noiseless expansion [deleted] 6:14am, 24 June 2009
i know a lot of people are curious about these 2 cameras (& LX3). having had a G10 - some insights. got rid of it b/c frankly it's too big and too heavy. does it take "better" quality images than the P6000? usually. but so does my D700 and for the size and weight of the G10 you might as well grab your DSLR. P6000 is feather light in comparison and can fit in a pocket. G10 has a fidly shutter button and you'll take a lot of pics on accident and miss the ones you wanted. P6000 has a real(er) shutter button. P6000 raw files now work with NX2 which adds a lot of versatility and improved quality. P6000 is intuitive, works with my speedlights, and fits into my workflow. & it takes pictures better than the NO Pictures from the G10, when i left it at home b/c it's a brick. Just a few thoughts, what's yours?
johnny98 9 years ago
The main reasons that I bought my P6000:
1. works with Nikon Speedlights that I already own
2. fits in my pants pocket
3. full RAW mode support in PhotoShop and Lightroom

If the LX3 or G10 had all these features, I would have given those more consideration. The P6000 is cheaper than both of those cameras.
zirtico 9 years ago
I had returned my Canon SX200 IS to get the P6000. In Canada, at least, it was a no brainer. The P6000 was $20 cheaper, but had infinitely more features which I am so thankful for. RAW support being a big one. Thankfully, in this megapixel race, at least it doesn't have a 1/2.3" sensor for 13.5 megapixels. Slower shutter speed too. From here I plan to buy the next version of the D5000 or another decent entry-level DSLR.
worried meal [deleted] 9 years ago
Good move. I have a D90 and a D40. My wife has a Fuji J10 and when I go for my walks I grab the J10 but a couple of weeks ago I took it out of her purse and at her work she wanted to take a couple of piks but to her surprise "no camera". That was a mistake on my part and as a result I started looking for my own P/S. I found the P6000 and brought it home. I updated the Firmware to Vers. 1.2 and have really enjoyed using this camera on a day to day basis. Its a keeper. I do not use the GPS but it does work and image quality is good for a P/S camera.I shoot raw if it is critical and use ViewNX to convert ithe image to TIFF so that my Photoshop Elements 3 can do the post proccessing.
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