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CLOSED Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport

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Stan AKA Roadie says:

Post removed because admin doesn't want the truth shared.

I have also left this group because of the group gestapo...

Have a nice life everyone
Originally posted at 3:55PM, 14 May 2012 PST (permalink)
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Rippie: Contra Censura! is a group moderator Rippie: Contra Censura! says:

here's my first reaction: as i've asked before NOT to do, please do NOT plagiarize the content of someone else's writing to post.

also, and this is important, this is not an "article," in that what you provided is not a news source, but the website of a law firm.

this was published to "inform" (prejudice) the public in a case posted to their site by an unnamed "editor" on March 9th, a couple months ago.

this "article" is loaded with allegations and innuendo, and while i actually know that area in which this story is alleged to have occurred and could launch into my own views on the matter based on presumptions about the demographics of the area and eagerness of an attorney to take advantage of that demographic and the potential for a huge settlement disproportionate to that which might occur under similar alleged circumstances say, in Farmingdale at Republic.

I'm not saying it didn't happen, but given the source, it's likely the recounting here is dramatically trumped up.

but PLEASE do NOT PLAGIARIZE to point out an issue in an IP Rights group. i cannot think of a more ironic way to have done what you did.

people's words deserve the save protection as their pictures do, at least.

that all said, i personally have serious doubts that town cops, especially in the Hamptons (my family had a place in The Springs there) would be so ignorant of something that must arise constantly in many settings, and those cops there are quite painfully aware that they are dealing with some very wealthy, well-known, connected and potentially devastatingly litigious citizens in those communities.

without citing other corroborating independent sources, i cannot find this presentation by the plaintiff's law firm to be reliable.
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ColleenM is a group administrator ColleenM says:

Having seen this topic after the OP edited their post, I have no way of knowing what was originally there.

Cutting and pasting an article from another site is definitely not allowed here. Violating someone else's copyright is not the way to fight for photographers rights.
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Rippie: Contra Censura! is a group moderator Rippie: Contra Censura! says:

and i take personal umbrage at being referred to as "gestapo" for actually calling someone for violating IP rights in an anti-IP-rights-violation group.

my final comment: Plagiarism is NOT okay compared to photo theft, which we all agree is not okay. Stealing and re-using someone else's work without alteration is not only low, it's illegal, and we photographers count on that being the case for pictures JUST as writers count on that being the case for their words.

it is not okay to violate copyrights to discuss protecting copyrights.

ps, Stan: thanks for the block. that is the perfect coda. couldn't have written it better myself.
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