B. R. Murphy 3:46pm, 19 April 2009
Here is a direct question for everyone, should I buy a Nikon P6000?

Are you happy with your P6000?

I have a Nikon D80 which I love but I want a high quality point and shoot that I can carry with me all the time.

I have read some reviews that say the battery life is poor (less than 200 shots) and there is quite a bit of noise in images shot at anything other than the lowest ISO settings.

I have been looking at other cameras, the Panasonic/Leica twins, and the Sigma camera. I have been a Nikon shooter for more than 20 years so maybe I am already bias!!

Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated!
johnny98 9 years ago
All P&S cameras are noisy at ISO 400 and above. If you already own Nikon Speedlights, you can attach them to the P6000 to reduce your ISO.

The Nikon battery life is much improved with the 1.2 firmware.

The Panasonic and Sigma are better in some situations, but they also have a more limited zoom range and bulkier size.

If you own a recent version of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, it fully supports the Nikon RAW mode. The Panasonic RAW mode is only half supported. Don't know about Sigma.
photoguy132002 9 years ago
I just went through this same thought process and wound up with the P6000. All in all I have really had a lot of fun with it and would highly recommend it.
I just took the P6000 (with my D80) on a long train trip to Seattle - the ability to use the manual controls, to have full control of the flash, to put an SB800 on the hot shoe (direct and with a SB17 cord) and the overall small size just rocked!
Features that i thought were completely worthless like the ability to capture video clips turned out to be totally cool.
The 1.2 firmware update is well worthwhile as I could easily shoot 300 images 4-5 videos a day with no problems.
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
I 2nd photoguy, total manual control, plus full bore speedlight usage (both on and off camera) are the prime reasons to buy, the video function (especially the stop frame animations) are a bonus.
It's got a good size and weight, smaller than the G10, and against the Panasonics, Leicas and Sigmas stands up well.
A lotof it is just personal preference I know, but if you have Nikon kit anyway then it comes across as a no brainer.
B. R. Murphy 9 years ago
Thanks...I am still thinking about it :)

Or I could buy a new lens...LOL!
A Dill 9 years ago
Something to consider, that stopped me from buying a p6000 - you can only use nikon speedlights with it. I couldn't get my cybersync to fire from the hot shoe, and I've heard from others that their pocket wizards wouldn't fire either. That rules out any high-speed flash sync, and limits your options for off camera flash.

That's not the case with the g10 or leica/panasonic cameras.
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
Well actually..........

I spent 4 unhappy hours traumatising over my newly purchased P6000 and my Cactus triggers. I was ready to send it back for a refund.
Then I worked out that if you go into set-up menu and disable the built in flash, but have the built in popped up anyway, the Cactus fired and strobist photography was go.
I have savd that into the camera's 'U1' pre-set function and all is happy in my camera bag.

Try it out with Cybersyncs and PWs and let me know how you got on please.

photoguy132002 9 years ago
A Dill,
Please take a look at "Zircon Reflect 0029" posted to this group. I shot that product within 30 min of getting my P6000 firing 2 SB800's off camera with PocketWizard II's - technique is as tby v describes. Works with any flash using manual mode.
Have fun!
A Dill 9 years ago
Great information - I brought my cybersyncs to my local camera store and spent about 10 minutes trying to get it to work, with no luck, then had it confirmed by some others online that the p6000 only plays nice with other Nikons.

I'l very glad to hear I was incorrect!
A Dill 9 years ago
Quick Question - using the above method, is high speed flash sync possible? I.e the 1/1000 - 1/2000th that's possible with the G10 and LX3?
photoguy132002 9 years ago
A Dill, the Zircon shot is at 1/320 sec - I just did a single lite portrait meetup and used the P6000 to shoot at 1/800 sec - now of course you have made me curious ...... More to come
photoguy132002 9 years ago
OK, a very quick test shows accurate and repeatable results at 1/1000 using a SB800 1/1 manual with PWII's to fire. 1/2000 also works fine as long as the SB800 is set to 1/4 power (to shorten the flash duration). I'll post images as soon as I get something interesting.
msvphoto44 9 years ago
So I am guessing that if you plug a wireless (pw/cactus) into the pc plug on an SB800 it will fire your slaves?
John Biehler PRO 9 years ago
msvphoto44: Yup...I even wrote a blog post about it:

Coolpix P6000 with Cactus trigger
Technical Pan 9 years ago
Three days as the owner of a P6000 tells me I made no error. I have yet to play with any of the special functions yet and am in no hurry as I am still stuck on the quality of image I get on A. S or M.. The rest can wait, what matters is this is another reason why I am a commited Nikon Fan...
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
Check my photostream for lots of pics with Cactus fired remote flashes
worried meal [deleted] 9 years ago
The short answer is "yes". This baby nikon is a perfect companion to my dslr's and does a decent job of providing good image quality.
B. R. Murphy 9 years ago
Thanks a lot...maybe I am still slow......thinking, thinking....my airline reward program allows me to get one for "free" if I used up some points so it is painfully tempting.

If you start to see my posts here more I guess you will know the outcome :)

It does not sound like anyone hates it, which is good!
Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
If I've said anything negative about the P6000 I take it all back. I had trouble getting over my P5100 which was dropped and broken and so it was a forced break up. My P6000 and I are now very happy together as the amount of images I have been uploading recently will testify. Get it. Get it now.
B. R. Murphy 9 years ago
I just ordered it on-line....now the waiting begins.

Tick, tock, tick, tock....hmmm.
Elvisismycopilot 9 years ago
Looking forward to your pictures :)
Merlin Adventures 9 years ago
I've tried these flash work-arounds and cannot get my Nissin di622 to fire. Finally I gave up and bought a sb-400, I trigger the Nissin as an optical slave. You can see cave photography on my stream using this technique, the sb-400 is connected with a synccable so is off camera.
fotosniper 9 years ago
question. If I use my p6000 next to my d300 with GPS enabled, can i extract the gps data and apply it to the d300 files?
smiling touch [deleted] 9 years ago
Dunno, I never use GPS myself.
Try Nikon support?
B. R. Murphy 9 years ago
I shot my first photos this evening as my camera arrived at home today when I was at work.

It was a mad rush around to get a few in the really nice sunset, and then get home to be with my kids so my wife could go out. Awfully fortunate that I found a BMW Z4 to volunteer to help with my project!! (Thanks Sean!)

Already without even reading the manual I am pretty happy with it. Really sharp images, even a little better than what I expected.


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