fotosniper 3:15pm, 21 August 2009
So I have been testing my new machine and every few hundred shots or so upon review an image which previously was viewable is suddenly corrupted. Im wondering if my camera is defective or if this a camera/card issue.
aback account [deleted] 9 years ago
I have not encountered this issue, do you format your card when finished?
fotosniper 9 years ago
well this is the first card i put in it, formated. Im gonna try another card this weekend
khoa_sus2 PRO 9 years ago
In my experience, this also pops up when you view the image files on your computer, and rotate/delete/modify the files before you put the card back in the camera. The camera stores directory "metadata," I think, and doesn't like it if images are edited out-of-camera.
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