Robert Wolterman 2:10pm, 13 July 2008
A couple of weeks ago, I was up in northern Minnesota with a goal of getting good star trails. This shot was the first I took the week I was up there and due to the people walking on the right side of the frame, I figured they'd screwed up the image so I put light from a flashlight on the tree (which the light beam can be very faintly seen).

Star Trails Before the Rescue

My question is, what do most people use for lighting? If I had popped a flash off the camera on the tree would that light the entire scene showing all the foreground or just the tree. Should lighting like what I tried happen at the beginning or the end of the shot?
gigantic rock [deleted] 10 years ago
To get something like this?

[Taken by a mate]

Spinning Round

I explain my method here, but is basically consisted of a few torches, a tripod and cellophane.
Robert Wolterman 10 years ago
Great blog entry, definitely going to keep that link handy for reference.

I have been to strobist once or twice and while it's good, I don't have any of the equipment he mentions. I do like his techniques as they are really interesting.
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