fotosniper 6:18pm, 30 August 2009
hey guys, I have been looking for a viewfinder for my camera and have been discouraged by ebay prices. I mean 99 bucks for a brassy beat up nikon 35 VF is just crazy.
So i remembered a thread on here about a guy who made his own.
i began diggin thru my old camera junk and pulled out 2 old canon A1 WPs. it has a big bright VF that has guidlines for 32mm, but is way bigger than that

since this was a big expensive P&S, everything inside is servicable. the VF comes out clean with three scews.
I trimned the little bits of the outside and wrapped it with 1/8th inch foamboard.
i glued it to the top of an extra BS-1 i had and presto, homemade VF.

Its a little bootleg, but it works great and its light and seams pretty tough covered in the foamboard. this ones the prototype. im gonna make another one with what i have that will be better.
I think you could do this with any cheap P&S. and a little glue and craftmanship.
fotosniper 9 years ago
heres the final product
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