peejayk 5:27pm, 7 February 2009
I finally got around to ordering my P6000 but think I might have messed up by ordering a 16Gb Sandisk card.

What's the max size this camera will actually take? I mistakenly assumed it'd take the latest & greatest being very new & 16Gb cards being out a while but now I've downloaded the manual in advance, it only states up to 8Gb...
johnny98 9 years ago
I don't own any 16GB cards, but I would be surprised if it did not work.
John Biehler PRO 9 years ago
Works fine with 16gb SDHC cards from shouldn't have any problem.
peejayk 9 years ago
Ah cool - thanks both!
david_sullivan PRO 9 years ago
Works fine. In fact if you use the III extreme ones it helps with the frame rate
tango_28 PRO 9 years ago
16GB works great in my camera.
noiseless expansion [deleted] 9 years ago
16 gb PNY SDHC working fine
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