dannylondon71 12:55pm, 29 May 2010
Hi, Im off to Rome next month for a few days break, I wish to take some shots but dont want the holiday to be just about photography.

I have the P6000 & a D300, would in your opinion the D300 be to heaving to carry around for 3 days straight while walking most of the day?

Also how well do you think the P6000 will handle the large buildings and ceilings?

Any help would be grateful.


friendly connection [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi Dan, if you want to enjoy your vacation at the same time take good photographic memories, do not doubt the P6000 is more practical, with its 6-24 lens equivalent to a 28-112 in analog, you either covers the facades of buildings and ceilings.
You can do some tests in your city, for example the church, thinks that in Rome the roofs are usually quite bright, a council does not use ISO higher than 800 or you'll have a lot of noise.

Greetings and happy holidays.

fotosniper 8 years ago
both, p6000 is so small. why not bring it along, going out at night and dont feel like d300. p6000.
carl-dania 8 years ago
Hi Dan. I would agree that if you can carry both and have somewhere safe to leave the D300 then that is a good option - take both. You can then decide which to use when you arrive.

Other than that, the P6000 is more than capable of doing what you require. There are also safety / security considerations - the P6000 is much more discrete than a DSLR hanging round your neck or a camera bag.



khoa_sus2 PRO 8 years ago
ask yourself if there's anything specific you want to shoot with your D300? If there isn't, it stays home :)

enjoy your trip! post pictures (taken with the P6000)
dannylondon71 8 years ago
Thanks for the advice. will be taking the P6000 and if I see stuff I wish to take shots of again I will have a cheap trip over to Rome juat for a photographic trip.

Will post pics, when I get back.
fotosniper 8 years ago
ohh boy, looks like your going back, cause everything you see you will wish you had you d300 and 11-18
Liquid Carbon 8 years ago
I hope this is not too late?
I suggest take the 300 with a strong flash for those inside shots where the building is a bit gloomy? I took my D5000 and no regrets!
Also take the P6000, for those days where you just feel the 300 will be a bit much?
How ever, there is always something for photograph in Rome.
Good luck
smiling touch [deleted] 8 years ago
I just bought a LowePro Inverse 200 and when I go to France on my upcoming hols I am taking P6000 and D300. Plus all the gubbins.......
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