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chris5015 4:07am, 9 April 2008
What are your thoughts on Video on Flickr? Please let us know.

Thank you!

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MOVED TO PIXELENS FOLLOW ME THERE! [deleted] 9 years ago
One word - YouTube!

I was gonna start a group just like this... kudos man...
chris5015 9 years ago
Yea. I was thinking about it for awhile... I'm looking for a better icon now.
Shawn Olszewski (absent) [deleted] 9 years ago
It's really OK that Flickr does video now, they should just require super 8, 16 mm and 35mm only.
Aia Adriano 9 years ago
I joined flickr because it was a site dedicated solely to photographers and their work. Now.. video? :/ sooner or later, they're going to make that 90 second limit into 10 minutes, and it will be just so SO bad. :(
CoryMarchand PRO 9 years ago
It really is unnecessary for there to be video on flickr, IMHO. Thats why there is youtooooob.
chris5015 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by chris5015 (admin) 9 years ago
Aia Adriano: Yea, I liked Flickr because of the same reason. I liked the photo only and how it was arranged for viewing. Now do we have to worry server problems with all the videos being uploaded and viewed?
chris5015 9 years ago
CoryMarchand: I agree with you as well!
If you want to see videos go to youtube. If you want to see pictures come here to flickr.
Jon's snaps PRO 9 years ago
YouTube is for sharing video's - which as a service it does very well...

Flickr is for sharing photo;s - which as a service it also does very well...

There is no need to combine the two! The concept of trying to have one giant superstore or site is not relevant to the internet. You don't ned to drive somewhere to pick up those other cople of items this store had, you just click upon a new URL!!!

♥Madi 9 years ago
Yes i agree....i think that if flickr start focusing on new updates for videos then they will spend less time on new updates for photos
rockable84 9 years ago
Yes !!
Keep Flickr pure !!!!

Flickr video will decrease surfing Flickr speed !!

We come here to share our photography works , and Youtube was and always be a good site to share that kind of sociaty video clips .

So what Flickr Video for ?
ortizmj12 9 years ago
I understand the purpose of video on Flickr...Yahoo! wanted a competitive video site to Google's YouTube. But why do they have to ruin Flickr in the process? I sort of had a feeling this was going to happen when Yahoo! shut down its video section. I mean, why not? From a business stand point, Flickr has such a huge and enthusiastic user database already! But they don't see that the enthusiasm is for photography, not video. I can see the 90 second Rickrollin' clips already being uploaded...*sigh*
chris5015 9 years ago
I did not really think I would get so many people to join so quickly. Thanks to everyone who has joined so far! :)

ortizmj12: I had heard about the video idea a few months ago, but I had hoped it was a long way off, but I guess I was wrong. I think Yahoo should have had a separate site for people to upload video too... maybe "YhooTube"?.... maybe not...
Jon's snaps PRO 9 years ago
Is anyone else having issue uploading photos - or is my bandwidth already being stolen by a video?
MOVED TO PIXELENS FOLLOW ME THERE! [deleted] 9 years ago
LOL dude, that rocks!
Oh gawd man.... don't get me started! ;)

My big concern is the extra bandwidth and server load... sure Flickr is huge, and I'm sure they've though about it... but still. And yeah, I agree with Jon in DC keep flickr pure! If they really want to pursue it, then dupe the site and rename the dupe FlickrVideo or something... give the pro members free pro accounts there, and then set up separate subs for either site...
If yahoo want to add videos to what they do I don't have a problem, but I do have a problem that they are adding Videos to Flickr!

Flickr is for Photographers, photography and Photos.

Flickr itself is Unique and shouldn't be interferred with!

