Break down

girltwin 12:48am, 11 January 2009
I've had my P6000 for less then 3 months and may already have terminal break down. The autofocus mechanism goes into overdrive every time I turn it on and goes back and forth between focal subjects. It makes noises like a grinding motor. Any suggestions on this from other users? I love the camera, but am a bit bummed.
Reginald Watkins 9 years ago
On my P5100 there is a setting called "Auto-focus mode". If I choose "Full-time AF" it will continuously try to focus. I utilize the "Single AF" mode. If I use full-time I hear the gears moving as well.

Single AF (default setting) - Camera focuses when shutter-release button is pressed halfway.
Full-time AF - Camera focuses continuously until focus is acquired and locked. Use with moving subjects.

Hope this helps....
8mobili Posted 9 years ago. Edited by 8mobili (member) 9 years ago
hi, cree!

to avoid further break downs i would highly recommend you to buy the original nikon adapter tube 'UR-E21', a 43mm to 46mm step-up ring and a 46mm UV filter. mount it instead of the unscrewable black ring around the lens shaft, and you'll never have any problems more, except this: the camera is now a little bit bulkier and slightly too large, to put it in a trouser pocket. but the lens is wonderfully protected against all adversities like rain, dust, sand or even pushs. and you'll get the chance to fit other useful accessories like a pol-filter, a sunshade or the marvellous wide-angle lens nikon wc-e76, which gives you exciting possibilities at architecture or society subjects.

state of the art: nikon P6000 + pol-circular

p.s. i really love my p6000, too. she's a stunner !!!
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