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zen ADMIN July 10, 2007

This group pool is for members only.

Group Description

Sadly, there must be a text explanation.

There is no group pool for this group.

This group is about visual posts. Since photos and thumbnails can be posted directly to discussions, that's where the dialog will take place. However, no words will be tolerated in the posts either, except a title and the word "here" underscored as a link (when you need a link to a graphic that will not, for some reason, allow the photo/graphic to show up). Titles of discussions can be anything, even random letters. Anyone may start a 'discussion' and have more than one discussion going on at a time.

Wherever possible, try to do more than just add a photo that fits the title. Like a conversation, try to make your post a response to the picture above it, even if it only mirrors the color, shape or some other element beyond the subject.

These rules may change, but together we'll find the best way to nod and know, nod and know.

Please, since this is a purely visual form of communication, only include photos and graphics that you personally have created. Using other people's works may seem like you are quoting them, but when it's a visual statement, it's probably a violation of copyright and not exactly 'your thought.'

So, if you want to join in, click on the join link. If you've become a member, either join one of the visual conversations ongoing or start your own by posting a photo.



Ok, first select the photo you want to use in your photostream. (You select a photo by clicking on it, and it becomes the only photo on the page).

You should see an 'All sizes' button on top of the photo. Click it. If there is no "All sizes" icon, you may not be looking at YOUR photo!

Select the photo size you want from the AVAILABLE SIZES at the top (square, thumbnail, small, medium, and large or original). In "No Words" we use the SMALL size.

Since you're looking at one of your own photos, you will see two text fields underneath the photo. The first one contains the snippet of HTML that will produce the photo (and link) in NO WORDS and is the longer of the two.

Highlight the text in the box and simply copy it (FILE - COPY or Control-C).

Next go to the discussion in NO WORDS where you want to make your post and go down to the bottom where it says REPLY TO THIS TOPIC. PASTE it (File - Paste or Control-V) here in the text box.

Hit the POST NOW button and it's done!


Edit: If you absolutely need to communicate with words, send me flickr mail and we can discuss whether the discussion needs to be in an open forum - Thanks.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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