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introduce yourself here...for all new members and anyone who hasn't done so already!

--my name is will for short, i am from union, nj! and i'm 20 years old and to me every photo has an expression.
imamom72 9 years ago
hey there. Im Justine and live at the shore.

I shoot with a D300 and just got a 24-70 and am very excited to try and bring my photography to the next level.
EphemeralMind 9 years ago
Allo! I'm Mia! :D
I'm from Bridgeton. You probably don't know where that is. Haha
But yes. I love taking photos, and that's why I'm here!

Also, thanks for inviting me!
ECLeyno 9 years ago
hello, im edgar, jersey city here
shannonnnnnn 9 years ago
Roselle Park
I love Wilfredo
and Angelica
and my camera
and that's it :)
Alicia Applecore. 9 years ago
Hey, I'm Alicia. I'm from Brick. I love photography and Jersey. :)
swtnsassy827 9 years ago
Hi all, I'm Tina, Union, NJ here, I love scrapbooking and photography.
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite!
~Bella from Wayne, NJ.
Photography is just a hobby i love!
Luis Fanlo 9 years ago
whaddup everybody, my name is luis, im in union county, and somerset county
uncovered rose [deleted] 9 years ago
hi everyone!
I'm Simao from bloomfield &
thanks for the invite!
i shoot mostly medium format, but am forcing myself to embrace digital.
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
I love both digital and film, my favorite medium format is the Holga. I have a bunch of old cameras that were passed onto me by an Uncle who passed. Old canon, mamiya, practika.. and I just got an Agfa from my mother in law!
Welcome to the group.
mts83 PRO 9 years ago
Hey all, my name is Michael and I'm in the Pine Barrens of Atlantic County. A good chunk of my pictures are from South Jersey, though I also travel up north and out of state as well.

I'm active in photography, and was the president of the Photographic Society of South Jersey (Atlantic City div) a few years back.
Trev Harmon 9 years ago
I'm Trevor Living in Somerville!
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
didactic thrill [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi everyone, Im John from CreamRidge
SCSheola PRO 9 years ago
Hi - I'm Sally from Montclair.

Don't understand why the pool is not visible until you join. People may want to see the pool to know if they want to join. Anyway, why keep it so secret?
Bella Cirovic PRO 9 years ago
Hi ! I'll try to fix that.. we're new to this I guess! Thanks for the input. ~Bella
hirevimaging 9 years ago
Hi...Dan here. From Berkeley Heights .
Hello all, I'm Paul from Marlton
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