Elvisismycopilot 3:26pm, 19 September 2009
Hi all,

I've posted a note beneath this pic which pretty much tells you all of my views after using generic wide angle lenses with my P6000 for the last couple of months.


Have fun,

Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
In the UK the generic lenses usually cost around £50.00. The Nikon version cost £100.00 but I still think it's going to be worth it.

I use my wide angle lens all the time, but us it just me. Expandability is the main reason I have the camera.
zack vella 9 years ago
Hello. Ive had my Nikon P600 for about a year and im loving it. Ide like to get wide angle lense, like this one


but im concerned of a few things.
A. it wont actually fit
B. its going to suck

any advice would be great, im trying to shy away from the huge price tags. thanks

Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
The lens will fit as long as you get the adapter. You can pick one up on ebay for between £5 and £10, sorry, don't know what currency you use Also, if you have the adapter it means that you can also use filters. I've never had a lens get stuck, I use them all the time. Opteka seem to be better than the lenses that I use but I still want the Nikon one :)

Hope this helps :)
zack vella 9 years ago
WOW your so awesome! thanks. And to be sure, the adaptor were talken about is that UR-E21 thing right?
khoa_sus2 PRO 9 years ago
The UR-E21 has a 43mm thread. The Opteka lens in your link looks like it's a 58 mm thread, it looks like (from reading the box in the picture). You'd need a 43-58 mm step up ring in order to make it fit. I've also seen some third-party lens adapter tubes that have a 52 mm thread (they're much cheaper than the UR-E21), and in that case you'd need a 52-58 mm step up ring.

From my experience, wide-angle lenses are harder to fit on the P6000 than telephoto, since 1) the 28 mm equiv wide end is already quite wide, and 2), smaller (narrower) wide converters lead to vignetting and lots of distortion

Good luck!
zack vella 9 years ago
Just for reference do you the mm on the Nikon P6000? I don't want lots of distortion, right? If im looking to get something fun for this camera, what do you think would be good for around 60-100 USD. Thanks guys.
khoa_sus2 PRO 9 years ago
I think you're confusing my measurements in terms of thread size vs. angle-of-view... The P6000's built-in lens wide angle is 28 mm (in 35mm film camera terms). This is focal length. The UR-E21 adapter tube screws onto the camera and allows for the attachment of conversion lenses. The thread size on the UR-E21 is 43mm. The Opteka lens has a 58 mm lens thread, and so you'll need an adapter again to be able to screw it onto the UR-E21. What I mean with vignetting and distortion, is that you want to avoid a physically small + narrow lens converter. Look at Nikon's own WC-E76 converter lens: farm4.static.flickr.com/3054/2742437103_991892f702_o.jpg

Of course, the Nikon lens is the best (but most expensive) option.

I really think the best thing for you to do is to go hunting for a converter in-store and really see how and if it'll work on your camera. I've been able to find telephoto and wide converters at second-hand and surplus stores in the past, with mixed results. I really do think that buying third-party lens converters is a bit of a mixed bag: you *never* know if something is going to work and/or work well until you try it! I've tried lenses that should have worked great in theory but that really quite sucked, and vice-versa. I actually also have a hunch that the 0.45x conversion factor on the Opteka lens you've linked is a bit too much, since the Nikon one is only 0.75x or so.

zack vella 9 years ago
Very helpful and informative. Thanks alot ~k Ill swing by a camera store per your suggestion, and maybe ill just buy what i find off amazon. Thanks again
caboose_rodeo PRO 8 years ago
I have the adapter...and no lens yet!
Maybe it doesn't matter; I may have killed my poor little P6000...
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