lens adapter?

johnny98 2:59pm, 18 October 2008
Does anyone have the Nikon UR-E21 lens adapter (or equivalent)? Does it allow you to use filters (like a polarizer) with the Nikon P6000? If yes, what filter size? Thanks.
karloil 10 years ago
i do have the ur-e21. sadly, i haven't had time to check out the thread diameter. i'll let you know soon...
karloil 10 years ago
johnny98 9 years ago
I wound up buying this 3rd party lens adapter for US$5 from DealExtreme. This is a Hong Kong company that sells cheap made-in-China products with free shipping to the USA (probably other countries as well).

I see a few EBay dealers selling the same product for slightly higher prices.

The tube is made of aluminum (light, but strong). The threads on the camera end match the camera perfectly. The threads on the filter end match my 52mm filters perfectly. The only filter I will likely use with this is a polarizer, which is a very useful tool on bright sunny days.

You can also mount a 52mm hood to block the sun or add some protection to the camera. Generic rubber hoods cost a few dollars at camera stores.

The 52mm size is big enough to eliminate vignetting with the adapter alone or with a filter mounted. Vignetting from a hood is possible, depending on the shape of your hood (a telephoto hood will cause problems if you zoom the camera all the way out). My mid-range hood only vignettes at the widest angle lens setting, but since the hood is rubber, I can easily fold it out of the way in that case.

Nikon P6000 with 52mm lens adapter
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