B. R. Murphy 12:24am, 4 April 2014
I was wondering if everyone could share any tips and tricks they have found for the P6000.

I am planning to use mine more regularly when I travel instead of lugging a camera bag full of gear and would be interested in learning from others.

One I can share is that if you do pick RAW + JPEG the camera takes forever to write to the card so if you don't need RAW I would not select that. Of course if you need RAW you have no choice.

Anything else to get best results that you have learned the hard way?
librarian7** 4 years ago
The slow write times are awful, but the image quality is wonderful at low ISO. My only tip is to turn off the LCD and use the optical viewfinder... it cuts down on chimping and saves battery life.

That said, I am thinking of moving to a P340 for a pocket camera, I would miss the viewfinder, but at least I would still have the P6000 size with the enhanced performance advantage. What you think?

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