Uv Filter stuck

and2celtics 4:00am, 16 March 2010
My hoya 58mm UV filter is stuck on my lens any help
Zeroneg1 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Zeroneg1 (member) 7 years ago

You can also try to put the lens in the double freezer bag and leave it in the refrigerator to loosen the grip between the filter and lens then take it out and while still in the bag unscrew the filter, once unsrewed still leave in the bag to let it come up to room temterature so the condensation will run off it.
_Dinkel_ PRO 7 years ago
This is going to be hard to explain....
When you bind cables together you have these cable ties (google it)

Take two that are long enough and then pull them through eachothers heads, then you can put the circle you've made out of them over your filter tighten down and use them as a cheap wrench.

Jesse Kalisher [deleted] 7 years ago
I've had this problem before and find that if I let it sit for a while and come back to it, I can usually get it off... I'm wondering now if this has been a temperature problem.... suffice it to say, quite frustrating while you're going through it.
Mervyn S PRO 7 years ago
Try wearing a pair of new rubber gloves (like those you use to clean sinks and bathtubs with), this will give a better grip
sep1766 7 years ago
Just a thought that you might try:
use air blow canister to create cold air and blow around the top rim of the filter and try to turn the filter with a rubber glove.
Nature's Sanctuary 5 years ago
I use the wide rubber band and have never had a problem disengaging a stuck filter. Even old broken rubber bands will work in a bind if my wide rubber band isn't available. The rubber bracelets (Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong" type) have done "double duty" for me by doing the job but also stop lens creap when my camera is hanging down by my side on a shoulder strap.
John the Photographer 5 years ago
Tapping it gently with a spoon before you try any of the suggested method might help.
Andy Aungthwin 5 years ago
I had this happen to me with a dent on the UV filter.

Made a wild guess and put a hair dryer on the area where the dent was and also around the lens.

Be patient and warm it up for a good 5 minutes.

Then push down on the UV filter with right hand, left hand holding the lens and turn it counter clockwise to unlock.

Good luck!
Rob ~ PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for reminding me,,,, I just ordered a set of 67 - 77mm filter wrenches from adorama ($4.95). I already had the smaller set which has always worked for me the few times I have needed them.
Arie's Photography 5 years ago
hacksaw the fitler face up making sure to go through the diameter. stop halfway before it touches the glass. find a metal ruler or something else that fits in the gap you just created and use it to turn.
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