worried meal [deleted] 9:42pm, 16 July 2009
I have had some time to play with my new toy and noticed a couple of things that puzzle me. 1. Auto focus is generally pretty good but when I turn auto assist light off it gets faster and better even in low light.Seems to me that the assist lamp slows things done. 2. In any auto exposure mode the aperture/shutter values are displayed but when I push down on the shutter button to set and lock exposure the value jumps up one stop. I have a set ISO(non auto) and no active "D" lighting set so what would cause that one stop shift? What and why is the camera registering an exposure value and pushing the shutter button to take an image and decreasing the value one stop(usually the shutter value)??
noiseless expansion [deleted] 9 years ago
i noticed the same thing. i'll like the meter reading and i go to take the shot and i get 1 stop up which over exposes, de-saturates, etc the image i want. i'm constantly using -exp comp to get it back to looking like it did on the lcd before i locked focus/exp with the shutter. in fact i'm gonna try walking around with it always set on -1EV.
p.s. i'm gonna try the "turning off auto assist light" thing.
Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
Thanks for those observations. I wasn't as happy with my P6000 as I was with my P5100. Going to see if this is why.

Anyone got anymore observations?
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
I have noticed the over exposure thing, not followed the fault through to where MacroFrank has got to tho, will keep my eye on it.
I never use auto-focus assist lamp so cannot yet comment. Don't like it, it always feels 'aggressive' to my subjects when I use it.

I have not upgraded the firmware yet, have any of you done so?
worried meal [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by worried meal (member) 9 years ago
I did upgrade the firmare to Ver 1.2. I did that right after I brought the camera home so I can not compare as to what the new version has done. I have purchased the MH61 wall charger and an extra battery as charging the unit with the AC adapter was not acceptable. The new firmware as I read it has reduced the current consumption giving better battery life but I have no way to compare. Also I read somewhere that the GPS performance was improved but I can tell you that its still the worst GPS receiver I have used. Don't get lost in the bush with your P6000!!!
Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
A pretty big observation. I upgraded from a P5100 to the P6000. I don't use my tele-photo lens often and so tonight was the first time since I've had the P6000 that I've tried it out. I was pretty shocked to discover that the P6000 is ONLY set up to use a wide-angle lens. With the P5100 I could use Wide-angle, tele-photo and fisheye lenses. I wish I'd known this. One of my main reasons for having this camera is it's expandability!
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
After 4 days of using the camera in A with a 1/7over exposure I have found the pics to be coming out better exposed.
There you go, usuallly I use M anyway, but it's good to know....
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