fotosniper 2:44am, 12 August 2009
I think im about to pull the trigger. just wondering, when you are useing U1 and U2, what shooting mode are you in? program? aperture?

Im pretty sure i can use my sb800 as a commander?

and i asked in another thread, but does the rubber on the body peel off like it is on my d300?
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
The U1 and U2 are whatever you set them up to be. It will always be set to whatever ISO, shutter fstop etc you program it
fotosniper 9 years ago
so its kinda like full manual?
johnny98 9 years ago
U1 and U2 are user-programmable. You choose what you want them to be.

There already is a manual mode. Most people probably use U1 and U2 for their favorite program mode settings (e.g., white balance, exposure override, color processing, etc.).
fotosniper 9 years ago
but what im asking is if, along with WB and EV comp, if i could set U1 to apeture priority and U2 to shutter?
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
Yes you could do that with the two U pre-sets, and havethem hold whatever other settings you wanted as well.

The rubber doesn't peel off mine.

You can use all NikonSpeedlights to their full effect with the P6000
fotosniper 9 years ago
excellent. thank you tby
fotosniper 9 years ago
now. concerning Raw converters, I thought ACR could handle NRWs? Is it a windows only thing? I did an ACr update last night and it still does not recognize. Is there a cheap alternative for mac?
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
Sorry, I have not yet got my head around RAW capture.
Do you shoot RAW a lot? Have any hints for a RAW noob??
johnny98 9 years ago
Adobe Lightroom on my PC handles NRW fine. No idea about Mac.

The main point of RAW is that at it disables all the white balance and color manipulation modes in the camera. Instead, you apply these in your PC, one image at a time. If you like doing a lot of post processing, RAW can improve your image quality a little (preserve more detail). If you're generally happy with JPG's straight out of the camera, then RAW may not be worth the extra work.
Craig Walton PRO 9 years ago
I use NRW (RAW) in aperture and iphoto '09 on my mac and it works fine.
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