J-P Metsavainio 12:46pm, 22 February 2012
Hi All,

I have had few pictures invited in this group before and I thought to publish this here too.

My astronomical imaging project, "?", was selected as a Space picture of the week by National Geographic magazine:

Here is my original Blog post, with technical details, for the "?":

Best regards,
j-P Metsavainio, Finland Portfolio: astroanarchy.zenfolio.com/
JeezyDeezy PRO 6 years ago
Congratulations, that's really something!
Rob Featonby 6 years ago
Incredible image,a lot of work to achieve this type of image.Congrats on your NatGeo success.
J-P Metsavainio 6 years ago

Astronomical imaging is a hobby (read passion/addiction) of mine.
I'm living at 65N, in a month we'll be out of astronomical darkness, after a six months we will have dark again. This must be one of the very worst places to do this, Winters are dark but very cloudy. My average is about ten pictures per Year, and I'm using every single clear night.
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