fuzzy smile [deleted] 8:53pm, 25 January 2008
I'm not sure about these :

Full moon over Belledonne

This one might fit better with the common rules :

London - Christmas on St James Street

And finally :


donrafael 10 years ago
sure, why not?
fuzzy smile [deleted] 10 years ago
Don't no.. No "artie" enough ?
fuzzy smile [deleted] 10 years ago
Okay, I've put some pictures over here...

[Nocturne] PRO 10 years ago
Yes to the first one

HELL NO to the other 2
sunbeer 10 years ago
Why not the last 2?
Kelsey Link 10 years ago
Reply to Sunbeer:
The last two do not fit into the groups rules describtion I.E too much light pollution.

Don't aim your night photography in capturing them in the city.
lukereynoldsflickr 10 years ago
light pollution?
im sure without light you wouldnt be able to take photos
the last two are at night right?
Kelsey Link 10 years ago
the word pollution was used for a reason. it means theres too much of it. of course we like light, just when there is too much of it, it ruins the meaning of night photography, how would you know anyway luke, you never taken a photo at night in your life.
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