cuthysmalz2 PRO 11:43pm, 18 August 2009
Just a starter photographer with my p6000 but had a hell of a time taking pictures at the aquarium with moving animals and very low lights. Can someone give me some tips in taking these types of pictures.
fotosniper 9 years ago
these are the exact situation that a P&S is not gonna exceed.
i shot these with my d300 but with the p6000 i would try similar settings
200 iso, 28mm @ f2;7 VR enabled, hold it as still as possible
the big tank by fotosniper

yo tony, kill this guy by fotosniper

i also understood that shooting thru the thick plexiglass kills sharpness, so i put my energy into capturing more abstract images.
beautiful but deadly by fotosniper
cuthysmalz2 PRO 9 years ago
yea thanks, I know that later on when i do buy a good DSLR I hopefully won't run in with this problem. For the moment being however I am using the p6000 which is an exceptionally good camera for a beginner such as myself. Please check out some of my shots, and thank you for the response.
johnny98 9 years ago
All P&S cameras suck in low light situations. The P6000 sucks less than most because the hot shoe allows you to attach a good flash. However, a powerful flash may be difficult to use effectively in an aquarium or it may not be allowed.
cuthysmalz2 PRO 9 years ago
lol Yea i see people with their P&S using their flash in a dark aquarium and they always have that sour face afterwards because they just found out that it's not a good way to take a good pics of the fish.
Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
I've not managed to get many great aquarium shots sadly. But some fantastic aquarium videos mind.
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