Yahoo should keep them separate Yahoo Video and Yahoo Flickr
pacoguevara 9 years ago
Welcome to the new trash video site. *sigh*
Mr Dayglo [deleted] 9 years ago
I've only recently joined flickr - 2 months ago - and I really enjoyed the fact that it was single image usually photogrpahy of some sort. Video typically stinks ands there is already a well established home for that sort of "oh look my cats fallen off the fridge" stuff. I won't be uploading any videos, I won't be viewing any videos and if flickr turns into video land - sorry I'll be off. That is all!
mey 08 9 years ago
Video rocks, bring it on I say, and for that matter, when was Flickr ever about photography either? Those taking crap photos can now also upload their crap video and a hundered plus people will still like it. Which of course makes it exactly the same as you tube. Hate to burst your bubbles.
chris5015 9 years ago
mey 08: I love video as well! I just don't think it should be on Flickr. And I agree with ortizmj12 when he said "Yahoo! wanted a competitive video site to Google's YouTube." But i don't think this is the answer... Flickr could offer unlimited video storage, and they still would not be as big or popular as YouTube. AOL tried it and they did not do very well.
MOVED TO PIXELENS FOLLOW ME THERE! [deleted] 9 years ago
Ummm right... so why are you here if you think video on flickr is fine? And no, flickr is not exactly like YouTube... sure YouTube has quality and crap videos, as Flickr has quality and crap photos... but that's the thing - one is for VIDEO, one is for PHOTOGRAPHY... if I wanted to take and upload videos, I'd sign up on YouTube...
MOVED TO PIXELENS FOLLOW ME THERE! [deleted] 9 years ago
Good point, didn't think of that... if this video thing tanks, how does that affect the rest of Flickr? Obviously they are spending money building and maintaining the video section/integration, which only takes money away from the photography section development...
darkchild69 PRO 9 years ago
I like watching online vids myself... But I'm a fan of using Youtube for it and I have no problems switching between both the sites. Flickr was originally for photos as far as I know of, I think it should stay that way. Yahoo could always make a new site dedicated to vids!
sungimann 9 years ago
Jack of all trades will be a master of none.

Keep Video OUT.
~ BläckWitch ~ 9 years ago
Hey... but... is this official... or is just rumors. Flickr has public reported that also there will be videos?
Mockney Rebel PRO 9 years ago
I am not particularly bothered that Flickr are allowing videos to be uploaded, but it would be nice to have the option to ignore this content.

Why were groups set up to allow video upload by default? I would have preferred that they were not allowed by default. I have now set 2 of the 3 groups I admin to not allow video.

I have also had to change my autoplay setting as this was set to ON by default. Again, I think it would have been better to have had this set to OFF by default.
chris5015 9 years ago
Its official! People have already started uploading videos.... but right now your limited to only 90 seconds or 150MB.
MOVED TO PIXELENS FOLLOW ME THERE! [deleted] 9 years ago
Yeah that choked me, had to go to the 8 or 9 I admin and either set up vote threads or just disable videos...
And yeah, it's on the main flickr page blog link....
~ BläckWitch ~ 9 years ago
Ok Chris5015.... Then what we can do to stop this? Send a signed letter to Flickr or what will be our better choice? [ sorry for my english, i'm not american!! ]
~ BläckWitch ~ 9 years ago
Sorry & u too Mockney..
ortizmj12 9 years ago
@.: Maverick! :. - Flickr news on video
~ BläckWitch ~ 9 years ago
I can´t believe it Ortizmj12!!!!!... what in the fuck we want that pieces of shit!!!!..... i just.... dah!!!.... flickr is all wrong mennn!!!!
chris5015 9 years ago
.: Maverick! :. For right now we need to see how many people join. Haeretik has been working on a Petition. After that we then take it to Flickr themselves... I put in a request to join the Official Flick Video Blog. Since this is being run by Flickr, I'm sure there will be people in there I can talk to.

OK... I'm off to bed now... its after 3am here! --- Good Night All!
~ BläckWitch ~ 9 years ago
I could take.... i don´t know!!!!.... a video of a really really sunset... or ... or a flowered field with thousands of snowed mountains!!!!..... but see a little baby in the yard, playing with toys!!!.... COME ON FLICKR..... i'm a Pro member and i dont like their decisions!!!!..
Tatters ❀ PRO 9 years ago
I also was thinking about it for awhile... Then more I think, then more I am agree NO VIDEO on FLICKR.

