-nightlight PRO 8:58pm, 19 February 2012
Lately i've been looking at the ledlenser v24's... the effects are simply increcible,

but... theres the obvious mis-convenience of them being discontinued, but all the alternative's i've seen have still been extreme amounts of money?

does anybody have a good alternative which gives the same sort of effect for a lesser price?

i'm 17 and studying full time so money's a really issue... but i would love to get some decent light painting stuff, it'd be lovely if people could help :)
MM © 6 years ago
dont believe the hype, led lensers ain't all that, look for a led colour cycling chip on ebay or somewhere , and then get yourself an acrylic rod, with a bit of drilling jobs a good`un and will save you a shitload of money too.
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