johnny98 4:00am, 6 October 2008
I own a Nikon DSLR. I was thinking of buying the P6000 as a backup or for for times when the DSLR would be too heavy.

How is the image quality of the P6000, especially in low light? Almost any digital camera can take good photos in good light, but the better ones really shine in low light situations.

How does the P6000 compare to other compact cameras in this price range? Thanks.
rakerman PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rakerman (admin) 10 years ago
I have added a couple photos taken at sunset, using two different "scene" modes. I used my Joby Gorillapod as the tripod, but I don't have a remote trigger, so it was tricky work taking the shot without any motion introduced to the camera.
johnny98 10 years ago
Unfortunately, these photos cannot be viewed in the original image size. The shrunk down photos are too small to evaluate.
rakerman PRO 10 years ago
I will put them in the Creative Commons, then you can view the full size.
johnny98 10 years ago
I guess you're right. Without using a good tripod, the camera's image quality is hard to judge in these photos.
girltwin 10 years ago
Hi johnny,

I could not be happier with my P6000. It is small enough to take anywhere. here's a lower light pic from last week.

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