Battery Life

Technical Pan 12:02am, 24 August 2009
Is it normal for the P6000 to drain it's batteries over the course of a week on not being used? I fully charged mine about a week ago and today when I went to turn it on the battery was dead. Just currious
johnny98 9 years ago
Upgrade to the newest firmware. The 1.0 firmware had poor battery life, but the latest firmware is much much better.
fotosniper 9 years ago
did you have GPS activated? this will drain batts
B. R. Murphy 9 years ago
Turn off GPS for sure. It wakes up regularly to check where the camera is even it if is shut off.
nikonsaint 8 years ago
Hi. Uploaded new firmware about a month ago and battery is still charged. Amaizing what a bit of electric wizardry can do !!

Regards Dave
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