Shoud be "pressR and holdR" not "flickR" :-))
gtvone 9 years ago
please god... NO

like you said J... YouTube...
breakbeat PRO 9 years ago
IMO Flickr has already been watered down by the merging of Yahoo Photos with Flickr, it's being used as a free host and for home made crappy pr0n... god only knows what sort of videos will appear.
It's time yahoo started listening to it's users instead of spending all their time & money trying to one up google... It's never going to happen, that's why they had to buy flickr in the first place... can't beat em, buy em.
If they insist on having video, it should come at a price... I don't see why my pro account fees should go towards paying for some freeloader sucking up bandwidth with a crappy phone cam clips.
Ian Bramham 9 years ago
The whole reason that Flickr is so great is that it's dedicated to photos......if I was interested in video I'd be posting on youtube!
stephmel [deleted] 9 years ago
I love photography and this is the reason I joined Flickr.
I also use sometimes Youtube for sharing videos.
I think that this change would alter serously the image and the character of this site,
Thank you for giving me the chance to express my thoughts in this thread.
AZKiggin 9 years ago
It's rubbish, video should be on YouTube!!
Smirv 9 years ago
I have been reading over these comments and thoughts about the video feature and I am still at a loss here.

First of all, I would like to say that I am all for videos on Flickr. You may be asking me why I joined a group trying to ban it and for this question, I will explain myself.

1. I joined this group because I have questions to ask and I can not ask them as a non member.

2. I would like better insight on why people are so up in arms about the video feature.

With that said, I hope you do not ban me from this group.

Now, on to why I am posting.

I think having a video feature on a photo site is a great idea. It allows users to post all their media in one place. For some people, it can be a hassle setting up two or more accounts for different services. Getting friends on flickr to go to youtube to watch your videos is a little more time consuming then just uploading them to flickr. Also, Youtube's privacy option is very limited as flickr's is not.

Also, I am sure Flickr staff has been researching the bandwidth issues and are working hard to make sure things go smoothly. I would assume that there was a lot of thought and planning put into this before they went live with it. I have yet to feel any effects related to Flickr being sluggish due to the new feature. It is working just fine for me.

Ok, so you do not like this new feature, thats fine and dandy, you are entitled to your own feelings and thoughts on the matter and I am not going to force anyone to change their minds, but do you really need to try to get it pulled from flickr just because you do not like it?

Have your groups where you can chat about this dislikes, that is fine, but trying to get it taken offline is, in a way, forcing your feelings about something on others. Some people like it, some people hate it, thats what makes us human, we all have different feelings. If you do not like it, do not use it, why ruin something for people that actually like it?

Anyway, would love to hear more on this. Will be looking forward to it.
*~*Caz*~* 9 years ago
Have flickr seen the crap that get's uploaded on YouTube?!?! Are they prepared to allow probably much of the same?!? YouTube is gathering more and more bad press, do they want to take the same path! More fool you if you do.

Flickr is a place for photography lovers, please, let it stay that way.

If these changes take place, this is one member that will take her photos and more importantly to Yahoo, my money, elsewhere!
Calvin Wallace 9 years ago
Can I swear in this group?
This isn't Filmr, it's called Flickr for a reason.
Dimit®i 9 years ago
And then what? Music and other stuff? Flickr should remain a photo sharing site, period! They at Flickr should improve some of its defects (very few) and submit new functionalities in the photo field. With this, I'm also a bit worried about the bandwidth that already suffers...
b5ml 9 years ago
The uniqueness and the magic that Flickr has will disappear.. it will be a bit of a mish-mash!

If flickr decide to build a video function… I’ll go away and build a photo only version (like we have now) and cash in on it…
ЯЄΖ PRO 9 years ago
@ Sword of a thousand truths - It's not a case of forcing feelings on anyone, it's about keeping sight of purpose. The purpose of this site was for photography. Many people who joined here originally were attracted by that dedication (myself included) and the fact that there were not a whole heap of other 'distractions' such as videos, games, adverts etc.

