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Group Description

99.99% of members of this group believe Flickr WAS the best photo only website.
We have nothing against producers of video but we feel there are plenty of places to post video.
Many people ask what is wrong with video it is only 90 seconds. That's 90 seconds for now. What is to stop them extending it to 10 minutes to rival Youtube?
People say 'but only PRO members can post video'.
They offer free samples for photo what is to stop them offering a 30 second sample to free members? Will we then see the 'bully' videos like on Youtube?

What will be the next step? Pokes? 3rd party applications that you have to invite 20 friends to use before you can use them (like facebook)? Music playing on each members page to slow the site down even more?

We the members of this group ask YAHOO to create a seperate Social Networking Site and leave Flickr to do what is does best be The #1 Photo Site

Maybe they could introduce 'sticky threads' like other forum sites so admins can keep the important ones up the top.

Currently the open debate thread is here.

The petition is here,

If we have to live with video what can FLICKR staff do to make us want to renew our accounts?

Let youtube have the video and Flickr have the photos or if Yahoo wants videos create a seperate page.

Don't become another Facebook or Myspace!!

Please keep flickr for Photographers

Give us the choice on whether we see video CREATE A VIDEO FILTER

All members of his group say NO

This site has a poll to see how many are for/against the videos

A few simple rules
Now the group is growing and we have observed the actions of a limited few it is time for a few rules.

1. Keep it friendly -
Everyone has a view, if you disagree that's life. Either reply with something constructive or move on. No name calling or baiting

2. No Trolling -
We have had several people finding it 'fun' to bait others or add childish replies or start childish threads. If you are pro-video so be it, we welcome constructive comments but school yard put downs and comments aren't welcome. If you want to start kiddy threads start your own group.

Anyone breaking one of these two will be kicked out, you are welcome to come back but do it again and you will be banned

3. Abuse on streams or email -
If you disagree with someone and your comment is deleted and you carry on abusing them via flickrmail or on their photostream you will be reported to Flickr. Posts containing links to videos will also be deleted. Several people have found it fun to post a link to a video then encourage people to go and attack them in the comments.

4. Photo Pool -
As it is a protest group the photo pool is open to photos or art work saying no video on flickr (or similar) Photos are approved. Don't be upset if your photo isn't approved. The pool isn't a photo pimping area.

Our creations

What all of us, yes all 29000, and our $25 a year mean to Flickr?

"we have no plans to allow you to filter video out of photostreams or even photos from your contacts. Such a thing would be a benefit to a small number of users at the cost of 1) significant engineering and design work 2) dilution of the idea of your photostream as a record of everything you have uploaded to share on Flickr, and 3) increased cognitive overhead for users."

Group Rules

No Personal attacked

Everyone is entitled to a comment but terms such as loser, grow up dickheads etc wont be tolerated and your comment will be deleted and you kicked out.
Trolls will be banned, if you are here to cause trouble by being pro video and putting in comments to stir people up you will be kicked out.
(ie: I love flickr videos or similar non constructive comments in a thread) If you come back and do the same you will be banned.

Photos to the pool are only anti-video style shots/art

If you disagree with someone and go and attack their photo stream or attack them via flickrmail you will be reported to Flickr

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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