TheNocturnes 4:31am, 20 December 2008
The (est. 1996) invites all interested artists to enter our third biennial online Night Photography Exhibition, Blue Nocturne. This competition is open to all Night Photographers (NPrs), all photo media - and film cameras are OK, too! We ask only that your final outcome would normally be a fine photographic print - b/w, color, alternative, fuzzy focus, whatever - presenting mysterious, riveting nocturnal imagery.

Stuck on the idea of what constitutes a "blue nocturne?" It's the visual equivalent of the "high lonesome," the rhythms of the Delta, the Crossroads, and the Ghost of Robert Johnson (again, with the music references!), as well as the "tungsten-blue" palette of some of the best in NPy. It's work that exists in a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 440-490 nm, and is "Kind of Blue," too! It's the cold, steely hue of a noir crime scene, and shooting "night for day." It's the near-frozen atmosphere that gives us Northern Lights in those extreme northern latitudes of the planet. It's homage to the color of the oceans of that same watery planet; and the color field and the abstraction of neon on rain-dampened streets. It's what you think a Blue Nocturne . . . is.

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