"Some people like it, some hate it... that's what makes us human" is perfectly correct and as such we are expressing that in this group as those who hate it.
You ask why we are 'up in arms' and feel that we are trying to force something on people, well look at it from the point of view of someone who doesn't like the idea (difficult for you as you already admitted that you like the idea), it has already been forced on those, without discussion.

It's been said already, there are enough places for video already, it has also been suggested that flickr have a sort of sister site for videos, so there are more than enough options for video uploads without having to add them to a site that was built to it's current popularity by being a dedicated photography site.

Some people might not want to manage two accounts, that's true, but some people here don't want videos (and who knows what in the future?) taking over a photography site. It works both ways.
I'm willing to bet that there is nobody on this site who doesn't already manage more than one account for at least one interest online, so what would be the problem? It wouldn't necessarily have to be two accounts, they could have the same account just on separate sites. There are plenty of options.

Photography and video are quite a separate thing. if you joined a well established fishing (angling) website, you wouldn't want a water ski section or canoeing area would you? if you joined a motorcycle website you wouldn't want cars & bicycles or trucks on it... you see my point I'm sure.

Props are due for your post though. :)
(emyz) 9 years ago
How to invite contacts to this group and or spread news about this petition?
s0ulsurfing PRO 9 years ago
it makes me feel old-fashioned to be reacting this way, but i would like to see Flickr stay as a photography only site. There are already many places for me to play with video, and if bandwidth and performance are affected by the change i'd be inclined not to renew my pro account
i.rashid007 PRO 9 years ago
It is a photography related place, why we should get into motion................!!! No to video here !!!
Aster-oid PRO 9 years ago
Flickr started as a Photography site and it is also advertised or promoted as the best Photography site in the world.
Video has no place on Flickr. Period.
There are better, more experienced, more succesful sites for video uploading...
Let's help keep Flickr dedicated to Photography - this is the least we can do for our beloved Art of Photography...
night photographer 9 years ago
I really don't get why everyone is against this?

I work in television and have loads of independent projects I'd love to upload onto a site other than youtube.
I paid for a photographic site. I believe my flickr account is for photography purposes only. If flickr want to go video, they should at least set it up separately from this one. Or else they maight see a huge migration to other photography sites, I hope.
Jeanette's Ozpix PRO 9 years ago
I find videos can be a real intrusion into one's time! Just imagine the time it would take to view your friend's videos. I have trouble keeping up the photos as it is. I think I'd ignore the videos.
Kelvin Wong (Away) 9 years ago
Yes, i was surprised actually we be able to upload video... this is totally useless! i wouldn't want to post any video to my photostream as it is just make my photo site looks really weird and ruin the quality if i post the video. We already got youtube, why bother to have a video upload in flickr. Instead of video, i would rather suggest to have more HTML code allow such as pure music added in your profile page, or photos slide show from RockYou.com.
Flickr is about photos! youtube is about videos! simple!
Michael - B [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Michael - B (member) 9 years ago
I post on flickr and on youtube. Through photography I started experimenting with time lapse photography, and without flickr I would never have even considered participating in an online photo sharing website. This way my interests expanded from photography to making movies, which I even purchased faster hardware for.

I like both worlds, still photography and movies. If flickr combined both intelligently I wouldn't be against it. Only they would have to control the mobs that rove about on youtube.

HOWEVER! The community aspect on youtube SUCKS BIG TIME and is mainly reduced to flaming people about their beliefs, intents and capabilities. People mainly voice their opinions about how much they hate other people's videos. Youtube users sometime sound like some emotionally distraught people who are part of a lynch mob.

The community on flickr, however, is outstanding, in fact, it is excellent.
shadinsb 9 years ago
Why does yahoo need another video section?
Michael - B [deleted] 9 years ago
Good point.
If Yahoo wants to create a video site, they should make it separate from flickr!

Flickr is already bogged down by so many wonderful photos, nature of the beast. Video will slow the system down even more, resulting in delays and severe frustration. There must be a pure place for photos only, and flickr is the best! Simple, relatively easy to use, accessable to people of all color and creed.

