harsh coil [deleted] 11:52am, 4 January 2008
I am comparing the Canon EOS 400D with Nikon D80 and Sony Alpha A100

I think the Nikon D80 is the best out of all of them, Let mew know what you think! Help me decide on which camera to get!

I am more interested in the Canon EOS 400D vs Nikon D80 with Kit lenses!

instinctive humor [deleted] 10 years ago
You may get more responses if you ask this question in one of the dedicated Nikon/Canon/Sony forums. But I tell you -- after that you won't be any wiser because each has its strength and also a lot depends on your personal taste & preferences.

Some people just love the way the 400D feels in their hand -- other find it too small or prefer the Nikon way with the two seperate dials. Or maybe in-camera IS is YOUR preference ?

And honestly, not many really have used two or even all three thoroughly to make a well-informed comment. Better Google, read different articles. And go to a store, handle both for a while, maybe shoot a bit and take the results home and review them.
[Nocturne] PRO 10 years ago
i'de only be best at telling you which is best for night photography, which you don;t appear to be comparing, i also suggest you post it in a different group. if you want to know which is best for night photography your welcome. otherwise not.
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