Steven Christenson PRO 10:24pm, 10 June 2011
Can someone please clarify what is meant by the rules? Reading the rules I see the following:

""Noctography, a group for pure night artists"

I don't understand the last point: "Light Pollution". Clearly there are many photos in the pool already with light domes from nearby or distant cities. Not this one, but this is an example:

Light Pollution - Bishop California [C_009538]

In most of the world light pollution is inescapable, and frankly I think SOME light pollution is actually quite beguiling (as above).

For example someone invited this photo to the group but it clearly includes distant cities and streets - and light pollution:
She'll Be Flyin' round the Mountain When She Comes [5_032150-187]

Does "street" exclude things like this?
Tunnel in the Sky [5_002305-7_3200K] II
[Nocturne] PRO 7 years ago
Sorry Steven, Those rules are really old, post anything as long as it's at night :)
Steven Christenson PRO 7 years ago
Ok. As a moderator of several other groups, I'm always trying to get it right because I know how irritating it can be when people stray far off course.
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