gaspardking PRO 2:55pm, 24 January 2009
I'd really like to try out long exposure photos with my lovely P6000 but cannot seem to find if this is possible. Does anyone here know? I would be immensely greatfull for a little help!
Many thanks, and carry on snapping!!
All the best
girolame PRO 10 years ago
The longest exposure with P6000 is 30'
Example of photo taken with P6000 and 20' exposure :
gaspardking PRO 10 years ago
Sorry for the dumb question: but where do i go to be able to do this? which menu i mean?

lovely photo by the way , especially considering it was 10 pm!!

girltwin 10 years ago
Hi Gaspard,

I used a very long shutterspeed to get the elongated car in the following:

Missouri street scene

I used a tripod and set it to S mode, cranked to the longest shutter mode.

Let me know if this does not work for you. I am also a huge fan of this camera. Unfortunately mine is off being fixed......too many beach shots.
gaspardking PRO 10 years ago
thanks very much! wil try asap!!!
all the best
gaspardking PRO 10 years ago
figured it all out now. will post as soon as i have satisfying results!!!
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