Excessive Noise

B. R. Murphy 1:18am, 3 September 2009
I read this might be a problem on this camera....has anyone else experienced this...and if so what did you do about it.

This was shot on 400 asa and it looks like something from a $50 camera, not a "sophisticated" Nikon high end point and shoot!!!

Just one example, shot indoors of a colleage of mine at work. Garbage!

fotosniper 9 years ago
show me a compact camera with a sensor the size of this that truely exceeds this output @ 400 iso?
learn the limitations of your tools.
do you remember what consumer grade 400 speed film use to look like? way worse than this.
if you must shoot high ISO convert to B&W and the noise turns into grain. or shoot raw and convert later with noise reduction.
johnny98 9 years ago
I agree. The only compact cameras with low noise at ISO400 are the ones with larger sensors like the Sigma DP1. Those have a whole bunch of other issues, though.
B. R. Murphy 9 years ago
Just got the camera so I am learning the limitations.....this apparently is one of them. Ugly.

And, not sure what 400 ASA film you were using! LOL
fotosniper 9 years ago
consumer grade film sucked when viewed at 100% fuji 400 or kodak gold 400 were junk.
johnny98 9 years ago
Remember that a lot of the noise is not noticeable at normal print sizes (like 4x6 inches or 8x10 inches).
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