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  • Best place to get FM2

    Hey everyone:) Could you recommend a trustworthy site to get a FM2? Had trou...

    kingchowy2 days ago7 replies

  • What's wrong with my Camera?

    My Nikon FM2n continues to give me fits. It doesn't matter if I shoot slightly o...

    LonelyWulf3 days ago8 replies

  • Digital, back to film.

    How many people bought digital cameras and then decided to go back to film.

    photoman1697 days ago10 replies

  • Looking for film

    I've recently gotten into photography and I've became really interested in film ...

    VoyagesonSeafoam7 days ago3 replies

  • Metering for Children's Sports Day

    Hi I'd like to be shooting my daughter's sports day this coming Sunday with t...

    absolut xman8 days ago3 replies

  • Lens advice: 55mm or 105mm f2.8 AI-S?

    Hi all, I am a film camera and SLR rookie looking for a little advice on the pu...

    gogglz4 weeks ago4 replies

  • repair/service manual for fm2

    Hello all. I wonder if there is any repair manual available for the FM2 FOR FREE...

    commanderpig2 months ago63 replies

  • 35mm conversion to digital

    Hi all, This is a really nice group here on flickr for this camera. I can see l...

    JSfoto.042 months ago4 replies

  • Any comments from using your nikon fm2 in public

    DO PEOPLE ASK YOU ( WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CAMERA ? ) I got a comment when I wa...

    photoman1692 months ago4 replies

  • FM2 favourite films

    Hi all, Ive just bought aN FM2 and can't wait to use it, I've been using a D90 ...

    Exit 232 months ago27 replies

  • FM2 black or silver

    What color you recommend to buy and what really difference if any in FM2 black ...

    ' US - NorthWest '2 months ago69 replies

  • Nikon cf 28 ever ready case.

    Anyone know where to get a mint Nikon cf-28 case ?

    photoman1692 months ago2 replies

  • Best Nikon flash,on and off camera.

    What Nikon flash works best ? What do you use for off camera flash ?

    photoman1693 months ago4 replies

  • Fm2 Shutter Variations

    Hi, I am looking to pick up a FM2, and was told at my local camera shops that t...

    Dokushoka3 months ago3 replies

  • Eye glasses

    Hi, im looking at buying a nikon fm2n but have heard of the difficultys of using...

    analog 933 months ago6 replies

  • Problem with ISO ring

    Apparently, my ISO ring didn't work nowadays. I can't pull it up to set my ISO s...

    Hamada Hafiiz™4 months ago5 replies

  • FM2

    Where did you get your Nikon fm2 camera and when ?

    photoman1694 months ago11 replies

  • …and 1880 more groups

    Wow. Is that all? []

    skippymarv5 months ago2 replies

  • Nikon fm2n demo

    I just bought a store demo Nikon fm2n with aluminum shutter for 619 dollars. The...

    photoman1695 months ago2 replies

  • Frame Counter Stopped

    The frame counter on my FM2 has stopped at 36 and wont reset back to Start. Ever...

    Eric Lorette5 months ago5 replies

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