Col-B PRO 11:46am, 22 May 2011

I am starting to get more and more interested in noctography and wondered if you could help answer a question (or 2).

I've read the info on the noctography website (great site by the way!) and just not quite sure how you light up your subject. I know you use torches, speedlites etc but do you just flash the subject during the exposure or do a short exposure with the subject lit up and stack them??

I was thinking of doing the following for my first trip to shoot and old abandoned farm shed. Take an exposure of say 5 mins at f5/6ish and then half way through use the headlights on my car to flash the front of the building. Would this be right??
Juan López. 7 years ago
Good morning.

What I do is to calculate the exposure of the sky, with flashes and flashlights. When I see the sky exposure is good, then I begin to illuminate the building. Normally, to F5.6 (more or less) with two shots at full power (Metz 48 or YN460II) and is well lit. After taking a shot at the ground floor to illuminate (not two as would be brighter than the building).

Sorry for my English, Google translator.
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