Elvisismycopilot 1:32pm, 4 March 2010
When I go to turn on my P6000 sometimes it doesn't and I have to press the button again. I can't see that it's my handling of the camera that's changed so I'm wondering if perhaps you guys think I need to get it checked out or if you can think of anything that might be happening with the camera..

I was wondering if it was just when my batteries were running low but I've tested that and there seems to be no correlation.

I've had the camera for less than a year so I can take it to be checked out but that means being without my camera which I am loathe to do as I'm doing a 365 at the moment. My only other camera is a P5100 with a broken flash.

Anyone else having this problem or know why it might be happening?
fotosniper 8 years ago
bummer dude, sounds like its time for a trip to el segundo.
khoa_sus2 PRO 8 years ago
Mine's been like that since I bought it (mind you, it's in for warranty service for the third time in six months). I usually have to press and hold for a bit for it to turn on. It might, however, be due to dirt/etc. in the button/switch contact. If it's still under warranty, you can try to send it off?

Is the Coolpix 885 still serviceable? :)
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