Maybe they could call it ... vlickr?
Bruce Bentley [deleted] 9 years ago
If I want to look at video's I will go to YouTube, I chose flickr over webshots because they went video. Keep photos for photos and make a separate site/domain for Video.
shadinsb 9 years ago
Videos are on Explore already.

And what about Yahoo Video?!?
Duncan_74 PRO 9 years ago
I was hoping that the dross would stick with YoofBoob, and perhaps there would be a highbrow Flickr style of video that would match the still that made up the majority of Explore. Short arthouse type videos.


Worst fears realised. Followed the link on the hompage to teh 'Video Video' group to see what were been added. All three I watched had been invited by an admin.

1. Two toddlers on a see saw. Can you guess what happens after 40 seconds? Nope. Nothing. The kids stayed sat on the see-saw and I felt guilty for now wanting to see a small child inflict pain on themself. 40s seconds of life lost.

2. Dog jumps up to bite bubbles fired from a bubble gun. Really that says it all. No slipping, accidental damage to furniture, no dog farting bubbles epilogue. Cumulative 1m40 of life wasted.

3. The biggy, this looked like the 'art house' I was after. An animation tribute to Star Wars. Bad start though, as the description apologises for it being out of focus slightly due to the camera not doing macro. This really was a slight fib. The appology ought to have been for any of it being in focus at all as the idea was to place the plastic replicas on a table and push the lens up to them then zoom out, then back in until the cameraperson became motion sick.

Three minutes of life now lost.

I now feel cheated that I didn't just go out and smoke a packet of cigarettes again after 8 years of non smoking as I think each cigarette is alleged to take off your life, and at least I'd be slightly warmer.
cindy47452 9 years ago
I'd much rather just keep Flickr a photo sharing site. Isn't that the whole point? There are a lot of other places you can get videos.
Xander Shaw 9 years ago
I am completely against this. After reading all the comments on here I know I'm not alone.

It is unfortunate that Yahoo do want to create a video side to Flickr as they already have a video section (as mentioned by shadinsb four posts above mine). I image the idea is simply being implemented to create more interest for Yahoo and take some attention away from YouTube and the likes (what with the vast amount of Flickr users, the numbers are there). I can understand that. However I doubt the majority of Flickr users actually want that to happen.

I am not sure in what I'm about to say either, but in my roaming, I have never seen any questionnaires from Flickr about the possibility of introducing video to Flickr. It makes sense to ask the people who will be using it what they would like to see or not see, and what their points of view are.

Unfortunately if Flickr changes into a crap video shop as YouTube often is, I doubt my interest will stay with Flickr due to the change in browsing. There are people who take video's as much as people who take pictures. they post them on you-tube and get similar interest as Flickr users do when they post pics. My point, is that tehre are different people who have different interests. Mixing those interests simply won't work in my opinion.

Flickr is in my opinion, THE place to post pictures on the web, whether they be family shots, days out or actual art-photography. Introducing video will take the edge off that and certainly change the way many people look at Flickr (and not in a good way)

The only way I'd like to see it, is if there was a completely separate side to Flickr (such as the afore mentioned Vlickr) which didn't cross over to the picture side, but had all the functionality of Flickr. I could see that working as it wouldn't interrupt the browsing experience of those who simply like pictures.
disco~stu Posted 9 years ago. Edited by disco~stu (member) 9 years ago
one reason I'm against the whole video thing (and I admit its pretty selfish) is beacuse flickr is one of a few sites with a social networking element that I can access here at work without being scuppered by surf control or web filters used my employer. Any site that contains viral video content like youtube is locked up tighter than a monkeys nut and I'm concerned that as soon as video on flickr takes off that flickr will soon be added to those ban lists and filters! that will seriously hamper my enjoyment of this lovely place...

seriously gonna have to search for new employment now...doh =)
SPAM_King 9 years ago
YouBoob is for all the Hacks in the "Microwave" generation.
They want it now, right now, and don't care about the content.
nevertorun 9 years ago
Finally they will destroy the 'photographic' atmosphere of Flickr. That's a sad story.
-ytf- PRO 9 years ago
I joined Flickr because I enjoy the quality of the image. Video on the web is CRAP!!!!!!
clspeace PRO 9 years ago
I'm gutted. Flickr is doomed :(
Paul Cook Photography - The Imaginarium [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Paul Cook Photography - The Imaginarium (member) 9 years ago
When i signed up to Flickr, it was because it was EXCLUSIVELY for photography and photographers, whatever their level of talent/experience.

