admin 1:59am, 14 May 2009
just looking to fill some spots, i need people who are willing to help invite new members and keep the group going at a steady pace. =) post if interested!
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
I can help.. Like, unofficially.. but yeah, sure.

Maybe we should make an invite and comment code?
Luis Fanlo 9 years ago
will i can help bro
ill surely do anything this group needs =]
admin 9 years ago
Alright you both were made Admins don't let me down!

Cirovic, those codes sound like a good idea. I'll try and work on them, if you'd like to make them also go right ahead!

Luis, you got it bro and i hope you will.
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
If you promise to call me Bella ~ then I'll help make the codes ;-)
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
~As an Admin, you have the option to invite a picture to the group using Flickr code (there's a little check box right under the pic's comment box)~

I've been visiting the various NJ groups and inviting that way.
admin 9 years ago
Yes Bella ha =) i do the same when i have spare time.
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