Pete Prodoehl PRO 6:26pm, 29 June 2009
I'm working on a project which would use a Nikon P6000, and was hoping someone who has one can answer a question for me...

Can I plug in the AC power adapter and keep the camera powered on and shoot while it's plugged in?

(We want the camera to be mounted in place and powered on ready to take a photo for a month or more, and don't want to have to worry about the battery dying or needing to be charged.)

noiseless expansion [deleted] 9 years ago
From what i can tell.. yes. i haven't been able to drain mine while it's being charged.
Reginald Watkins 9 years ago
I had my AC power adapter plugged in for a week while doing some interval photography of a banana going rotten. The movie sucked but the power adapter did the job nicely. I was using the P5100.
John Biehler PRO 9 years ago
Yup...I've done some timelapses with no battery installed and it just plugged should have no issue.
Pete Prodoehl PRO 9 years ago
Thanks for the replies... Looks like our time-lapse project can move forward! :)
Reginald Watkins 9 years ago
Would love to see the results of your work...
worried meal [deleted] 9 years ago
Yes but keep in mind that when you power up the camera the battery charging stops. When i want to use the gps I plug in the AC adaptor as it takes 30 min+ to get a good lock on the satellites and then go to battery power by unpugging the adaptor. I did purchase the MH61 wall charger and extra battery for charging only.
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