handy produce [deleted] 4:11pm, 17 January 2011
In mint shape with all accessories including a leather slip case. I rarely use it after getting my D7000. It should be with a more adventurous owner :)

Contact me via Flickr mail if interested. I have it listed on Amazon.

Liquid Carbon 7 years ago
I understand your problem. I also have a big dslr, D90. I use both of them. I take the P6k along in the bag, or alone when I want to be inconspicuous. I feel like you do, I want to sell.. but I want to keep as well! It takes great shots.
Did you sell yours yet? I see there is a P7000 out now too.
happy shooting the with D7000!!!
ColetteSimonds PRO 7 years ago
You should keep your P6000! Great lightweight quality camera to complement a big one. I bought a P7000 and had to get a third replacement because of poor quality control. I now use the P7000 as much as I can because I know it will fail like the 2 previous ones that Nikon took back. And I am not the only one who complains about the P7000. The P6000 on the other hand never failed me in the 2 years of intensive use while hiking and trekking!
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