Pure Artist?

Nigel & Cath Allinson 10:31pm, 19 September 2007

I've just joined the group and was wondering if I fit into the category of "pure artist"?

I've posted one car trail shot, which I think fits in with your rules, but I was wondering about some of my other shots.

I've only been into photography for 2 months, but I love night shooting.
I have a remote release on order so I can start trying my hand at really long exposures and star trails.

Do you think the following are good enough for the group?

This is a long exposure to get the colour saturation that you just can't see with the naked eye.
Athlone Bridge By Night

How about a 30 second exposure (ISO 1000) by moonlight with no flash?
Cold play

And finally a 30 second car trail shot in town. Not many cars, but it's a small town.
Bastion St - Athlone Old Town

So, can I stay?

[Nocturne] PRO 11 years ago
yes to the top 2, fantastic images. no to the bottom, one. no city life. great work Nigel, keep it up, hope to see more of your night work.
Nigel & Cath Allinson 11 years ago
Thanks Chris.

Just ordered a speedlight for the Nikon today, so I hope to be getting creative with some of the old ruins here in Ireland.
[Nocturne] PRO 11 years ago
nice one, speedlite really picks up your work, might want to invest in some theatrical lighting gels too, so you can really go to town with the lighting.

keep in touch ide liek to see some of this new speed light work, compare it with your old work and youll be impressed.
Outerfield Photography 10 years ago
i take it that from the 'no city life' policy it excludes slow exposures of passing traffic then?

s'just that my night photos were taken in the streets (not that i live in a city technically!) but don't all contain undeliberate action, so would any purely painted images be acceptable?
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