The introduction of video to the site has really spoiled the theme of the site, and although i am sure there will be some great videos, they will no doubt be the same great videos that you will find on YouTube and all the other video sharing sites.

It really makes me feel a bit let down that i, along with many other 'Pro' members, are now paying for a service that we do not want, need, or appreciate. If Yahoo really want a video sharing service, then by all means have one, but why destroy the success you already have with Flickr!
tbower PRO 9 years ago
If Yahoo wants video, let them start a SEPARATE video sight; we MUST keep Flickr free of video.
Kees van Mansom PRO 9 years ago
No video, but I can understand the need for people to share the video's that they have created with their photos - sort of slideshows with music and so. But there could be separate groups for them. No video in my stream!
Smoothfoote 9 years ago
Just keep them separate! I don't care if Yahoo get on the video sharing bandwagon, as long as there remains a cordoned-off place dedicated to photography and as long as it doesn't slow down the connection so much that it makes the photo part of the site unusable.

Flickr is a unique place and has done wonders for photography, photographic talent, photographic inspiration and the learning of photographic skills and techniques.

I genuinely hope it continues to do so.
julioc. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by julioc. (member) 9 years ago
I'm absolutely against video on Flickr. I'm here for the photography. If I want to see videos I'll go to u-tube or other video site.
Next what? Hi-Flickr-5? Selling books and movies? I'm paying to be here, I didn't PAY to have videos slowing the whole system.

saxonfenken PRO 9 years ago
Flickr will go down hill just as Webshots has, Shame I liked the set up here. It will just open the way for another still photo sharing group.
no to video
JMaz Photo 9 years ago
The problem with recommended YouTube to Flickr folks is that Yahoo doesn't own YouTube. Yahoo is struggling to keep market share against its rivals and sees that site as a serious threat. Yahoo has been unable to grow a video service from nothing, so they're going to try to convert an existing successful photo site into a video sharing site.

Video on Flickr is going to detract from the photography focus of this site. This isn't a place for people to upload and share their vacation snapshots, this is a place for photographers to share in a community of learning and love. Let's keep the love pure.
cafe.noir 9 years ago
ahh i should have seen this coming - sure can understand yahoos motivation behind all this video nonsense... the cheapest and most efficient form of viral marketing... let people upload sneazing pandas, music videos of 13 year old twin-sisters singing white pride folk songs and guys playing handfart-covers of iron maiden and see your incoming traffic explode... controversial stuff here, a little lawsuit there... and you're always in the news... and it's cheaper to pay some lawyers then to pay for world wide ad-campains... and especially once 'rickrolling' is known as 'flickrrolling' they have a constant stream of new users... for free...

but as mentioned like a zillion times now: flickr is for photos and pictures... i really can't imagine that it will increase incomming traffic or stir media attention... as a matter of fact i was about to refresh my expired pro-accound... but right now i'm a little bit disturbed and baffled... really don't know if i want to be a part of this... especially because NOW some dimwit over there at yahoo might think that i finally decided to upgrade again because that video-offer sounded sooo tempting...

but then again - at first i really was shocked... but after reading that it's a pro-only feature my tummy settled again... at least flickr won't be flooded too intensly... i really can't imagine that people would pay for a pro accound soley for the purpose of uploading videos... so it might be less then secondary...

on the otherhand... hey flickr... can you give me a discount on my pro account if i promise not to upload vids? i mean... i'd only use half of your services... so why should i pay full price?
Robem PRO 9 years ago
As many have stated, my first thoughts were "We don't need another YouTube." In my opinion it will permanently degrade the site. FLickr shouldn't try to be all things to all people. I thought Flickr already had a wide demographic range--who knows-in the end it's about money.
_[deleted]_ [deleted] 9 years ago
Shame. This is crap. I don't want to sound pretentious or whatnot, but really, one has to wonder what next shit they'll come up with, and if this could really be the beginning of the end. I do hope not, as I've invested loads in building friendships on here and got to meet wonderful people, and great artists.

