funsky1 PRO 11:55pm, 1 February 2010
Just bought a Nikon refurbished P6000 and am getting used to it.

Have a Nikon 50DX flash which was designed for digital cameras - I had it with my problematic N5700. Worked fine with that overpriced beast of a camera most times.

On the P6000 and in TTL mode - it talks to the P6000 and the camera acknowledges the connection on the LED screen.

However - it GREATLY over-exposes on flash shots - no matter how I try adjusting exposure in strobe menu OR on the camera menu. Very strange.

Tried Green mode, P, S and Manual.

Anyone have any ideas???
khoa_sus2 PRO 8 years ago
I think unfortunately with the P6000and a non iTTL, older flash, you can only adjust flash intensity with your aperture, unless your flash has a direct control over intensity. Even then, I think it sounds like it's being ignored. I had a very simple hotshoe flash once with the P6000, and I couldn't get the intensity down either with the on-camera controls.

You might have to resort to using the aperture and maybe a diffuser to cut down on the flash intensity. That sucks, I know.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!
smiling touch [deleted] 8 years ago
I have not looked your flash up so not clued up onn it's specs. Can you turn the output down manually?
Alladin4 8 years ago
The only older flashes that will work are those that offer NONE TTL AUTO MODE .In this mode the flash will work fine on any DSLR
Alladin4 8 years ago
You should not have any problems on MANUAL
khoa_sus2 PRO 8 years ago
I've started using an SB-15 that's probably older than I am with the P6000. No problem as long as I use the "auto" (non-ttl) modes, and adjust my aperture accordingly.
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