new nikon p100

brandini2010 12:30am, 12 February 2010
ive purchased a nikon p6000 , and like the digi camera
question ((((( is the nikon p100 , the direction the nikon p6000
was taking , and or is a nikon p7000 , p6100 on the way to creation , many thanks email :
johnny98 8 years ago
The P100 is a much different camera from the P6000. The P100 has a smaller image sensor, so image quality is inferior the P6000. Small sensor image quality can be especially bad indoors, but the P100 also lacks a hot shoe, which would help reduce that problem.

With its big zoom, the P100 is more of a special purpose camera for people who shoot sports or wildlife in bright sunlight conditions. In all other situations, the P6000 will give you superior results.
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