What really really irks me is that, Flickr asks you to rate you content and some other shit, but they don't give you choice: if at the very least I was able to say, "show me photos only", that could be slightly better. (And if they kept that dross off of Explore, too.)

But does Flickr really listen to its users? Not really, if the UAE / German / HK censorship bits are any indication. That's the most frustrating thing: deep down, we all know this will be routinely ignored by the site, and video will slowly invade all...
scaamanho 9 years ago
i was considering make videos od my model session,as reference and learn of mistakes, but i yhink that flickr must concentrate in its bussines.
Giuseppe Parisi [deleted] 9 years ago
If I have wanted to do videos I would had opened an account on youtube... what a stupid "improvement". The idea that those video will suck our brandwith for our photos drives me mad!
< brian > PRO 9 years ago
I would HATE to see Flickr turn into another cheesy video site

there is so much crap on Youtube

Keep Flickr for the photographers, or start another site called 'FlickrVideo'
or something so the two of them arent; combined.

Fletcher Gravy PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Fletcher Gravy (member) 9 years ago
"Sheep" by Fletcher Gravy [?]

My name is Fletcher Gravy, and I approve this message.
Video on Flickr? It's the end of Flickr as we know it, and I feel sad!
kjlast 9 years ago
darn, and i only just paid for another year of 'pro' ....
-ytf- PRO 9 years ago
Hey siljegarshol: For every good video, there's a thousand pieces of garbage. The online video community is full of fools and wannabes. I've posted a number of timelapse video on LiveLeak, a UK based upload site. The comments I get are pretty inane. One moron actually thought one of them was faked. "????" Add to the fact that the picture quality is so poor, why bother? I joined Flickr because the picture quality is so much better (aesthetics aside) and the community is interesting and supportive. I am amazed by the amount of people out there who have nothing to say and spend an extrordinary amount of time not saying it. Internet photographers have a life. Internet video posters generally don't. And what's so difficult about adding a link to a video site? NO VIDEO ON FLICKR
West County Camera PRO 9 years ago
I joined a photo site, not a video site.
"Anwaar 9 years ago
=S it's awful we don't want another youtube here :S
and what bothers me the most that they have already
2 i guess videos on explore home page

=S suck
Septentrional ~ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Septentrional ~ (member) 9 years ago
At first I thought it would be cool, there'd be some neat stuff that other photographers could share but now I'm not entirely sure. I quite like flickr as a photography host and I understand their desire to advance, I just don't think that the videos will be used in a way to flatter this website.

Having said that, knowing the terms for the videos, what their intentions were, I'm hoping the system is used properly for, what is their term, long photos? :P

I'm still waiting to see what happens next. It could certainly work :-)
iNelsonRocha Posted 9 years ago. Edited by iNelsonRocha (member) 9 years ago
Hey! While we're on a mood to success changes, why don't we plead for profile pages like MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut and some other hundred web apps?

I really can't believe that Yahoo guys did this insane move!
Cybergabi PRO 9 years ago
I must admit that it was a kind of surprise to see video on flickr. I am not much into video. I don't own a camera myself, it's just not my medium. So I will rarely post any videos to flickr, or none at all.

I do however think that flickr has integrated it nicely. The videos show up on the streams of your contacts, which is cool, since you'd want to see them there, and not in a special other section. But they are visibly marked as videos with the "play" icon, so no one has to look at them if they don't want to. It's just like if I see the thumbnail of a photo that doesn't appeal to me, I don't have to click it.

