typicalnaloboy 5:36am, 13 October 2008
Well it seems that most of my night shots have an orange tint to them. Am I setting my white balance incorrectly or is it ambient light that is casting this glow ? If it's just lack of available light I guess I could pack my light kit to give that moment of light to get all the right colors
instinctive humor [deleted] 10 years ago
1) Read your camera manual's chapter about "Custom White Balance"
Bring a large white / light gray sheet of paper and follow the steps in your manual.

2) Or buy a and carry with you a $$$ EXPODISC ... still need to read the camera's manual

3) Shoot RAW, remember the "correct/actual" color and adjust all photos later

do 3) and either 1) or 2) for best results
poised hat [deleted] 10 years ago
might be something to do with where you are shooting? There is an orange cast of light in the sky when near to streetlamps or a view over/near a built up area.
[Nocturne] PRO 10 years ago
Yeah i agree.
no 1 Shoot Raw ALWAYS. white balance can be adjusted in post processing.
no 2 most place at night unless they are in the middle of now where will give off an orange tint, this is light pollution. street light s give off an orange glow as will all cities. to compensate for shooting in a highly light polluted area shoot manual white balande or 'K' if you have a Canon. and set the custom white balance to 28000 i think it will be. then you skies will come out the blue they should be and the other colours will be corrected also. if you do stay at AWB you can still go to 28000 on white balance in raw under temperature.

Hope this helps./
Kelsey Link 10 years ago
The orange glow are street lights, and light pollution. They might not be around on your photo, but they can effect your photograph still.
White balance too. You don't have to have a specific white balance. Its completely up to you, and how you like it. But depending on the places you go and what the sky is like, the white balance might not even have an effect.
and you can always adjust the colour of your sky by adjusting your temperature in photoshop. Best way to do this is shooting in RAW.

Hope this topic helped you
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