worried meal [deleted] 4:41pm, 22 July 2009
I contacted Nikon Canada regarding this observed exposure shift(see the"some observationpost") and tried to explain what is in my opinion a malfunction. I also mentioned that there were others out there with the same observation. The service rep. asked me how I knew that and I mentioned this flikr page. He got on his computer and brought up my flikr post. I want to thank the other posters re this observation as It validated my claim. The rep put me on hold and I waited and waited but after about 5 min. he stated the the camera has to be recalibrated. He further stated that he would discuss this with the General Manager and get back to me. I asked him if the cameras would have to be sent in and he said no. I suspect that there is a hidden menu that could be accessed by pushing a combo of buttons and powering up allowing one to make changes to the software{firmware} and allowing this recalibration. I am still waiting to hear from them and when I do I will post the results.
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
Cool, nice work. Keep us posted eh?
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