Algorythm Recordings 9:43am, 30 May 2009
I am looking into buying a Nikon COOLPIX P6000 + FC-E8 lens.
I want to take some hdr images. I would like to use a setup like this:

At the moment i only have a tripod
I have been looking around on the net and i see that i would need a "adaptor" to get the FC-E8 lens to fit on the COOLPIX P6000. If anyone could tell me exactly what "adaptor" this would be. I dont know much about camera equipment so any assistance would be appreciated.
jbrick1 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jbrick1 (member) 9 years ago
The set-up that is shown on the page that you referenced is available from Agno's in Italy. They even have new FC-E8 lenses in stock. The whole system is pretty expensive however at 150 Euros for the set (without the lens). They also have a similar set-up available for the FC-E9, which has a larger diameter but they don't have any FC-E9 lenses available. I haven't ever done business with Agno's but their products appear to be well-made and I have seen several threads that talk highly of their products.

Here is the one for the FC-E9:

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