Flickr was sold to Yahoo, Yahoo has merged the accounts of Flickr and Yahoo, and then the accounts of Yahoo photos and Flickr too, Flickr has introduced image blocking for dubious content on German accounts - Flickr did all these things in spite of huge protests within their user base. You can't seriously think they will turn off a feature in which they have probably invested loads of big bucks just because there's a couple of hundred users who don't want others to upload video files or enjoy watching them.

You're dreamers.

No one has to look at videos if they don't want to. If you can't deal with that, build a group of contacts who refuses to look at videos. And "clean" your contact list accordingly. And only join groups that filter out videos.

And hey, 90 seconds is a cool limit too. I just hope it stays that way.

Maybe you can set up a petition that the user settings will include an option "don't show me videos" (like the "don't show me porn" security levels). That may have some chance to succeed. But not the type of petition you have made.

PS - What I personally find MUCH MORE annoying is the icon invitations and awards in the comment sections. Because this is something you just can't escape. These stupid members of these stupid groups post their crappy glitter everywhere they go, like a dog pees on every tree trunk and car tire it comes across - and you just can't escape the smell. Neither on your own stream, nor in your "recent comments" section. THAT's annoying.
dognutmom PRO 9 years ago
Flickr can not be all things to all people. Stick with photography and do it WELL, don't add video and do two things in a mediocre way.

I am afraid that this is going to affect bandwidth. I experienced a huge slow down yesterday when Flickr was rolling the video out. I don't want to have the "Houston we have a problem" messages every time I want to upload a picture and I had that multiple times yesterday ... both with the Flickr uploader and with uploading from the web.

I think there are WAY more crap videos as opposed to good videos than there are crap pictures as opposed to good ones.

I, personally, have NO interest in making movies other than the "home movie" type of thing which is for our family to watch. I want to improve with my photography, I want to learn and take better pictures. I have no such ambition with video.
hjfklein PRO 9 years ago
Videos should stay at YouTube
and flickr should stay with photos only
<CALI> [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by <CALI> (member) 9 years ago
I have mixed feelings about this. I think it is a better idea for Flickr to create a parallel website (you can call it videoflickr), and give all its members the option to sign up and transfer all contacts that also sign up for the service.

Leave Flickr with photos only.
DarkYES PRO 9 years ago
---->raktfram 9 years ago
perhaps this has already been suggested, perhaps not, dont have the time to troll this thread, I would be in favour of it if it was possible to turn off video content in my account settings, that way nothing has changed. Also i quite like the idea of groups moderating selected content, mining the quality from the dross.
Also has it been considered that many corporate and academic firewall will very soon block flickr exactly like has happened with youtube and a multitude of other sites. flickr will loose it's casual coffee break browsers, and also the link tos that many people make on blogs and websites, I would imagine start to be hosted on other sites that do not encounter such interference.

Alex Foureyes 9 years ago
:( my video is crying now. thanks :(

ha ha agree to quite a bit of that actually but i also think some people are being drama queens.

i do foresee alot of mums and dads posting 3 seconds of "billy on the swing set", 90 seconds of eiffel tower doing what it's alwas done. . . nothing. and
"did you take it?"
"yeah. oh no wait. it's in video mode. oh we'll put it on flickr anyway. quick wave at the camera!"
kaliko81 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by kaliko81 (member) 9 years ago
I agree with CALI. These two mediums can be complementary but shall be on a parallel way. If not it would ressemble to a Power Center with no personnality. As well as dognutmom, I'm concerned about the bandwidth.
PixelTrawler 9 years ago
Terrible idea this.

What sets Flickr apart is the lack of videos. Its one of the reasons I signed up to Flickr

If Flickr wanted to do a site for videos, a new site should be created - - but not as part of the main flickr site

Take a look at the comments on flickr and the comments on youtube - world of difference
Yvonne # 9 years ago
What a pity! I only joined Flickr last month. For the photos!

I already saw some changed texts today:
"things" instead of "photos". Now I know why...

Seems to me it will become a second YouTube with the photos somewhere in between and hard to find.
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