearly in October for a family Bday party and at other times of the year occassionally.
lovelyXalexandra 7 years ago
Fargo is where it's at. Hope to contribute pictures soon!
doflah 7 years ago
emilykohn 7 years ago
Seem to be the first admitting to be from Hebron. Hi all!
4-8-4 7 years ago
Living in Chattanooga, TN, and looking forward to my first visit to North Dakota, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later ...
~Bob M~ 7 years ago
Minot here.
Pyrodogg PRO 7 years ago
Currently in Bismarck. Originally from Goodhue, MN followed by a 4 year stint in Minneapolis for school.
ndlaw PRO 7 years ago
I was born and raised in Bismarck, but living in Grand Forks the past 24 years.
Chris Holmberg 7 years ago
Spent about a year and a half in Fargo. but recently moved back to MN (where I am originally from). Got a lot of great shots of ND, tho, and greatly miss it at times.
Corwyn Celesil 7 years ago
I'm from Bigfork, MT, currently living in Missoula, MT, but I lived in Ellendale, ND for four years (went to Trinity Bible College) and have spent extensive amounts of time in Bismarck and Lehr. It always makes me happy to drive through North Dakota.
Wildflower Aimee 7 years ago
Born at Devils Lake, then lived near Wing, Moved to Bismarck, and now am north of Fargo near Gardner.
Huleo-1 PRO 7 years ago
I'm from Turtle Lake N.D. Lived here most of my life I love the area love the state. I spent a short time in Colo. and wy. right out of high school but moved back to raise my family. Huleo is just a nick name I have had for years.
Trina ~ PRO 7 years ago
Originally from Cavalier, ND have lived in Grand Forks, Fargo, Bismarck and now Grafton.
behindbabyblues PRO 7 years ago
We live in Montana.....son and his wife live in the town of New England....we bought a summer cottage there last year....which is buried in snow right now....
Eric M. Weber [deleted] 6 years ago
I'm from Minot
RRobertsphoto PRO 6 years ago
Born in Watford, grew up in Parshall, and now living in Rio Rancho New Mexico.
PipeRanter PRO 6 years ago
spent my summers in Morristown SD right smack dab on the border between ND/SD graduated high school in Bismark .. spent some time traveling and living around the world and now living in Deering ND.
CarloBambino PRO 6 years ago
Hi. I lived in Devils Lake from 1st grade to graduation. I love that area. I live in the Twin Cities now but I plan to take photos next time I'm in DL.
stadumgirl 6 years ago
I grew up in Esmond, now live in Atlanta, GA. My parents still live near Esmond, have sisters in Maddock, Rhame and a brother in Rugby.
Where's Whitlow 6 years ago
I grew up in Montana, but lived in Minot off and on for ten years. Now I am traveling the world....
sakura-maiden [deleted] 6 years ago
Born in Dickinson, came back after ten years, hope to never leave!
Aristotle13 PRO 6 years ago
From Scarborough, United Kingdom and will be visiting ND during 2nd half of June as part of circular tour from Denver. Still planning our itinerary but don't expect to get much further east than Rugby. Will be lookiing at the Lewis & Clark route and Forts as well as any other historic sites that we come across. I've been looking at many of the posts and am getting some good ideas of places to visit.
Noël Zia Lee 6 years ago
Portland, OR
Cullen 345 6 years ago
From Minneapolis. Living in Grand Forks, just north of the University.
ndlaw PRO 6 years ago
Greetings from Grand Forks!
BEXSMASH PRO 6 years ago
DIckinson but live in the KC region.
Gaver. 6 years ago
Hello! from Minot, north Dakota
eDOT - VisArG 6 years ago
From Detroit, relocated to Minot
julie schott 6 years ago
Hello! From the Dominican Republic, relocated to Fargo, North Dakota about 3 years ago
ashlynpb 6 years ago
I am from Minot AFB North Dakota. didnt live there for very long for the fact my dad was in the air force...but i plan to move back some time..eventually...
Nevada Wanderlust 6 years ago
Currently from Nevada, originally from the Wahpeton area.
dgolterman 6 years ago
I live in Plentywood, MT which is 24 miles from the North Dakota border at Westby. I've lived and worked in North Dakota over the years, most recently in Langdon. Well, I still work there, just telecommute. I've also lived in Bismarck while attending college and worked in Grenora and Napoleon and Jamestown. And I used to live in Baker, MT so I know the southwest corner of the state pretty well too. The only part of North Dakota I haven't spent much time in is the far southeast.
Scott.W2010 6 years ago
I am originally from Bismarck, my wife is from the Tutle Mountains, we currently reside in Baldwin, ND. We spend lots of time in the Turtle Mountains!
wcnews 6 years ago
Born in Cando, ND and grew up in Harvey and WIlliston ND currently live in rural McKenzie County.
siredofcool 5 years ago
Fargo, ND
nodakherefords 5 years ago
I grew up on a farm near Ryder, ND now happily reside at rural Donnybrook, ND.
KyyDizzle 5 years ago
Live & go to school in Hillsboro, ND. I love it here.
Fairlane221 PRO 5 years ago
I'm from Newcastle, WA, but I had family that lived in the "town" of Buford.
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